Golden Retriever

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Offspring of DK.BR.CH Clockburn Clooneen (5/12/1997-1/13/2012)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Respons Kramiga Kexnougat-Ten:

Vesterlyng's Zeus (3/17/2008-)
Vesterlyng's Token Of Luna (3/17/2008-) [A1]
Vesterlyng's Token Of Clyde (3/17/2008-) [FCI A/A]
Vesterlyng's Tjalfe (3/17/2008-)
Vesterlyng's Odin (3/17/2008-)
Vesterlyng's Marco (3/17/2008-)
Vesterlyng's Mango (3/17/2008-) [A1]
Vesterlyng's Fighter (3/17/2008-)
Vesterlyng's Duke (3/17/2008-) [B1/B2]
Vesterlyng's Cosmo (3/17/2008-)
Vesterlyng's Claudy (3/17/2008-)

Out of Foglmann's Dina:

Windwood's Pride Of The Summer (5/20/2008-) [FCI B1/ C1]
Windwood's Once In A Lifetime (5/20/2008-) [A1]
Windwood's May Morning (5/20/2008-) [A1]
Windwood's Loch Lomond (5/20/2008-) [A/B]
LPI.LPII. Windwood's Hearts Of Olden Glory (5/20/2008-) [B1]
Windwood's Flower Of The West (5/20/2008-) [FCI A1]
Windwood's Always The Winner (5/20/2008-) [A1/B1]

Out of Working Class Yippie:

Happy Birdhunters Amos (3/11/2008-) [B1]
Happy Birdhunters Winner (3/11/2008-)
Happy Birdhunters Ymer (3/11/2008-) [B1]
Happy Birdhunters Jump (3/11/2008-) [B1/B1]
Happy Birdhunters Kingstone (3/11/2008-) [A1]
Happy Birdhunters Svea (3/11/2008-) [A1]
Happy Birdhunters Java (3/11/2008-) [A1]

Out of Flashdance Fillie Of Golden Summerby:

Lilleba`s Light Of Golden Summerby (3/13/2007-)
Lilith O'thyra Of Golden Summerby (3/13/2007-) [A2]
Linus Lex Of Golden Summerby (3/13/2007-) [C2]
Lord Louis Of Golden Summerby (3/13/2007-) [A2]
Leon Louis Of Golden Summerby (3/13/2007-) [A1]
Lona`n Leader Of Golden Summerby (3/13/2007-) [A2]
Limelight Lesko Of Golden Summerby (3/13/2007-) [B1]

Out of Woodstar Hera:

Amber Bay Vulcanus (8/25/2007-)
Amber Bay Neptun (8/25/2007-)
Amber Bay Merkur (8/25/2007-)
Amber Bay Mars (8/25/2007-) [B1]
Amber Bay Jupiter (8/25/2007-)
Amber Bay Apollo (8/25/2007-)
Amber Bay Juno (8/25/2007-) [A1]

Out of Kiebitz's Bellis:

Kiebitz's Kimba (5/4/2008-)
Kiebitz's Konzo (5/4/2008-)
Kiebitz's Konrad (5/4/2008-)
Kiebitz's Kody (5/4/2008-)
Kiebitz's Kingo (5/4/2008-)
Kiebitz's Kastalia (5/4/2008-)
Kiebitz's Kashmir Lucky (5/4/2008-)
Kiebitz's Kira-Bella (5/4/2008-)
Kiebitz's Kalinka (5/4/2008-)
Kiebitz's Kickan (5/4/2008-) [A1]
Kiebitz's Kalif (5/4/2008-)
Kiebitz`s Honey (3/14/2007-) [B1]
Kiebitz`s Hippie (3/14/2007-)
Kiebitz`s Hilde (3/14/2007-)
Kiebitz`s Hekla (3/14/2007-)
Kiebitz`s Heiko (3/14/2007-)
Kiebitz`s Harvey (3/14/2007-)
Kiebitz's Harmony (3/14/2007-) [B1]
Kiebitz`s Happy (3/14/2007-)
Kiebitz`s Halifax (3/14/2007-)

Out of Roddy Trine:

Roddy Siko (11/30/2007-)
Roddy Robin (11/30/2007-)
Roddy Puk (11/30/2007-)
Roddy Meick (11/30/2007-)
Roddy Kvik (11/30/2007-)
Roddy kira (11/30/2007-)
Roddy Frej (11/30/2007-) [A1]
Roddy Buster (11/30/2007-)
Roddy Balder (11/30/2007-)
Roddy Anja (11/30/2007-)

Out of Adirondac Foxhole:

Let's Break Rank's Fox (3/13/2009-) [A1]

Out of Rettungshund des Brk, Bliss the Pride of Inverness-shire:

