Golden Retriever

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Beckwith Chrys-Haefen Belinda OD

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Beckwith Chrys-Haefen Belinda OD (AKC SA399876 (2/1967))
Can. CH. Mel-Bach's Curley Can. CDX, Am. CD (AKC SA402950)
Can Ch. Mel-Bach's Golden Boy Can CD SDHF (CKC 559536)
Can. CH. Mel-Bach's Golden Touch Can. CDX (CKC 687305)
Can. Ch. Mel-Bach's Chalco Chips
Can. Ch. Mel-Bach's Fair Flicka (CKC 559541)
Can. CH. Mel-Bach's Golden Sunrise (CKC 687306)
Am./Can. CH. Gayhaven Lldiel Am./Can. CDX, OS Am. WC (AKC SA026523 (2/1962))
Am. CH. Gayhaven Lep-Flare CD (AKC SA026524 (2/64))
Gayhaven Beau Brummell
Gayhaven Lyric (AKC SA023763 (11/61))
Am/Can CH. Gilder's Wingra Beau OS (AKC S462966 (8/51))
Am. CH. Gilder's Wingra Belle OD (AKC S-462965)
Am. CH. Gayhaven Harmony CDX (AKC S849142 (10/58))
Gayhaven Hercules (AKC S849139 (2/1961))
Can. CH. Saucy Sue Of Mel-Bach CD OD
Bouchart Lady Harriet (CKC 457843 (1960))
Alexander of Bouckhart (AKC SA071720 (8/1961))
Can. CH. Mel-Bach's Golden Explorer (CKC 440905)
Can. CH. Mel-Bach Golden Lady Can. CD (CKC 434551)
Golden Princess (1958, Canadian)
Kirsten's MacNish (AKC SA079435 (6/1961))
Parkridge Maid Of Gold (AKC S959280 (8/1960))
Beckwith's Flavia CD (AKC SA305791 (4/69))
Am. CH. Beckwith's Fancy Fellow CD * (AKC SA300175 (12/66))
Am. CH. Beckwith's Firebrand Furor (AKC SA307495 (10/67))
Can CH Beckwith's Flintlock
Can. CH. Beckwith's Flare At Northgame (AKC SA-304027)
Beckwith's Favorite Folly (AKC SA305793 (1/1967))
Am. CH. Golden Band of High Farms WC OS (AKC S894074 (12/58))
High Farms Golden Satinwood ** (AKC SA036574 (9/63))
Am. CH. Lucky Penny of High Farms (AKC S894072 (11/1960))
Am. CH. Golden Scot of High Farms ** DDHF (AKC SA038539 (8/62))
High Farms Teakwood * (AKC SA191236 (11/1963))
Meadow Creek Rip of High Farms ***
High Farms Golden Linden (AKC SA31190 (10/1962))
High Farm's Bittersweet (AKC SA114355 (5/62))
Am. CH. Ritz of High Farms OS (AKC S-604651-10/57)
Am. CH. High Farms Torch CD (AKC S604657 (10/55))
Golden Ginny of High Farms (AKC S604658 (10/56))
Golden Gigi of High Farms (AKC S604661 (10/56))
Meadow Creek Ko-Ko OD (AKC S785373 (2/1958))
Am./Can. CH. Star Spray Maria's Gloria OD (AKC SA165402)
Am./Can./Bda. CH. Star Spray Maria's Rayo Del Sol * OS SDHF (AKC SA165405 (1/65))
Star Spray Maria's Electra (AKC SA165404 (3/1966))
Star Spray Maria's Rocket UD (AKC SA-165408)
Am. CH. Featherquest Jay's Blond Tom OS (AKC S780791 (6-57))
Featherquest Muffet (AKC S808016 (10/1957))
Jay's Golden Tern (AKC S692653 (6/1956))
Am. CH. Jay's Golden Vanitie (AKC S692659 (4/1957))
Jay's Golden Plover (AKC S692657 (10/56))
Am. CH. Star Spray Enid's Maria OD (AKC SA071764 (1/63))
Am. CH. Star Spray Enid's Glorieta OD (AKC SA071769 (5-63))
Am. CH. Star Spray Enid's Sandia (AKC SA071770 (8/1964))
Star Spray Enid's San Juan (AKC SA071771)

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