Golden Retriever

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Celloyd Bess of Nashoba OD

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Celloyd Bess of Nashoba OD (AKC S542745 (3/1954))
Brigadier of Nashoba (AKC S542739 (10/56))
Betty Lou Of Nashoba (AKC S542747 (6/1954))
Bruce of Nashoba (AKC S542740 (2/56))
Celloyd Betty Of Nashoba (AKC S542744 (3/1954))
Beauty of Nashoba (AKC S542746 (10/55))
Am. CH. Marshgrass Rogue CD OS (AKC S229167 (11/48))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Marshgrass Rebel CD ** OS DDHF (AKC S253662 (1/1949))
Am. CH. Marshgrass Rollicking Hussy (AKC S304927 (8/1949))
Marshgrass Ripper (AKC S304788 (8/49))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Golden Rip ** OS (AKC S034006 (10/1946))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Golden Anne ** (AKC S034001 (10/1946))
Am. CH. Dufy's Golden Desire * (AKC S034002 (10/1946))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Golden Judy * (AKC S034003 (10/1946))
Lorelei's Golden Michael (AKC S034010 (10/1946))
Lorelei's Golden Dan (AKC S034005 (10/1946))
Lorelei's Golden Jane (AKC S034004 (10/1946))
Lorelei's Golden Jeff (AKC S034007 (10/1946))
Lorelei's Golden Tim (AKC S034008 (10/1946))
Lorelei's Golden Tuck (AKC S034009 (10/1946))
Am. Dual CH. Stilrovin Rip's Pride OS (AKC A561185 (4/1942))
Stilrovin Bride (AKC S027571 (9/46))
Am. CH. Krasnodar / Krasnodar Of Kingswere (AKC A834339 (8/1945))
Stilrovin Michael's Rip (AKC A561187 (4/1942))
Stilrovin Kennelquest Duff (AKC A561188 (4/1942))
Stilrovin River Rat (AKC A561186 (4/1942))
Stilrovin Sis (AKC A561183 (4/1942))
Stilrovin Smokie Jo (AKC A561184 (4/1942))
Greenfield Jollye OD (AKC A-432572-11/40)
Greenfield Goldie (AKC A432567 (11/1940))
Greenfield Geoffrey (AKC A432561 (11/1940))
Greenfield Mollye (AKC A432565 (11/1940))
Greenfield Noranby (AKC A432566 (11/1940))
Greenfield Raffles (AKC A432568 (11/1940))
Greenfield Scout (AKC A432562 (11/1940))
Greenfield Susie (AKC A432569 (11/1940))
Greenfield Taffy (AKC A432564 (11/1940))
Greenfield Terrye (AKC A432570 (11/1940))
Greenfield Trudye (AKC A432571 (11/1940))
Greenfield Winkle (AKC A432563 (11/1940))
Am. CH. Golden Lassie III OD (AKC S-129020)
Tulachard Merrilass UD (AKC S105349 (7-47))
Am. CH. Rusty Of Ginwal (AKC S167474 (3/48))
Am. CH. Golden Buck Of Pine Ledge (AKC S-209870)
Mikki of Kettlewire (AKC S889496 (5/59))
Piccolo (AKC S293518 (6/1949))
Goldie of Winneaukwamaug (AKC S298609 (7/1949))
Mantup Tao (AKC S076273 (4/1947))
Trudie of Kettlewire (AKC S690355 (3/1955))
Vinnie Of Clover Lea (AKC S299743 (7/1949))
Lady Jane II (AKC S075454 (4/1947))
Oaks Farm Ginger (AKC S074136 (4/1947))
Igor Of Kettlewire (AKC S536905 (12/1952))
Field Marshal (AKC S255656 (2/49))
King II (AKC S153927 (1/48))
Zora Of Kettlewire (AKC S371365 (6/1950))
Midas' Timba OS (AKC A780622 (1/1945))
Rena Of Taramar (AKC A828676 (7/1945))
Ilena Of Taramar (AKC A828675 (7/1945))
Karlow (S251899) (AKC S251899 (1/1949))
Golden Dixie Of Twin Hill (AKC A836692 (8/1945))
Judy Of Stonegate OD (AKC A904409)
FC Royal's Royal Of Stonegate (AKC A814479 (5/1945))
Can. FC Royal's Tuck Of Stonegate *** (AKC S228503)
Kip Of Stonegate *** (AKC S233768 (11/48))
Smoky Valley Honey (AKC S131474)
Cindy of Stonegate (AKC S108175 (8/1947))
Yahr Of Stonegate
Royal Honey of Stonegate (AKC S105426 (7/47))
Royal's Ripple of Stonegate *** (AKC A840947 (8/1945))