Sally aus dem Zenngrund (6/28/2006-)
Bjuke aus dem Zenngrund (6/28/2006-) [B2]
Buddy aus dem Zenngrund (6/28/2006-) [A2]
Bonnie aus dem Zenngrund (6/28/2006-)
Bella aus dem Zenngrund (6/28/2006-)
Baily aus dem Zenngrund (6/28/2006-)
Brave Amy aus dem Zenngrund (6/28/2006-) [B1]
Ally aus dem Zenngrund (6/2/2005-) [A2]
April aus dem Zenngrund (6/2/2005-) [A2]
Ayla-Fee aus dem Zenngrund (6/2/2005-) [A1]
Alissa aus dem Zenngrund (6/2/2005-)
Anna-Lutie aus dem Zenngrund (6/2/2005-) [B2]
Angus aus dem Zenngrund (6/2/2005-)
Anouk aus dem Zenngrund (6/2/2005-)

Out of Gryningsljusets Herliga Goa:

Megadroms Bianchi (4/23/2006-) [C1]
Megadroms Brandy (4/23/2006-) [A1]
Megadroms Bell`s (4/23/2006-) [B1]
Megadroms Budini (4/23/2006-) [B1]
Megadroms Bowmore (4/23/2006-) [C1]
Megadroms Bardolino (4/23/2006-) [B1]

Out of Ruby Tuesday of Mountain Forest Glade:

Fuchur's Golden Ewalotta (7/13/2007-) [A2/A2]
Fuchur's Golden Elcy-Page (7/13/2007-) [A2/A2]
Fuchur's Golden Ella (7/13/2007-11/19/2018) [A2/A2]
Fuchur's Golden Elwood (7/13/2007-3/27/2019)
Fuchur's Golden Emil (7/13/2007-) [A2/A2]
Fuchur's Golden Edan-Jamie (7/13/2007-) [A1/A1]
Fuchur`s Golden Efea (7/13/2007-) [A2/A2]

Out of Kiebitz's Xantippe:

Kiebitz's Just Othello (11/9/2007-) [A]
kiebitz`s junior willy (11/9/2007-)
kiebitz`s joker (11/9/2007-) [A1]
Kiebitz's Jennie (11/9/2007-) [A1]
kiebitz`s jari (11/9/2007-)

Out of Roddy Fie:

Bøgholm Gundog`s Pelle (6/21/2006-)
Bøgholm Gundog`s Malou (6/21/2006-)
Bøgholm Gundog`s Bastian (6/21/2006-)
Bøgholm Gundog`s Boss (6/21/2006-)
Bøgholm Gundog`s Balou (6/21/2006-)
Bøgholm Gundog`s Simba (6/21/2006-) [C1]
Bøgholm Gundog`s Tidy (6/21/2006-)
Bøgholm Gundog`s Mille (6/21/2006-)
Bøgholm Gundog`s Mai (6/21/2006-)
Bøgholm Gundog`s Missy (7/1/2005-)
Bøgholm Gundog`s Darla (7/1/2005-)
Bøgholm Gundog`s Daisey (7/1/2005-) [B1]
Bøgholm Gundog`s Frida (7/1/2005-)
Bøgholm Gundog`s Malte (7/1/2005-) [A1]
Bøgholm Gundog`s Victor (7/1/2005-)
Bogholm Gundog's Clyde JR (7/1/2005-)
Bøgholm Gundog`s Samson (7/1/2005-)

Out of Danish Freja Gitte v.d. Vijf Akkers:

Ideal Match Indira v.d. Vijf Akkers (3/11/2003-) [B1]

Out of Gleen Mhor's Rebecca West:

Bonniebrook's Balintore Clyde (12/11/2007-) [A2/B1]
Bonniebrook's Barnton Jamie (12/11/2007-5/13/2017) [A2/A2]
Bonniebrook's Belford Beau (12/11/2007-) [B1/B1]
Bonniebrook's Brodie (12/11/2007-) [C1/B1]
Bonniebrook's Blyth Barnie (12/11/2007-) [B1/C1]
Bonniebrook's Buchanan Finley (12/11/2007-) [C2/C2]
Bonniebrook's Brechin Barry (12/11/2007-) [B1/B1]
Bonniebrook's Banff Blue (12/11/2007-)
Bonniebrook's Bracora Jule (12/11/2007-) [B1/D1]

Out of Genna my Melodie of Golden Spirit:

Leni my Melodie of Golden Spirit (11/19/2007-) [A2]
Lesley my Melodie of Golden Spirit (11/19/2007-)
Lillemore my Melodie of Golden Spirit (11/19/2007-) [A2]
Louisiana my Melodie of Golden Spirit (11/19/2007-) [D1/C2]
Lynn my Melodie of Golden Spirit (11/19/2007-)
Louka my Melodie of Golden Spirit (11/19/2007-) [A1]
Luca my Melodie of Golden Spirit (11/19/2007-) [A]
Lobster my Melodie of Golden Spirit (11/19/2007-) [A 2]
Loghan my Melodie of Golden Spirit (11/19/2007-)
Life my Melodie of Golden Spirit (11/19/2007-) [B1/C1]
Lennox my Melodie of Golden Spirit (11/19/2007-) [A2/C1]

Out of Stjärnglimtens Extra:

Stjärnglimtens Ina (4/28/2003-) [A1]
Stjärnglimtens Invicible (4/28/2003-) [A1]
Stjärnglimtens Isa (4/28/2003-) [A1]
Stjärnglimtens Immer (4/28/2003-) [A1]
LPI.LPII Stjärnglimtens Ikaros (4/28/2003-) [A1]
SE VCH Stjärnglimtens Isak (4/28/2003-) [A/B1]
Stjärnglimtens Ila (4/28/2003-) [A1]
Stjärnglimtens Imze (4/28/2003-) [2004-10-19 HD grad A]

Out of Cool Marker's Angel:

Golden Worker Angel`s Joyce (10/6/2005-) [A2]
Golden Worker Angel's Ada (10/6/2005-) [A1/C]
Golden Worker Angel's Maeve (10/6/2005-) [A2]
Golden Worker Angel`s Paige (10/6/2005-) [A2]
Golden Worker Angel`s Acy (10/6/2005-) [A2]
Golden Worker Angel`s Pepper (10/6/2005-) [A1]
Golden Worker Angel's Marlowe (10/6/2005-) [A2]
Golden Worker Angel's Tyra (10/6/2005-) [Unknown A2]

Out of Mc Nauth's Abigail:

Amis of Enigmatic Patience (9/13/2002-) [B2]
Ari of Enigmatic Patience (9/13/2002-) [A1]
Apple Jack of Enigmatic Patience (9/13/2002-) [D1]
Aenny of Enigmatic Patience (9/13/2002-) [A1]
Akira of Enigmatic Patience (9/13/2002-) [A1]
Anouk of Enigmatic Patience (9/13/2002-) [A1]
Agent Luna of Enigmatic Patience (9/13/2002-) [B1]

Out of Gate My Melodie Of Golden Spirit:

Gleen Mhor's Salik (1/15/2006-)
Gleen Mhor's Rymen (1/15/2006-) [A1]
Gleen Mhor's Dark (1/15/2006-) [A1]
Gleen Mhor's Wiliam (1/15/2006-)
Gleen Mhor's Caesar The Conqueror (1/15/2006-) [B1]
Gleen Mhor's Balou (1/15/2006-) [B1]
Gleen Mhor's Leia (1/15/2006-) [A1]
LPI LPII TJH(FM) Gleen Mhor's Grynet (1/15/2006-) [A1]
Gleen Mhor's Kenya (1/15/2006-)

Out of Gerbera's Golden Beauty:

Thor (DK11944/2007) (5/29/2007-)
Tessa (DK11938/2007) (5/29/2007-) [A1]
Odin (DK11943/2007) (5/29/2007-)
Kenzo (DK11942/2007) (5/29/2007-)
Freja (DK11940/2007) (5/29/2007-)
Dagmar(DK11937/2007) (5/29/2007-)
Bonnie (DK11939/2007) (5/29/2007-)
Alex (DK11941/2007) (5/29/2007-)

Out of Goosemoor Zara af Go Wild:

Go Wild Rain Man (11/1/2003-) [Unknown B1]
Go Wild Return to Me (11/1/2003-) [OFA B1/B1]
Go Wild Backtrack (11/1/2003-)
Go Wild Betrayed (AKA Betrayed) (11/1/2003-) [Unknown A1]
Go Wild Runaway Train (11/1/2003-)
Go Wild About Schmidt (11/1/2003-)
Go Wild Bed of Roses (11/1/2003-)
Go Wild American Beauty (1/11/2003-7/29/2012) [A/B1]

Out of Falkirk's Yavanna Kementári:

Whiteclauw (DK21738/2008) (10/18/2008-)
Tawnyfur (DK 21737/2008) (10/18/2008-) [B1]
Sheeba (DK21734/2008) (10/18/2008-)
Redfang (DK21735/2008) (10/18/2008-)
Phao (DK21733/2008) (10/18/2008-)
Graytracker (DK21732/2008) (10/18/2008-)
Browntip (DK21739/2008) (10/18/2008-)
Akela (DK 21736/2008) (10/18/2008-)
Hera (DK09327/2007) (3/30/2007-)
Ares (DK 09329/2007) (3/30/2007-) [A2]
Zeus (DK 09328/2007) (3/30/2007-)

