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Offspring of Am/Can Ch Sunshine Hill's True Grit OS (8/11/1980-1989)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Sunshine Hill Happy Trails To You:

Sunshine Hill Brave Little Toaster (5/29/2014-) [OFA GR-117872G30F-VPI]

Out of Can. Ch. Hearthside's Secret Garden:

Hearthside Frozen Treat (9/25/2010-) [OFA  GR-114955G61F]
Hearthside Mojito On Sunshine Hill (9/25/2010-) [OFA GR-111488G46F-VPI]

Out of CH Chelsea Morning Of Jolly:

CH Saltmarsh's Jolly Elizabeth (5/11/1987-)

Out of Sunshine Hill Bird On A Wire:

Sunshine Hill Your Gal Sal (5/6/2010-) [OFA GR-111487G51F-VPI]

Out of Sunshine Hill Came-O'Ranger:

Sunsong Athena Heart Of Gold (8/19/1987-) [OFA GR-30745G24F]
Sunsong Aristophanes Of Wood (8/19/1987-) [OFA GR-53885G105M]

Out of Goldwing True Temptation:

Brightmont's True Voyager (11/15/1986-) [OFA GR-28969G24M ]

Out of Sunshine Hill Sugar Magnolia:

Rosalie McFall Lefevre (8/21/1985-)

Out of Sanmann Sun-Bonnet:

Stonewyck Sassafras (7/6/1982-)

Out of Sunshine Hill Goldstone Sage:

CH Sunshine Hill Goldstone Pal (4/4/1989-)
Goldstone's Miss Gritts (4/4/1989-) [OFA GR-44109F58F]
Goldstone's Ace In The Hole (4/4/1989-)

Out of Copper Lee's Glamorous Magan:

Sunshine Hill Ginger Star (6/1/1986-) [OFA GR-27719F26F-T]

Out of Canterbury's Bear Hug Phoebe:

True Grits Rustic Hunter (11/25/1988-)

Out of Am CH Goldwing Blue's Serenade:

Goldwing Millie Meltooneigh (7/29/1985-) [OFA GR-26926G32F]
Goldwing Nitty Gritty (7/29/1985-)
Sunshine Hill's Goldwing Ruby (7/29/1985-) [OFA GR-25819G28F]

Out of Sunshinehill Tessa:

Sunshine Hill's Love Potion (3/19/1984-)

Out of Copper Lee CJ of Timberridge:

Sunshine Hill's Playboy (2/25/1989-) [OFA GR-37811F36M]

Out of Thornfield Busybody:

CH Thornfield Fridge-A-Bear (6/9/1985-)

Out of Malagold Starfarm Jenny:

CH Sunshine Hill Xanthos Jewel (5/8/1982-) [OFA GR-20196]
Can CH Sunshine Hill's Tupelo Honey Can OD (9/3/1981-) [OFA GR-16841-T ]

Out of Golden Tabithia:

Am CH Tabitha's Golden Sunshine (1/5/1984-)

Out of Am CH Sunshine Hill Copperlee Pozy:

CH Sunshine Hill's Scarlet Harlot (2/13/1984-) [OFA GR-21622]
Sunshine Hill Sundance Sadie (8/12/1984-)

Out of Mistfield Miss Puffinbear:

Willyberry Miss Cherry (12/29/1988-) [OFA GR-38010F38F]
Willyberry's Magna Cum Laude (6/23/1988-)

Out of Sun Dance's Carry-On:

Sun Dance's Dream-On (6/3/1987-)

Out of Four K's Jolly Redfork Cin'mon:

Red Fork Jolly Odie Midas (3/26/1986-)
Red Fork Jolly Jasmine Cooper (3/26/1986-)
Redfork Jolly Aviva (3/26/1986-)

Out of Can CH Arandee's Made In The Shade:

Sunshine Hill Mattie Arandee (5/21/2000-) [OFA GR-76282F25F-PI]
Sunshine Hill Hey Babe Arandee (5/21/2000-) [OFA GR-76281F25F-PI]
Arandee's out of the cold

