Golden Retriever

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FC AFC Benjamin Rajah Frisbie OS FDHF

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

FC AFC Benjamin Rajah Frisbie OS FDHF (AKC SA933226 (5/75))
Rusty Rajah (AKC SA702165 (8/1971))
Schumack II (AKC SA789389 (11/1970))
Red Rajah Of Mission (AKC SA537848 (7/69))
Corky Lady Of Placid (AKC SA562623 (10/1969))
Red Rajab Of Mission (AKC SA537848 (7/69))
Duke Of Alexander (AKC SA245872 (3/68))
Sparkle of Northwood (AKC SA321917 (5/1966))
Taffy of Battle Creek (AKC SA365088 (2/1967))
Dan's Rebel Rouser (AKC SA348364 (5/67))
Morceau D'Or (AKC SA380610 (6/68))
Jato's Of Ray's Ponderosa (AKC SA383360 (1/1969))
Heidi Of Karnac (AKC SA046285 (1/1963))
Golden Laddie Of Merri-Mac (AKC SA335663 (11/65))
Atalanta of Rum Valley (AKC SA-031047 (6/1962))
Heidi Of Karmac (AKC SA046285 (1/63))
Red Ruhbarb (AKC SA295252 (12/69))
Duchess Of Wise Lake (AKC SA209127 (10/64))
Velvet La-Daggett (AKC SA352422 (9/66))
Rex Kin-Noka (AKC SA198176 (9/1963))
Waterman's Noaka (AKC S803622 (9/64))
Rusty Page-Boy (AKC S798777 (2/1959))
Wilson Bay Sparky (AKC S793117 (12/64))
Nokasippi Radar (AKC S860402 (4/58))
Golden Lady Of Serpent Lake (AKC SA031396 (9/1963))
Cindy's Grand Boy (AKC SA020100 (8/1963))
Rock Of Dixie (AKC SA069565 (2/70))
Puffer Belle Dutchess (AKC SA669356 (3/1970))
Libby's Liebchen (AKC SA517583 (11/1969))
Sur-Nuff Buff (AKC SA665749 (12/1969))
Golden Laddie Of Merri-Mac (AKC SA335663 (11/65))
Heidi Of Karnac (AKC SA046285 (1/1963))
Atalanta of Rum Valley (AKC SA-031047 (6/1962))
Heidi Of Karmac (AKC SA046285 (1/63))
Kingdale's Rusty VI ** (AKC S513737 (5/52))
Kingdale's Beau (AKC S522286 (12/52))
Kingdale's Private Cady (AKC S503648 (4/1952))
Kingdale's Mike II (AKC S390498 (9/1950))
Kingdale's Red Pepper (AKC S371974 (6/50))
Kingdale's Thunderbolt (AKC S376193 (6/50))
Kingdale's Captain Gold (AKC S378781 (7/50))
Golden Lady Of Merri-Mac (AKC S958204 (11/1959))
King Of Gold (AKC SA331523 (4/1966))
Shepherd Hills Dutchess (AKC SA319532 (8/67))
Ripmaster Label (AKC SA027749 (1/1961))
Honey Of Fairwood (AKC SA226879 (7/65))
Daisy Mae (SA297337) UD (AKC SA297337)

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