Golden Retriever

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Stubbings Golden Roxanne

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Stubbings Golden Roxanne
Stubbings Golden Hidalgo
Eng. CH. Heydown Grip (Other 1785JJ)
Eng. CH. Heydown Gunner
Heydown Gurth (Other KC Reg. Sept. 1922)
Early Dusk (Heydown Guide) (Other KC Reg. Oct. 1923)
Heydown Gold Dust (Other KC Reg. Feb. 1926)
Cubbington Gloria < Heydown Griselda (Other KC Reg. June 1927)
Beauty Of Woolley < Heydown Gazelle (Other KC Reg. Oct. 1923)
Heydown Gleam
Heydown Glee
Heydown Grace (Gay Of Woolley) (Other KC Reg. Sept. 1922)
Dutch FT.Ch. Heydown Gloria
Heydown Gavin
Heydown Graceful
Glory of Fyning
Brenda Of Fyning
Fyning Guide (Other KC Reg. April 1919)
Stagden Cross Pamela (Other KC Reg. Oct. 1920)
Stagden Cross Prudence (Other KC Reg. Oct. 1920)
Guelda Rose (Other KC Reg. Oct. 1921)
Daleside Bracken
Stubbings Golden Bracken
Daleside Thorn
Donkelve Royster (Other KC Reg. Sep. 1930)
Gold Nibs
Daleside Jennifer
Eng. SH. CH. Abbots Wisdom (Other KC Reg. Nov. 1930)
Eng. CH. Goldgleam Of Aldgrove (KC Reg. Feb. 1931)
Young Barnaby
Dhai Misty < Tulloch Misty (Other KC Reg. Sept. 1930)
Eng. CH. Abbots Winkle (Other KC Reg. Nov. 1930)
Stubbings Golden Amanda
Linkcor Tony (Other KC Reg. Sep. 1937)
Linkcor Handsome (Other KC Reg. Feb. 1936)
Anningsley Dawn
Donkelve Punch (AKC 994,871 6/1935)
Donkelve Tess
Linkcor Don (Other KC Reg. Feb. 1934)
Donkelve Jane
Frown Of Slate
Eng. CH. Donkelve Jester (Other KCSB 827LL)
Shortmead Streaky
Haughton Michael
Haughton Norah
Eng. CH. Mary Of Moreton
Drinkstone Ray (Other KC Reg. Dec. 1931)
Haughton Noble
Norah of Yelme (Other KC Reg. Sept. 1931)
Timothy of Moreton
Haughton Sidney
Golden Bond (son of Michael of Moreton)
Golden Shadow
Anningsley Ann
Eng. FT. CH. Avishays Lulu
Anningsley Candidate
Anningsley Henry (Other KC Reg. Aug. 1930)
Am. CH. Alaisdair Of Highstead (AKC 818537 (3/1932))
Donkelve Ingot
Anningsley Craftsman
Anningsley Crusader
Anningsley Constable
Linkcor Dawn (Other KCSB 1096TT)
Gilroy of Yelme (Other KCSB 808UU (1939))
Thyme of Hollywood
Hoyland Bellah (Other KC Reg.)
Giltess Pride (Other KC Reg.)
Gilder (KCSB 2017LL) (Other KCSB 2017LL)
Eng. CH. Colthill Dan (Other KC Reg. June 1934)
Brilliantine (Other KC Reg. Sept. 1931)
Perryway David
Sundawn Dinah
Irene Of Skegby (Other KC Reg. Sept. 1932)
Linkcor Chum (Other KC Reg. Aug. 1932)
Linkcor Marksman (Other KC Reg. Nov. 1932)
Linkcor Polly (Other KC Reg. Aug. 1932)

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