Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Am. CH. Tonkahof Bang *** OS SDHF (3/18/1941-2/3/1948)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Tonkahof Flicker:

Kettle River Patricia (1/18/1948-)
Kettle River Flirt (1/18/1948-)
Kettle River Flash (1/18/1948-)

Out of Indian Maid Of Meadowbrook:

Duke Thorn Of Rose Haven (7/24/1945-)
Kettle River Horace (7/24/1945-)

Out of Whitebridge Lassie:

Kettle River Stan (5/16/1945-)
Kettle River's Prime Minister (5/18/1945-)
Kettle River Judy (5/13/1945-)
Kettle River's Manon Lescaut (4/19/1944-)
Duchess (A973337) (5/18/1945-)

Out of Sprite of Rolling Ridge:

R. R. Beauty (1/1/1945-)
R R Stardust V (4/23/1947-)
Gilliam's Rival (1/1/1945-)
Rolling Ridge Diana (1/1/1945-)
Jean Of Ohio (1/1/1945-)

Out of Cricket of Chateau d'Or:

Shenda Of Koronis (9/13/1946-)
Howe's Golden Beauty (9/13/1946-)
Maggie (S172272) (9/13/1946-)
Koronis Beauty (9/13/1946-)

Out of Redinks Golden Dust ***:

Sandra Of Sunset (1/20/1944-)
Golden Laddie (1/20/1944-)
Kettle River King (1/20/1944-)
Split-Lightning ** (1/20/1944-)

Out of Noranby Rivalry:

Ten-Ho Callista (5/13/1947-)

Out of Shelter Cove Golden Magic:

Sir Rustim Of Goldhaven (4/22/1947-)
Duchess Goldy (4/22/1947-)
Emperor (4/22/1947-)

Out of Ginger of Orono:

Brandy Of Orono (4/23/1947-)
Gunner Of Orono (4/23/1947-)
Gin of Willow Springs (4/23/1947-)
April Showers II *** (4/23/1947-)

Out of Golden Treasure OD:

Highland Bonnie (7/6/1946-)
Winyon's Amber Light (7/6/1946-1955)
McMeekin's Golden King (7/6/1946-)
Highland Faustina (5/28/1945-)
Highland Zephyr (7/6/1946-)
Sunset Lad (5/28/1945-1955)
Am. CH. Highland Roxanda (5/28/1945-)
Am. CH. Highland Chief (A745884) (8/29/1942-)
Am. CH. Kettle River Cossack (8/29/1942-1954)
Am. CH. Highland Royal Flush (7/6/1946-)

Out of Antonia Iowana OD:

Bang Repeats (7/6/1946-)
General Bump (7/6/1946-)
Iowana's Tony (7/6/1946-)

Out of Goldwood Cantonette:

Goldwood Supershot (5/9/1946-)
Goldwood Wingshot (5/9/1946-)
Goldwood Feather Foam (5/9/1946-)
Goldwood Skeetshot (5/9/1946-)
Goldwood Buckshot *** (5/9/1946-)
Goldwood Topshot CD (5/9/1946-)
Am. CH. Goldwood Teal (1/1/1947-)

Out of Am. CH. We-No-Nah's Toast (Red-Wing Of We-No-Nah):

Violeo Talisman (5/31/1947-)
Violeo Tansy (5/31/1947-)
Am. CH. Violeo Toast II (5/31/1947-)
Am. CH. Violeo Topaz (5/31/1947-)

Out of Mitzi of Questwood:

Bing Of Parkerhouse (3/25/1946-)
Red Raven Beauty (3/25/1946-)
Amber Of St. Bonifacius (3/25/1946-)
Bonny of St. Bonifaces (3/25/1946-)
Bang's Tuffy (3/25/1946-)
Bang's Bomb (3/25/1946-)
Conchita (S103061) (3/25/1946-)

Out of Tonkahof Artemis:

Tonkahof Honey Chile (3/15/1946-)
Tonkahof High Speed (3/15/1946-)
Tonkahof Hedy (3/16/1946-)
Tonkahof Constance (6/16/1942-)
Tonkahof Commander (6/16/1942-)
Tonkahof Comet (6/16/1942-)
Tonkahof Chief (6/16/1942-)

Out of Patsy Of Bushaway:

Penny Of Bushaway (6/17/1945-)
Am. CH. King Of Riverwood (6/17/1945-)

Out of Sealybourne Elsie:

Montana's Golden Sand (8/12/1946-)

Out of FC Patricia of Roedare:

Whirlwind Of Golden Valley (5/8/1946-)
Hurricane Of Golden Valley (5/8/1946-)
Tornado of Golden Valley (5/8/1946-)

Out of FC April Showers:

Kettle River's Montana Star (3/8/1946-)

Out of Am. CH. Tonka Belle Of Woodend OD:

Tonkahof Ensign (6/2/1944-)
Tonkahof Encore (6/2/1944-)
Tonkahof Emblem (6/2/1944-)
Tonkahof Echo (6/2/1944-)
Tonkahof Goldilocks (2/7/1946-)
Tonkahof Golden Girl (2/7/1946-)
Tonkahof Golden Boy (2/7/1946-)
Tonkahof Go Bang (2/7/1946-)
Tonkahof Ginger CD (2/7/1946-)
Tonkahof General (2/7/1946-)
Tonkahof Empress (6/2/1944-)
Tonkahof Gail ** (2/7/1946-)
Am. Dual CH. Tonkahof Esther Belle (6/2/1944-)
Tonkahof Electra (6/2/1944-)
Am. CH. Tonkahof Kelly (3/16/1947-)
Tonkahof Kilroy (3/16/1947-)

Out of Happy of Willow Loch:

Ginger Of Bismarck (8/2/1947-)
Shelter Cove Tango (1/9/1947-)
Queen of Vermillion Brook (8/2/1947-)
Shelter Cove Bang (8/2/1947-)

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