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Sandyhills Cracklin Wildwind CD

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Sandyhills Cracklin Wildwind CD
Am/Can OTCh Sandyhill Logan UDX TDX MX JH WC OBHF OS
Prince Connor of Sandyhill UD MX MXJ
Sandyhill Probable Cause MH WCX
Sandyhill's Good Time Carly VCD2 UD RN MX MXJ CanCDX TDX AGI
Can OTCH Sandyhill's Semper Fi UD TD JH AX
Sandyhill's Gonna Keeper CD TDX
Sandyhill Gold Star Express UD TDX JH WCX
Sandyhill's Lavender N Lace UD TD
Am./Can. OTCH Altair's Dune Mirage TDX SH WCX VCX OS OBHF
OTCh Altair's Sardaukar Sadie OBHF OD
Altair's Stitch In Time Am UD Can CD
Altair's Echoing Glory Daiz UD
Altair's Star Of Orion UD JH WCX
Am. CH Sun Dance Destiny's Echo CDX OS
Am CH Sun Dance's Mame
Sundance's Tawny Tara CDX
Sun Dance's Golded Flame
Am CH Sun Dance's Rarue SDHF OS
Ch Sun Dance's Happy Hogan
Am. CH Sun Dance's Ringo CDX
Am CH Sun Dances Frontier Marya
Am. CH. Sun Dance's Kemosabe CDX
Sun Dance's Rippling Rhythm
Sun Dances Lady Guinevere
CH Sun Dance's April Fool OD
Am. CH Sun Dance's Bootleg Whiskey Am. UD OBHF
Am/Can CH. Sundance Cher of Goldenwire
Sun Dance's Tom Fool
Can OTCH Meadowpond Cherokee Sunday Am UDT WC OD
Meadowpond Teacher's Pet Am./Can. CDX
CanOTCH Meadowpond Trace O' Boom AmCDX
Meadowpond Columbian Gold
Am./Can. CH. Bardfield Boomer UDT WC OS OBHF Can. UD TDX
Am. CH. Bardfield's Lindsay Laurell CD
Am. CH. Morgan Of Bardfield
Simon of Bardfield
Windy's Meadowpond Mist
Windy's Meadow Pond Sabrina
Meadowpond Caries Misty Pine CDX TD Can TDX
Windy's Meadowpond Brydee CDX
OTCh Meadowpond's Tuf Tiger OBHF
Meadowpond Yankee Dominator
Meadowpond Sunshine Aubrey
Meadowpond's Lady Amber
Sandyhill's Curry Can Do CD TD OD
Rick-Rack's Tally-Ho Beau UD
Am/Can OTCH Rick-Rack Dust Ruffle JH WC
Am OTCH Rick-Rack Heather
Am OTCH Rick-Rack Krugerrand
Rick-Rack Dust Print CDX
CH OTCH Meadowpond Dust Commander OBHF OS
Karagolds Gandy Dancer CDX
OTCH Karagold's Magic Marker
Am./Can. CH. Rusty Of Golden Shores
Brigadoon's Highland Heather CD
Karagold's T'Kalis Star
Meadowpond's Goldnugget UD
OTCh Quantocks Rick-Rack TD WC OBHF OD
Am. CH Quantocks Ringmaster CDX
Can.CH Windfall's Quantock Roxanne CD
Quantocks Ruffian CD OD
Quantock's Happy Days
Quantock's Happy Landing UD
Quantock's Happy Feet CDX TD WCX
Meadowpond Misty
Am. CH Meadowpond Murphy's Rainbow CD OS
Meadowpond Autumn Mist CDX OD
Meadowpond Lady Daphne
Am. CH. Shargleam Ferryman OS
Shargleam Floral Dance
Am./Can. CH. Jagersbo Meadowpond Melody Am./Can. CD OD
Jagersbo Cinnamon Roll

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