Golden Retriever

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Am. CH. Robin of Nottingham

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Am. CH. Robin of Nottingham (AKC SA660035 (11/70))
Stockton's Little Miss Muffin (AKC SA669938 (3/71))
Jim's Golden Swinger (AKC SA782280 (8-71))
Marjim's Golden Zipper (AKC SA284202 (4/69))
Am/Can. CH. Gayhaven Cricket Of Marjim CD WC (AKC SA252667 (12/67))
Marjim's Son of Orlando (AKC SA276721 (1/1966))
Am. CH. Orlando of Yeo (AKC SA237165 (7-64))
Juno of Yeo
Ashwater Gilda Of Yeo
Sirius of Yeo
Eng./Am. CH. Figaro of Yeo SDHF (AKC SA171898 (1/64))
Yana of Yeo (Other KCSB 830AU (1962))
Zia Nichola Of Sparkmoor
Gayhaven Bit O Honey CD (AKC SA145286 (7/64))
Gayhaven's Ginger (AKC SA150709 (4/1964))
Gayhaven Wood Lord (AKC SA166404 (10/64))
Gaylord of Handjem CD ** (AKC S945969 (7/61))
Peter Gunn *** (AKC S962255 (1/1964))
Gayhaven Bit Of England (AKC S757561 (4/58))
Trievon Tomboy (AKC S950760 (12/59))
Trievon Splashing Gold (AKC S758323 (4/1957))
Trievon Ravishing Nolden (AKC S836276 (4/1958))
Taffy of Degee Acres (AKC SA481553 (4/69))
Marjim's Dog-Gone Menace (AKC SA513771 (9/68))
Dee Gee Buffy (AKC SA498606 (4/71))
Dog Gone Brutus
Candy Of Cheviot (AKC SA491501 (6/70))
Marjim's Dennis the Menace (AKC SA381960 (5/67))
Am. CH. Orlando of Yeo (AKC SA237165 (7-64))
Juno of Yeo
Ashwater Gilda Of Yeo
Sirius of Yeo
Am. CH. Ideal Model Of Yeo (AKC SA220339 (12/1965))
Irish CH. Bryanstown Shannon Of Yeo
Ir. CH. Bryanstown Shannon Gale
Gayhaven Windfall (AKC SA319964 (4/1967))
Beckwith's Gayhaven Fancy OD (AKC SA319961 (12/1966))
Am./Can. CH. Gayhaven Fashion Plate (AKC SA319960 (5/1967))
Deerfield's Gayhaven Lisa (AKC SA678445-12/69)
Deerfield's Gayhaven Lachlan (AKC SA563257 (12/68))
Deerfield Gayhaven Locket (AKC SA649132 (3/70))
Deerfield's Gayhaven Beau (AKC SA563256 (4/1970))
Gayhaven Son Of Timidiquis (AKC SA497827 (7/70))
Gayhaven Timidiquis (AKC SA-235912 (3/65))
Gayhaven Call Girl (AKC SA235914 (4/66))
Gayhaven Whistle Stop (AKC SA235911 (1/1965))
Am. CH. Gayhaven's Damsel From Kyrie (AKC SA112750 (1/64))
Am/Can CH. Kyrie Daemon CDX WC OS Can. CD (AKC SA108897 (6/64))
Kyrie Dalinde WC, Am-Can CD (AKC SA108894 (2/1963))
Kyrie Dashing
Kyrie Darter (AKC SA117924 (9/63))
Kyrie Dambuster (AKC SA108898 (8/66))

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