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Caper Cailie's Art

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Caper Cailie's Art
Caper Cailie's Seal
Caper Cailie's Flick
Caper Cailie's Highlight
Caper Cailie's Viper
Caper Cailie's Cedar
Caper Cailie's Challenger
Caper Cailie's Gun
Caper Cailie's Dealer
Delfleet Hawk
Delfleet Harrier
Delfleet Hall Storm
Delfleet Hooper At Kayteens
Delfleet Huckleberry
Delfleet Harlequin
FTCh Millcottage Pathfinder
Millcottage Penny Black
Millcottage Punch
Millcottage Poacher Of Pasturelands
Millcottage Pilgrim
FTCh Carolhill Crusader of Brocklebank
Carolhill Courtney
Carolhill Cruiser
Carolhill Challenger
Carolhill Copper
Carolhill Clyde
Pasturelands Amber of Millcottage
Pasturelands Acorn
Pasturelands Annie
Pasturelands Alice
Pasturelands Anabell
Pasturelands Apache
Pasturelands Arrow
Pasturelands Ash
Pasturelands Blizard
Pasturelands Bramble
Pasturelands Buck
Pasturelands Brave Of Drakeshead
Pasturelands Bullet
Pasturelands Brook
Pasturelands Bud
Pasturelands Beech
Pasturelands Boss
Delfleet Pollen
Delfleet Boss of Highdunscott
Delfleet Fern of Wolfdale
Delfleet Fire
Delfleet Golden Glory
Delfleet Golden Jubilee
Delfleet Golden Nugget
Delfleet Gypsy Lady of Austerby
Delfleet Band of Gold of Fenflyer
Delfleet Kim
Delfleet Ragnor
Delfleet Copper
Delfleet Foxy Lady
Delfleet Simply Red
Delfleet High Flyer
Delfleet Samson
Delfleet Purdey
Delfleet Golden Wonder
Delfleet Kerry Gold
FTCh Dargdaffin Dynamo
Dargdaffin Digger Of Birchams
Dargdaffin Dougal
Dargdaffin Den
Dargdaffin Donald
Dargdaffin Dee
Stitchwood Rapier
Stitchwood Carver
Stitchwood Cutlass
Stitchwood Flick
Stitchwood Pen
Stitchwood Dirk
Stitchwood Dagger
Stitchwood Bowie
Stitchwood Bayonet
Stitchwood Blade
Caper Cailie's Arrieta
SEJ(A)CH SE(J)CH Streamlight's Morse
SE JCH Streamlight's Searover Kitty
SE J(J)CH Streamlight's Tony Baretta
Streamlight's Nikita
Streamlight's Anna Holt
SE J(J)CH SE J(A)CH Streamlight's Dana Scully
Streamlight's Fox Mulder
Streamlight's X Nine
FTCh Minstead Morse
Minstead Watson
Minstead Ryan
Minstead Cracka
Minstead Spenda
Minstead Agatha
Minstead Christie
Minstead Marples
NORDJCH Searover Fancy Fascination
NORDJCH Searover Flame
SE JCH Searover Forever
Claravale Maggie May
FTW Claravale Bojangles of Ardyle
FTCh Pocklea Adder
FTW Pocklea Abba
Pocklea Apache
Pocklea Amy
Pocklea Alex
Pocklea Adam
Pocklea Andey
Pocklea Asp
Saxaphone Messenga
Saxaphone Marmalade
Saxaphone Medusa
Saxaphone Minx
Saxaphone Mirage
Saxaphone Mischief
Saxaphone Moonlight

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