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Midas' Timba OS

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Midas' Timba OS (AKC A780622 (1/1945))
Rena Of Taramar (AKC A828676 (7/1945))
Ilena Of Taramar (AKC A828675 (7/1945))
Karlow (S251899) (AKC S251899 (1/1949))
Golden Dixie Of Twin Hill (AKC A836692 (8/1945))
Keeper (A429321) (AKC A429321 (10/1940))
Plover Of Little Hill (AKC A343647 10/1939)
Sir Bors (AKC A378606 (2/1940))
Am. CH. Alexander (A050084) OS (AKC A050084 (3/1936))
Am. CH. Frieda (A050085) (AKC A050085 (3/1936))
Pirate Gold (AKC A92076 (9/1936))
Robber Gold (AKC A50086 (3/1936))
Donkelve Punch (AKC 994,871 6/1935)
Anningsley Dawn
Donkelve Tess
Linkcor Don (Other KC Reg. Feb. 1934)
Linkcor Handsome (Other KC Reg. Feb. 1936)
Donkelve Jane
Frown Of Slate
Ottershaw Norma (AKC A379 - 7/1935)
Am. CH. Ottershaw Colette (AKC 863623 (3/1933))
Hester (A226306) (AKC A226306 (4/1938))
Am. CH. Little Hill Miranda (AKC A-325929 - 6/1939)
Lord MaCaulay (AKC A282117 - 12/1938)
Little Hill Jason (AKC A325924 - 6/1939)
Little Hill Golden Trinket < Little Hill Trinket (AKC A325928 - 6/1939)
Sherry (A236128) (AKC A236128 (6/1938))
Teal (A219096) (AKC A219096 - 3/1938)
Little Hill Teal (AKC A343112 (9/1939))
Little Hill Forty-Niner (AKC A325927 - 6/1939)
Little Hill Gold Mint (AKC A325926 - 6/1939)
Little Hill Nancy (AKC A325930 - 6/1939)
Little Hill Robinhood (AKC A325925 - 6/1939)
Little Hill Gold Feather (AKC A335277 - 8/1939)
Widgeon of Fernova (AKC 898,049 (11/1933))
Flash Of Frantelle (AKC 960,141 (12/1934))
King Kong of Fernova (AKC 881241 (7/1933))
Sherry of Fernova (AKC 937,059 (7/1934))
Virginia Dare of Fernova (AKC 937,058 (7/1934))
Bella Of Frantelle (AKC 960,137 (12/1934))
Casper of Frantelle (AKC 960,142 (12/1934))
Pat of Frantelle (AKC 960,138 (12/1934))
Princess Ram of Frantelle (AKC 960139 (12/1934))
Rusty of Frantelle (AKC 960,140 (12/1934))
Rhuari Mohr (AKC 976,361 (3/1935))
Honey Of Collis Merule (AKC A21995 - 11/1935)
Ivan of Frantelle (AKC A94,959 (9/1936))
Vera of Frantelle (AKC A94,958 (9/1936))
Victor of Frantelle (AKC A94,956 (9/1936))
Shine of Frantelle (AKC A139,498 (4/1937))
Am. CH. Frieda (A050085) (AKC A050085 (3/1936))
Am. CH. Alexander (A050084) OS (AKC A050084 (3/1936))
Pirate Gold (AKC A92076 (9/1936))
Robber Gold (AKC A50086 (3/1936))
Goldwood Kris (AKC A-541517-2/42)
Goldwood Toby UD OBHF (AKC A541514 (2/42))
Goldwood Ginger (AKC A541518 (2/1942))
Goldwood Frisco *** (AKC A872638 (10/45))
Goldwood Sunshine (AKC A541516 (2/1942))
Goldwood Sandee *** (AKC A-872640-10/45)
Goldwood Fella (AKC A541515 (2/1942))
Goldwood Gunnar Boy (AKC A561265 (4/1942))
Am. CH. Toby of Willow Lake *** DDHF (AKC A-165690 (7/1937))
Gold Dust Rory (AKC A172427 (8/1937))
Bruce of Willow Loch (AKC A464784 (3/1941))
Ruddy of Willow Lake (AKC A131,030 (2/1937))
Am. CH. Rockhaven Rory SDHF OS (AKC 905893 (1/1934))
Rusty Heger (AKC A39719 (1/1936))
Belinda of Willow Lake ** (AKC A-072564 (6/1936))
Am. CH. MacGregor Of Three Acres (AKC 933312 (6/1934))
Sandy Boine (AKC 889,400 (9/1933))
Bridgett (AKC 893,234 (10/1933))
Speedwell Boine II (AKC 898887 (11/1933))
Heger's Rusty (AKC 900,876 (12/1933))
Sun Gold of Sporting Hill (AKC 910,798 (2/1934))
Red Dust (AKC 919,891 (4/1934))
Ben Bernie (AKC 925,224 (5/1934))
Speedwell Boine III (AKC 937,050 (7/1934))
Lady Boine (AKC 940,171 (8/1934))
Simba (A91513) (AKC A91,513 (9/1936))
Speedwell Boine Flash (AKC A70,101 (6/1936))
Lanny of Windward (AKC A93,446 (9/1936))
Lady Amber (A109683) (AKC A109,683 (11/1936))
Sporting Hill Bad Penny (AKC A109,684 (11/1936))
Bellevue Rust (AKC A116,949 (12/1936))
Sophie (A122034) (AKC A122,034 (1/1937))
Lannie of Windward (AKC A-93446)
Goldwood Ditt OD (AKC A199579 (1/1938))
Am. CH. Goldwood Pluto *** OS (AKC A-169087-8/37)
Goldwood Windsor *** (AKC A-169090-8/37)
Goldwood Bob (AKC A169089)
Goldwood Wallis ** (AKC A169088 - 8/1937)
Goldwood Ibbie (AKC A169091 (8/1937))
Goldwood Rocky (AKC A167112 (8/1937))
Goldwood Smuggler (AKC A172426 (8/1937))
Am. CH. Rockhaven Rory SDHF OS (AKC 905893 (1/1934))
Am. CH. Sprite of Aldgrove ** OD DDHF (AKC A-89523 (8/1936))
Eng. CH. Golddawn Of Aldgrove

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