Golden Retriever

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Offspring of SPA PT IB JCH Giltedge Braveheart GPW-17 (2/9/2017-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Vanity Fair de Valdelesabeyes:

Asturias de Valdelesabeyes (7/12/2019-)

Out of Alegría de Torre los Herberos:

Bohemian Rhapsody de Sol del Aljarafe (2/10/2019-) [A ( Setov)]
Hakuna Matata de Sol del Aljarafe (10/2/2019-) [B ( Setov)]

Out of Nirvana de Sendachiara:

Call of Duty de Sendachiara (3/21/2018-) [BVA 4-3]

Out of Gibraltar Junior Champion, RoCh, Ro Grand Ch, Dracula Winner 2018, SEVCH, RLD N, RLD F Gildas Innamorata:

Shandamere Propagandhi (8/5/2019-)
Shandamere Never Surrender (8/5/2019-)

Out of Love Vibrations de Ria Vela:

Coral Sea de Ria Vela (4/27/2019-)
Addicted to you de Ria Vela (3/28/2018-) [BVA 5-7]
Hey Brother de Ria Vela (3/28/2018-)

Out of Perfect Magical Mystery of Sunshine's Valley:

Take It All of Sunshine's Valley (4/6/2020-)

Out of Jungle Fever of Amansi De LaCite Des Etangs:

Amansi Dont Stop Me Now At Aurum Velleris (7/18/2019-)
Amansi Devil Within (7/18/2019-12/2/2019)

Out of Jch. CH. Amansi Greysi Greta Serendipity Dog:

Serendipity Dog Mona Simpson (12/23/2019-)
Serendipity Dog Edna Krapabelle (12/23/2019-)
Serendipity Dog Patty Bouvier (12/23/2019-)
Serendipity Dog Selma Bouvier (12/23/2019-)
Serendipity Dog Marge Simpson (12/23/2019-)
Serendipity Dog Maggie Simpson (12/23/2019-)
Serendipity Dog Lisa Simpson (12/23/2019-)
Serendipity Dog Ned Flanders (12/23/2019-)
Serendipity Dog Homer Simpson (12/23/2019-)
Serendipity Dog Bart Simpson (12/23/2019-)

Out of Meereen de Atrapasueños:

Ironman de Atrapasueños (8/4/2018-)

Out of The Dance Of Dragons de Bosque del Trasgu ALW19:

Costa Artabra Divina Clementia (7/24/2019-)

Out of TR & Ch IB. Highest Honore des Jardins d'Epona:

Butterfl' Highland Orlando Jamie For Giddygold (6/22/2018-) [A]
Butterfl'Highland One Shot (6/22/2018-)
butterfl'Highland Oh diable que bellezza (6/22/2018-)

Out of Royal River's Cadillac Mtn First Sunrise JH WC RA TKI CGCA CCA:

Royal River's Primrose Paradise (5/2/2020-)
Royal River's Pushineer (5/2/2020-)
Royal River's Panther Tracking Sam (5/2/2020-)
Royal River's Pretty Clemmie (5/2/2020-)
Royal River's Pumpkin Island (5/2/2020-)
Royal River's Princeton Princess TKN (5/2/2020-)

Out of EST & LV & LT JCH I'm Terra Antyda Viona Crufts CQ:

I'm Terra Antyda Kingston (10/6/2018-)
I'm Terra Antyda Khaleesi (10/6/2018-)

Out of CZ JCh., PL Ch. Power of Sol Brdske zlato "U":

Cyerme Laure Alcar (4/13/2020-)

Out of Linwood My Cup of Tea:

Linwood She's Got the Look (3/8/2019-) [A]

Out of It's Alice of Kinsales Spirit:

One and Only of Kinsales Spirit (8/7/2018-) [HD A]

Out of Hortense des Fields de Ora:

Suisse Junior Champion Ashbury Oscar Wilde (9/2/2018-) [A/A]
Ashbury Orthense At Whistlestar's (9/2/2018-) [FCI A (25/09/2019)]

Out of Skadi de Zulema:

Annapurna de Zulema (4/23/2020-)

Out of SPA CH, SPA JCH Over The Moon de Ria Vela:

Happier De Ria Vela

Out of Int Ch, Lux Ch Gold Dust du Bois de la Rayere:

Organza Indecence du Bois de la Rayère [A/A]
Obsession du Bois de la Rayère (3/8/2018-) [A/A]
Oh captain My Captain du bois de la rayère (3/8/2018-) [A/A]
Othello Du Bois De La Rayere (8/3/2018-)
One Million du Bois de la Rayère (8/3/2018-) [A/A]

Out of Little Violet's Cover Girl:

Little Violet´s Rolling Stone (12/25/2018-) [FCI A]
Little Violet's Rockstar (12/25/2018-)
Little Violet’s Rob Roy (12/26/2018-)
Little Violet's Rising Star (12/25/2018-)

Out of SPA JCH Tiritiritiri de Atrapasuenos:

Star-Lord de Atrapasueños (4/27/2018-) [A/A]

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