January Of Stonegate (AKC A923564 (1/1946))
Honi Miss (AKC A973527 (4/46))
Rocket of Stonegate (AKC S075110 (4/1947))
Nugget Of Stonegate (AKC A848705 (9/1945))
King Of Aberdeen (AKC S243942 (12/1948))
Royal's Candance Of Stonegate (AKC S313358 (9/49))
Royal's Target Of Krystolida ** (AKC S108173 (8/1947))
Stonegate's Golden Lassie (AKC S104584 (7/47))
Golden Ivan Of Stonegate (AKC S104583 (7/47))
Christopher Robin Golden Boy (AKC S261294 (2/49))
Beautywood's Gold Jig (AKC S108176 (8/47))
Chipper Of Stonegate (AKC S108174 (8/47))
Golden Pat (AKC S109201 (8/47))
Golden Rock Of Stonegate (AKC S108177 (8/47))
Ngola Of Stonegate (AKC S115421 (8/47))
Rustler Of Stonegate (AKC S177819 (4/48))
Royal's Stonegate Copper (AKC S299005 (7/49))
Tonkahof Penny (AKC S228052 (10/48))
El Capitan *** (AKC A704735 (1/1944))
FC Royal Peter Golden Boy OS FDHF (AKC A-616198 (11/1942))
Am. CH. Tuckluck Michael (AKC A828525 (7/1945))
Lord Geoffrey (AKC A620010 (12/1942))
Green Pastures Michael (AKC A-648635 (4/1943))
Donna Of Tuckluck (AKC A841547 (8/1945))
Peter of Woodend *** OS (AKC A569148 (5/42))
Michael Of Woodend *** OS (AKC A-327770 - 7/1939)
Kay of Woodend (AKC A371865 (1/1940))
Rip's Countess of Woodend (AKC A375076 (2/1940))
Oleander Of Woodend (AKC A370749 (1/1940))
AmCH Deer Creek's Anne K Of Woodend *** (AKC A360965 (12/1939))
Rip's Dinah of Woodend *** (AKC A375075 (2/1940))
Gipsy Of Woodend (AKC A357315 (12/1939))
Rip's Gorgeous Of Woodend (AKC A375077 (2/1940))
Patsy of Woodend OD (AKC A-563469 (4/1942))
Tuck's Belle of Woodend (AKC A426218 (10/1940))
Doc S Of Woodend (AKC A466554 (3/1941))
Sable Of Woodend (AKC A463935 (3/1941))
Dusty Of Woodend (AKC A623303 (12/1942))
Tonkahof Empress (AKC A793603 (2/1945))
Tonkahof Kilroy (AKC S-093977)
Am. CH. Tonkahof Kelly (AKC S093976 (6/47))
Tonkahof Electra (AKC A793601 (2/1945))
Am. Dual CH. Tonkahof Esther Belle (AKC A793606 (2/1945))
Tonkahof Gail ** (AKC S012429 (7/1946))
Tonkahof General (AKC S012426 (7/1046))
Tonkahof Ginger CD (AKC S012430 (7/1946))
Tonkahof Go Bang (AKC S012427 (7/1946))
Tonkahof Golden Boy (AKC S012428 (7/1946))
Tonkahof Golden Girl (AKC S012425 (7/1946))
Tonkahof Goldilocks (AKC S012431 (7/1946))
Tonkahof Echo (AKC A793600 (2/1945))
Tonkahof Emblem (AKC A793602 (2/1945))
Tonkahof Encore (AKC A793604 (2/1945))
Tonkahof Ensign (AKC A793605 (2/1945))
Am. CH. Tonkahof Bang *** OS SDHF (AKC A-489313-6/41)
Am. CH. Tonkahof Bamby CD (AKC A-489316-6/41)
Tonkahof Buckshot (AKC A489314 (6/1941))
Tonkahof Bacchus (AKC A489315 (6/1941))
Tonkahof Beebe (AKC A489317 (6/1941))
Tonkahof Betty (AKC A489318 (6/1941))
Tonkahof Blaze (AKC A489319 (6/1941))
Am. CH. Tonka Belle Of Woodend OD (AKC A-215130-2/38)
FC Banty of Woodend (AKC A-299293 - 3/1939)
Nippletop of Woodend (AKC A299292 - 3/1939)
Topper of Woodend (AKC A-555363 (3/1942))
Tuck's Bang of Woodend (AKC A734298 (5/1944))
Rod Of Woodend (AKC A308101 - 4/1939)
Flash Of Woodend (AKC A278628 - 12/1938)
Barbara Of Woodend (AKC A229829 - 5/1938)
Sir Robert Of Woodend ** (AKC A209394 - 2/1938)
Grain Belt Of Woodend (AKC A202870 - 1/1938)
Peptwo Of Woodend II (AKC A327910 - 7/1939)
Golden Amber Of Woodend (AKC A525996 (12/1941))
Dirk Of Woodend (AKC A550595 (3/1942))
Twinkle Of Woodend (AKC A561339 (4/1942))
Marigold Of Woodend (AKC A708667 (1/1944))
Andy (A210755) (AKC A210755 (2/1938))

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