Out of Westmont's Westbrook of Calvo:

Cal-Vo Westmont Misty Sea (7/23/1984-)

Out of Sunshine Hill's Hot Toddy:

Sunshine Hill Via Valiata (10/8/1986-) [OFA GR-31660G39F]

Out of Am Ch Mistfield Lochan Ora Blu Bell:

Ch Sunshine Hill's Rosebud (6/5/1986-) [OFA GR-28463G30F]

Out of Goldwing Gilded Lily:

Am CH Goldwing Lily of the Valley (11/9/1985-)

Out of Am. CH. Cloverdale High Hopes Spirit CD:

High Hopes Mollie (1/9/1986-)

Out of Am. CH Courtney Kane's Tenandahalf:

Courtney Kane's La Petite (7/8/1984-)

Out of Am. CH Sunshinehill Peg O'Sunnybrae:

Am. CH Winsum This Bud's For You CD (5/2/1984-) [OFA GR-22160]

Out of CH Sunshine Hill's Just Peachy:

Sunshine Hill Gold Dust II (2/14/1989-) [OFA GR-37507F35M]
Sunshine Hill's Good As Gold (2/14/1989-) [OFA GR-34804G24M]

Out of Sunnybrae's Abigail Apollo:

Bearly Tawny (2/19/1985-) [OFA GR-24062F25M ]
Willyberry's Amber Rose CD (2/19/1985-11/18/1999) [OFA GR-24288G26F]
Willyberry's Golden Lily (2/19/1985-)
Willyberry's Winsome Won (7/2/1986-) [OFA GR-29521G33F]
Willyberry's Suki (7/2/1986-)

Out of Goldwing Water Sprite:

CH Sunshinehill Oakhaven Mercy (3/12/1982-)
Am./Can. CH Sunshine Hill's Berry Sweet (3/12/1982-) [OFA GR-16872]
Goldwing Water Witch (3/12/1982-) [OFA GR-18327]

Out of Am/Can Ch Landmark Special Delivery CD SH WCX CanCD CanWCI OD:

Landmark's Windward Flygirl JH, AM/Can WC (11/30/1988-) [OFA GR35214F27F]

Out of Sunshine Hill's Firebird:

Sunshine Hill's Firecracker (4/7/1987-) [OFA GR-30936G30M]
Am. CH. Sunshine Hill I'm An Angel (1/29/1988-) [OFA GR-31945G24F]

Out of Ch Amberac's Sweet 'N Sassy OD:

Crackerjack's Cappuccino (12/18/1983-)
Crackerjack's Nautigal (12/18/1983-) [OFA GR-22075]

Out of Goldenbear's Gold-Rush Rodeo:

Goldenbear Made In America (4/1/1987-) [A1]

Out of CH Goldenbear's Catch the Wave OD:

Am CH Goldenbear Inky Dink (4/2/1989-)
Am. CH. Sunshine Hill's Nat'l Cowboy OS SDHF (4/2/1989-6/18/2000) [OFA GR-35957F26M]

Out of Copper Lee Gold-Rush Cascade OD:

Sunshine Hill's Got The Stuff (6/5/1985-) [OFA GR-31111G52M]

Out of Am. CH Sunshinehill Mistfield Sage TD JH WCX OD:

Sunshine Hill's Ms Violet (2/9/1985-) [OFA GR-25818F34F]
Sunshine Hill's Sweet Clover CD TDX (2/15/1984-) [OFA GR-26030F47F]
Mistfield's Natasha (2/15/1984-) [OFA GR-21720]
Sunshine Hill's Bank On It (2/15/1984-) [OFA GR-21975]
Am. CH Sunshine Hill's Wildflower CD JH WCX OD (2/9/1985-10/1991) [OFA GR-24348G26F]

Out of Am. CH Goldwing Rhythm-N-Blue OD:

Goldwing Bye Bye Blues OD (3/25/1982-)

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