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Am. CH. Charms Smashing Delight

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Am. CH. Charms Smashing Delight (OFA GR-35412F37F)
Am./Can. CH. Charms Blow'em Away Twister OS (OFA GR-27088F25M)
Am Can Ch Cloverdale Oliver Twist OS (OFA GR-15945)
Am./Can. CH Cloverdale Sugarfrost (OFA GR16693E28F)
Am./Can. CH Cloverdale Sunnybrae Pumpkin (OFA GR-16269)
Am/CanCH Cloverdale Highlands Cara CD JH WCX VC Can CD WC (OFA GR-22433)
Am. CH. Cloverdale High Hopes Spirit CD (OFA GR17904-33F)
Am Can Ch. Cloverdale Captivator (OFA GR23247G26M)
Am./Can. CH. Cloverdale Frostkist (OFA GR-22676)
CH Cloverdale's Jackfrost CD (OFA GR-22503)
Cloverdale Say Say Say
Cloverdale Sukawaka Kered
Am/Can CH October Cloverdale Frost CD OS (OFA GR-11928)
Am./Can./Bda. CH. October's Foxy Lady Am./Can. CDX (OFA GR-10747)
Am-Can CH October's Cal-Vo Spirit CDX WC OD (OFA GS-10700)
Am. CH. October's Courtney Kane
Am. CH. October's One And Only Sun (OFA GR-14518)
Am CH October Calvo Wild'n' Crazy Gal CD (OFA GR-14352)
October Hi-Jinx's Amiable Amy UDT
October's Bargello Diamond
Am/Can CH Sutter Creek Cloverdale Erin OD (OFA GR-9601)
Sutter Creek Scobie's Buffy (OFA GR-9137)
Sutter Creek Cricket
Ch Wickham Farms Miss Jessica CD (OFA GR-18432)
Wickham Farms Charlie Brown (OFA GR-20051F32M)
Am CH Wickhams Castlewood Chamios CDX TD WC VCX (OFA GR-19918)
Wickham Maximum Gold Barr
CH Wickhams Castlewood Chamois CD, TD
Am Can Ch Jollys Decembear Charm OS (OFA GR11780)
Am Can Ch Jolly Jack Frost O'Wyndspelle Am/Can CD SDHF
Am CH Jolly Dandy Dan (OFA GR-10719-Normal-T)
Wickham Farms Shandy Bright CD OD (OFA GR13385Normal)
Charms Crystal Bearnard
Charms Echo of Malarky (OFA GR-24911G27F)
Am Can Ch Jollys Decembear Charm OS (OFA GR11780)
Am Can Ch Jolly Jack Frost O'Wyndspelle Am/Can CD SDHF
Am CH Jolly Dandy Dan (OFA GR-10719-Normal-T)
Am.CH. Sir Duncan Of Woodbury OS (OFA GR-4962 70M)
Am. CH. Autumn Lodge's Mister Zap CD ** OS (OFA GR-2600 32M)
Autumnlodge's Apple
Autumn Lodge's Magill
Am. CH. Indanda Thembalisha OD (OFA GR-2288)
Am./Can. CH Jabula Thembalisha Am./Can.CD
Am./Can. CH. Kotyama Thembalisha
Bomvana Thembalisha
Ntaza Thembalisha CD
Andulela Thembalisha
Thembalisha's Golden Taffy
Bukiza Thembalisha
Charms Jolly Seaview Cookie CD
Seaview's Fandango del Sol (OFA GR-11715)
Am CH Seaview's Sierra De Oro (OFA GR-11030-T)
Am/Can Ch Jolly Jack Daniels OS (OFA GR-4439 G24M)
Am CH Gradene's Oahu Jolly Pajero CD OD
Am. CH. Jolly Peachy Pistonpacker OD (OFA GR-6220 34F)
Jolly Atoka (OFA GR-11623-T)
Jolly Folly Of Goldendartt
Jolly Cloverdale Holly
Jolly J.J.
Lance's Jolly Barra CD (OFA GR-4453-T)
Jolly Old Grand Dad (OFA GR-8326)
Jolly Popper Of Birnam Wood (OFA GR-4953)
CH Jolly Jill of Sunset Hill
Seaview's Merry Mistral (OFA GR-77627)

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