Golden Retriever

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Heads Up Semper Live Strong ***

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Heads Up Semper Live Strong ***
Heads Up Jazzy Jasmine
HR Heads Up Grace On Fire JH WCX
Heads Up Jedi MindTricks
Heads Up Quarterback Sneak MH QA2 ***
Heads Up Roxy's Got Moxie UD MX MXJ OJC WV-O EAC TN-E TG-E
Heads Up A Busy Bee Can** JH
SHR Heads Up Dunoon's Guardian Angel SH WCX
Heads Up Aspenridge 4Wheelin J BN RN MX MJB MXF WC T2B2 ADHF CGC TDI
HR Heads Up It's In The Genes SH WCX
Heads Up Yolanda Be Cool CD WC
Heads Up For Goldenworks Roo QFTR *** MH WC
Heads Up the Right Stuff SH WCX
Heads Up Shitaki
HRCH Heads Up Feathercatch Mr Gibbs *** MH
GMH Heads Up Girl Talk MH WCX
Heads Up Maximus Claymore JH
Lakwoia's Copper Code WC ** OS / Can**
Lakwoia's Mango Tango Fandango JH WC OD
Kiowa's Proper Pete MH
HRCH Surefire Texas Fulltilt Boogie CDX MH WCX OD U-CD
SR Kiowa's Chief Medicine Man
FC AFC Steeple Hill Ranger OS FDHF
Red Lodge's Steep and Deep **
Red Lodge's Powder Hound
Escapade Red ***
Satchabrat MH MNH OD
Escapade Punch MH50 MNR WCX ** HTHF
Hermans Dream Chaser Red MH
Mocha Marauder
Greenfields Bearlyafordable
AFC Caymans Rum Point Red OS FDHF
Alpenglo's Glory Hallelujah MH
Mello Yello Milo
Alpenglo's Rise And Shine
Jim's Joy
Topbrass Satcha Marauder MH OD
U-UD Topbrass Shudabin A Cowboy UDX MNH WCX OS HTHF
Topbrass XVII
Topbrass Flying Sprig
Topbrass Stardust Rose
Kiowa's Solo JH OD
Kiowa's A Place In Time MH CCA WCX ** OS
Kiowa's Set-Tainte **
Kiowa's Cover Girl
Kiowa's KC Double Back -Echo MH WCX ** OS
Kiowa's Hot Flash JH WCX
Kiowa's Whirlwind SH CCA WCX
Kiowa's Phoenix Sans Peur
Kiowa Karma Of Mioaks'
Kiowa's Rebel Yell SH WCX
FC AFC Tigathoe's Kiowa II OS FDHF
Dual CH AFC Tigathoe's Funky Farquar OS DDHF FDHF
Tigathoe's Tonka **
FC AFC Tigathoe's Tonga FDHF
FC AFC Tigathoe's Magic Marker OD FDHF
Tigathoes Chippewa
Tigathoe's Jicarilla ***
Tigathoe's Kiowa (F)
Tigathoe's Misty Morning ***
Kiowa's Kalumet MH CD WCX OD
Kiowa's Tanner II
Kiowa's Contessa
UH HR Heads Up Red Sonja JH WC GRCA OD
MACH SHR Heads Up Incoming Fire Am/Cdn JH MXB MJS NAP NJP
Heads Up Aspens Golden Summer
Heads Up Macallan Barley
HRCH Heads Up Hunokeli CD ** MH MNR WCX
Heads Up Fully Charged ** MH WCX
Heads Up Fyre's Harley
AFC FTCH AFTCH Heads Up Fire in the Hole MH WCX
Heads Up Golden Benelli
MACH Heads Up Aspenridge Firepower J CD, PCDX, BN, GN, RAE, MXG, MXF, MFB, MJP AXP OFP, T2B3, THD, CGC
Heads Up Lulu's Blitzen
HRCH Heads Up Feathercatch Mr Riggs Can ** MH WCX
Heads Up Gin' N Juice JH WC
Headsup Koloa's Northern Light
AFC Ida Red's Uncloudy Day OD FDHF
HRCH Ida Red's On the Road Again CD TD MH WCX **
OTCH Ida Red Razzlin' Sunsplash UDX TDX JH OA OAJ WCX OBHF
Duncan's Dixie Peach MH **
Torch Of Ida Red MH WCX
Ida Reds Texas Ten Gauge CDX MH WCX CCA VC
Mioak's Speedy Deedee
Ida Reds Just By Chance
Catalina's Stuft Cookie
Wraith's Duncan MH *** OS
Sky Hi Cotton Sage
Ronakers Cotton Candy WCX ***
Mo's FarToGo Speedy Peach JH *** WCX OD
HR Wasatch's Ice Breaker JH OD
HRCH Wasatch's Desert Rocket
HRCH Wasatch's Desert Cactus SH
HRCH Wasatch's Smiling Jack MH
HRCH Mimi de la Cache La Poudre
Sunny Sandy Max MH WCX *** OS
Tartan Savoir Faire ***
Wasatch's Prairie Fire JH
Wasatch's Dyna Mo Dust SH
Thistle Rocks Ruby
Windbreakers Double Trouble
Golden River Wasatch's Teal
Storm Warnings Mo Devil
UH HRCH GMH Doublegold Spitfire Can ** MH WCX GRCA OD
Doublegold Purple Sage
AFC Honeycreek's Jammin' Jaco MH OS
SR Rug-ged Hell Bound CD JH WC
Honeycreeks Moon Over Miami Can CD UKC CDX WC CDX
Rug-ged Bugarug O' Honeycreek MH WCX
Mitchell's Sir Gordon
Sungold Pardner
Sunspot Sadie
Sand Sage Sable
Carrie Of The North Boulder
Sungold Wind Dancer JH **
Padilla Bay Duck Buster JH,WC
Sungold Storm Wind
Sungold Sandy Shaker

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