Out of LP1 Tekla (S41728/98):

Deer Hillock's Bonzo-Of-Clyde (6/20/2002-) [2005-09-21 HD grad B]

Out of German Working-CH Gleen Mhor's Macalbin:

Elder´s Anton von der Velsener Mark (1/1/2006-) [B1]
Elder´s Eyck von der Velsener Mark (1/1/2006-) [A2]
Elder´s Milo von der Velsener Mark (1/1/2006-) [B1]
Elder's Eunice von der Velsener Mark (1/1/2006-7/27/2015) [A1]
Elder's Ephiny von der Velsener Mark (1/1/2006-) [A1]
Elder`s Ebony von der Velsener Mark (1/1/2006-) [A2]
Elder`s Ejby von der Velsener Mark (1/1/2006-) [A2]

Out of Unter dem Thies Leonie Löwenherz:

Unter dem Thies Nellie (8/22/2002-) [A1]
Unter dem Thies Nikolajsens Leon (8/22/2002-)
Unter dem Thies Nathan (8/22/2002-) [A1]
Unter dem Thies Nous (8/22/2002-) [A 1]
Unter dem Thies NonStop Paddy (8/22/2002-12/19/2015) [A2]
Unter dem Thies Nilson (8/22/2002-) [B 1]

Out of Gleen Mhor's Awe:

Gleen Mhor's Firth of clyde (7/1/2000-)
Gleen Mhor's Tabart (7/1/2000-)
Gleen Mhor's Oban (7/1/2000-)
Gleen Mhor's Robert Bruce (1/7/2000-)
Gleen Mhor's Sir Walter Scott (1/7/2000-) [C1]
Gleen Mhor's Queen Victoria (1/7/2000-)
Gleen Mhor's coll (7/1/2000-) [C1/D]

Out of Gleen Mhor's Mai:

Jennie My Melodie Of Golden Spirit (7/3/2005-) [C1]
Jalett My Melodie Of Golden Spirit (7/3/2005-3/22/2019)
Jessie My Melodie Of Golden Spirit (7/3/2005-) [A1]
Joker My Melodie Of Golden Spirit (7/3/2005-) [B1]
Jack My Melodie Of Golden Spirit (7/3/2005-) [B1]
Jaunty My Melodie Of Golden Spirit (7/3/2005-) [A1]
Jester My Melodie Of Golden Spirit (7/3/2005-) [A 1]
Jackey My Melodie Of Golden Spirit (7/3/2005-) [C1/B1]

Out of Endrickbank Charmer:

Gleen Mhor's Smilla (8/27/2003-) [FCI B]
Gleen Mhor's Jody (8/27/2003-)
HRCH Gleen Mhor's Denmark Flurry BN RN MH WCX OD CCA (8/27/2003-) [OFA GR-91340G38F-PI, European,A-2]
FT.W Gleen Mhor's Ophelia (8/27/2003-4/24/2016) [A1]
Gleen Mhor's Dusty (8/27/2003-)

Out of Murdock's Crunchy Nut:

Gracy Golden vom Wasserturm (6/26/2002-) [C1]
Gwendy Golden vom Wasserturm (6/26/2002-)
Grover Golden vom Wasserturm (6/26/2002-) [C2]
GI Connor Golden vom Wasserturm (6/26/2002-) [E1]
Gila Golden vom Wasserturm (6/26/2002-) [A1]
Gentleman Golden vom Wasserturm (6/26/2002-) [B1]
Gricket Golden vom Wasserturm (6/26/2002-)
Gilead Jake Golden vom Wasserturm (6/26/2002-9/3/2002)

Out of SR Old Oak's Redhot Chili Pepper CD MH NA NAJ WCX ***:

Old Oak's Coeur Des Grand Bois (2/13/2006-)
Old Oak's Redhot Hemi (2/13/2006-)
Red Rock's Racin' Reno (2/13/2006-) [OFA GR-95872G27F-PI]
Old Oak Tesora (2/13/2006-)
Chili's Redhot Habenaro (2/13/2006-)
Old Oak's Scarlet (2/13/2006-) [OFA GR-95004E24F-VPI(europaA1)]
Old Oak's Golden Bear JH (6/1/2005-) [OFA GR-93070E24M-PI European A1]
Old Oak's Big Shoes to Fill SH WCX (2/13/2006-) [OFA GR-94960E24F-VPI(europeanA1)]
HR UH Old Oak's Highland Hunter SH WC (2/13/2006-7/3/2017) [OFA GR-94857G24M-VPI]

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