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Rick-Rack's Tally-Ho Beau UD

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Rick-Rack's Tally-Ho Beau UD (OFA GR-13665)
Am/Can OTCH Rick-Rack Dust Ruffle JH WC
Am OTCH Rick-Rack Heather
Am OTCH Rick-Rack Krugerrand (OFA GR-13580)
Rick-Rack Dust Print CDX
CH OTCH Meadowpond Dust Commander OBHF OS (OFA GR-7581F31M (fair))
Karagolds Gandy Dancer CDX (OFA GR-6112)
OTCH Karagold's Magic Marker (OFA GR-10438)
Am./Can. CH. Rusty Of Golden Shores (OFA GR-2413)
Brigadoon's Highland Heather CD (OFA GR-2779)
Karagold's T'Kalis Star (OFA GR-8584)
Meadowpond's Goldnugget UD (OFA GR-8099)
Am./Can. CH. Bardfield Boomer UDT WC OS OBHF Can. UD TDX (OFA GR-561)
Am. CH. Bardfield's Lindsay Laurell CD (OFA GR-00921)
Am. CH. Morgan Of Bardfield
Simon of Bardfield
Am/Can CH Duckdown's Unpredictable CD * OS SDHF (OFA GR-124)
Am. CH. Duckdown's Voodoo Charm UD OD (OFA GR-00734)
Am. CH. Duckdown's Veronica Laker CD OD (OFA GR-00472)
Am. CH. Duckdown's Village Gambler
Am. CH. Duckdown's Utterly Fantastic CDX OD (OFA GR-00425)
Am Ch Duckdown's Vesper Challenge OD
Am Ch Duckdown's Vivid Impression UDT
Am. CH. Duckdown's Undaunted Copper
Am. CH. Duckdown's Union Jack
Am. CH. Duckdown's Union Jill CD
Am. CH. Duckdown's Upperclass Lass
CH Duckdown's Village Outlaw CD
Duckdown's Vamp Of Savannah
Sandia's Flaxen Babe CD OD
Andover Taffy Too
Missy Of Nottingham Am/Can CD OD (OFA GR-1340)
Am. CH. Robin of Nottingham (OFA GR-1029)
Woodland's Candlelite Bronze
Marjim's Woodland Candy Cane (OFA GR-739)
OTCh Quantocks Rick-Rack TD WC OBHF OD (OFA GR 6461-T)
Am. CH Quantocks Ringmaster CDX (OFA GR-6682)
Can.CH Windfall's Quantock Roxanne CD (OFA GR-6430)
Quantocks Ruffian CD OD (OFA GR-6681)
Quantock's Happy Days
Quantock's Happy Landing UD
Quantock's Happy Feet CDX TD WCX (OFA GR-23363G49M)
Am. CH. Footprint Of Yeo CD OS (OFA GR-337)
Sh.Ch. Sapphire Of Yeo
Eng./Irish CH. Mandingo Buidhe Colum
Mandingo Buidhe Copper
Jessica of Yeo
Hunts Early Bird CDX (OFA GR-1577)
Am. CH. Hunt's Columbiana (OFA GR-887)
Am. CH. Hunt's Copperfield Daemon CD TD WC OS SDHF (OFA GR-885)
Am Ch Hunts Emily (OFA GR-2566)
Am. CH Hunt's Copperfield Eagle TD (OFA GR-886)
Hunt's Medea Of Smithaven CD WC OD (OFA GR-2134)
Am. Ch. Hunt's Camelot of Daemon (OFA GR-910)
Am. CH. Hunt's Cutty Sark of Westwyn CD, TD (OFA GR-891)
Am/Can CH. Kyrie Daemon CDX WC OS Can. CD (OFA GR-148)
Am. CH. Gayhaven's Damsel From Kyrie (OFA GRC-031)
Kyrie Dalinde WC, Am-Can CD (OFA GRC-058)
Kyrie Dashing
Kyrie Darter
Kyrie Dambuster
Am./Can. CH. Hunt's Annabelle Of Vegas CDX TD WC OD (OFA GR-394)

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