Golden Retriever

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Benny x Klaris

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Benny x Klaris
Artas Ateka Dimom
Arny Ateka Dimom
Artex Ateka Dimom
Alistar Ateka Dimom
Aramis Ateka Dimom
Adellies Ateka Dimom
Alexis Ateka Dimom
Agnes Ateka Dimom
Carlos Ateka Dimom
Cyril Ateka Dimom
Carmen Ateka Dimom
Cindy Ateka Dimom
Carrie Ateka Dimom
Cira Ateka Dimom
Cristin Ateka Dimom
INTERCh, GRANDCh,ClubCh, JChCZ,ChCZ,ChD(VDH),ChSK Watterloo Misantos 5xNational Winner, Club Winner,BIS, 10x BOB
Westa Misantos Club Junior winner
CH CZ JCH CZ Wrangler Misantos ''U''
CZ CH Werra Misantos National Winner
Wendy Misantos
Wellington Misantos
Wizard Misantos
Wanderdog Misantos
Woodbyne Misantos
Wasabi Misantos
Issu Misantos Artemis Gold
Isis Artemis Gold 2X CAC, KV
ICh, Fr.Ch, German, VDH, Lux. Ch, Lux. JCh Inassicas Coriander reserve at Crufts 2004
Inassicas Wild Tulip
SE U(U)CH NO UCH Cheer's Way Of The World
Cheer's Why Me
Cheer's Walk About
Cheer's Would I Lie To You
Cheer's Water Delight
Cheer's Willy Nilly
V-WW'98, NORDV-94 NUCH NORDV-99 Cheer's What's New
Inassicas Sea Mayweed
JCh CZ, Ch CZ Brenda of Dream Team
Int.Ch, Ch CZ & SK & PL, JCh CZ BRUCE of Dream Team ''U'' Best Retriever of the Year
ICH CH JCH ,MultiCH. Brigitte of Dream Team
CH SK Barbie of Dream Team
Brigitte Dream Team
MultiCh,Int & HrCh Karvin Zaicca Klubsieger''01,Top winning GR in Croatia''01 & 02
ICh, MCh, MJCh Ordoghegyi Berni Eni Tara
Ördöghegyi-Berni Kitty
HSCH Ordoghegyi Berni Eddy
Ordoghegyi-Berni Zoe Magic
Klaris Chlupate stesti Res.CACT
Ch SK, PL, CZ, CZ Champion of work Kerry Chlupate stesti Dual purpose 2009
JCH CZ, CH PL, CH CZ, CH SK, CZ FTCh Kendy Chlupate stesti National winner
JCh CZ, Ch PL, FT Ch Kreizy Chlupate stesti
Kenny Chlupate stesti ''U''
Ch PL, Ch SK, Ch CZ, Grand Ch SK Kirby Chlupate stesti National winner
Knight Chlupate stesti
Kvido Chlupate stesti
Kessi Chlupate stesti
Perseus Chlupate stesti
Phalco Chlupate stesti "U"
Ch SK, Ch CZ, CZ FTCh Philipp Chlupate stesti "U"
Pierce Chlupate stesti
Portos Chlupate stesti
Phoebe Chlupate stesti
JCH CZ, CH CZ, Grand Ch CZ, CH SK Princ Damian Chlupate stesti "U"
Ch work Princess Jackie Chlupate stesti
Perri Chlupate stesti
JCh CZ, Ch CZ, Ch SK Gryffindor Junior the Best Baron ''U''
Gina to Timeless The Best Baron
Grandessa the Best Baron
Gloria The Best Baron
Garp the Best Baron
Gilmore The Best Baron
Gregory The Best Baron
Graf The Best Baron
Geoffrey The Best Baron
Gentle Kiss the Best Baron
DE/VDH/LUX CH Xanthos Gryffindor Bundessieger 2003
Xanthos Gandalf
Eng. SH. CH. Xanthos Galadriel At Standelbec
Can. Ch. Xanthos Glastonbury
J.Ch. Slo/Sh Ch Slo Timeless Golden Amy my Love Winner Prag 2009
Timeless Golden Anny Mae
Timeless Golden A Skywalker
Timeless Golden Amazing Nela
Timeless Golden Ally Sue
Timeless Golden A Skydancer
Timeless Golden A.J. Fallen Off The Sky
Timeless Golden Arrow in the Sky
Timeless Golden Amity Alanis
Ch CZ, Grand Ch CZ Victoria Chlupate stesti Club winner
Samuel Chlupate stesti
Sweet Rebecca Chlupate stesti
Santee Chlupate stesti
Sindy Chlupate stesti
High Rival Golden Erinor
J.Ch.Pl. J.W.CL.Pl.,Ch.Pl,3x CACIB, 2x Res. CACIB HARDY ALWIN Golden Erinor
Hannah Golden Erinor
Happy Lady Golden Erinor
Hennessy Golden Erinor
Handy Imp of Golden Erinor
Blondie Chlupate stesti
Bodie Chlupate stesti
Beckie Chlupate stesti
Bellis Chlupate stesti

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