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DRC Arbeits-Champion Go Back Finlaggan

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

DRC Arbeits-Champion Go Back Finlaggan (A1/A1)
Go Back Glenlivet (A2/A2)
Go Back Balvenie (FCI A (nbw 40))
FTW Levenghyl Wing and a Prayer (BVA 3/3)
FTW Levenghyl Puffin Of Corsemalzie (0/0)
FTW Levenghyl Snipe of Edenville (6/2)
Levenghyl Condor
FTW Levenghyl Dove of Wendearose
Levenghyl Grouse
Levenghyl Guinea
FTW Endacott Kite of Chisbrook (3/2)
FTW Wendearose Dime (BVA 4/3)
Wendearose Lira of Decies
Wendearose Franc
Wendearose Copper
Wendearose Penny
Wendearose Ruble (6/6)
Wendearose Nickel of Roundcopse (2/2)
Wendearose Euro
Endacott Kestrel
Endacott Kudu (3/4)
Endacott Kane (4/4)
Endacott Kittiwake (5/5)
Endacott Kiwi (4/8)
Endacott Kess (5/5)
Wendearose Dollar (A1)
FTCh Hatchfield Feargal (BVA 4/5)
FTCh Hatchfield Fern (4/6)
Hatchfield Finch of Follyoakwood (8/6)
Hatchfield Flair of Riversway (8/13)
Hatchfield Forty (5/6)
Hatchfield Frost at Broomwood (6/10)
Hatchfield Fen (4/4)
Hatchfield Fergus (6/6)
Hatchfield Fable
Hatchfield Flora Of Plumpton
FTW Endacott Guinea (BVA 4/3)
Endacott Gunshot (3/2)
Endacott Gunsmith
Endacott Gun Dealer of Moreteyne (3/3)
Endacott Genius
Endacott Gun Slip
Endacott Gun Slinger
Endacott Gun Bearer
Endacott Gunner (3/3)
Endacott Glasha
FTW Levenghyl Isle of Rona (2/2)
FTW Levenghyl Isle of Mull (3/7)
FTCh Levenghyl Isle of Aaran (3:4)
Levenghyl Isle Of Staffa Of Birdsgreen (5/4)
Levenghyl Isle Of Shuna Of Maswen
Levenghyl Isle Of Skye Of Cripsybrook (4/8)
Levenghyl Isle Of Danna Of Glenpatrick (BVA 3/6)
Levenghyl Isle Of Rum
Levenghyl Isle Of Davaar (2/15)
FTCh Hamford Zealot of Highsea's (BVA 2/5)
Hamford Zoe (BVA 8/5)
Hamford Zenith
Hamford Zack (2/4)
Hamford Zane (3/4)
Hamford Ziggy
Hamford Zulu
Hamford Zephur
FTCh Glenpatrick Eve (BVA 3/3)
Glenpatrick Edelweiss
Glenpatrick Echo
Glenpatrick Ego
FTCh Glenpatrick Eclipse Of Craigenros (5/7)
Glenpatrick Encore
Glenpatrick Envoy
Glenpatrick Elixir (4/5)
Glenpatrick Escort
FTAW Cynhinfa Finesse (A)
DKBRCH DKJCH Cynhinfa Emperor (A1 / A1)
Cynhinfa Feather (6/3)
Cynhinfa Firecrest (A)
Cynhinfa Equerry
Cynhinfa Elector (BVA 7/3)
Cynhinfa Express
Cynhinfa Explorer of Tearsol (3/6)
Cynhinfa Ebony (0/2)
Cynhinfa Echo (6/8)
Cynhinfa Eclipse
Cynhinfa Forester of Chemsell (6/2)
Cynhinfa Flora of Pasturelands (3/5)
Cynhinfa Fay (A/A)
Cynhinfa Fantasy of Threevalleys
Cynhinfa Caraway (4/3)
Cynhinfa Caper of Grouseland (2/2)
Cynhinfa Caerleon (5/7)
Cynhinfa Fame
Cynhinfa Caradoc
Cynhinfa Cardamon (2/2)
Cynhinfa Ceri
Cynhinfa Cherry (5/5)
Cynhinfa Clipper
Cynhinfa Colomen
Cynhinfa Corribee of Brindlewood (3/3)
Cynhinfa Explorer of Terasol
FTCh Craighorn Bracken (BVA 5/4)
FTW Craighorn Coll (BVA 3/4)
Craighorn Heidi of Caulliechat (3/2)
FTCh Graighorn Garry (BVA 4/11)
Craighorn Todd (4/5)
Craighorn Magpie
FTW Craighorn Scott (3/5)
Craighorn Honey (6/5)
Craighorn Holly (2/2)
UHHRCH Craighorn Hardy JH (8/8)
Craighorn Teak
Craighorn Grouse
Craighorn Esk (4/4)
Craighorn Dipper of Drakeshead (3/4)
Graighorn Tweed (A2)
Craighorn Teal (4/3)
Craighorn Rena
Craighorn Blaze
Craighorn Jade
Craighorn Maggie
Craighorn Tinker
FTCH Craighorn Garry (4/11)
FTCh Aughacasla Sam of Drakeshead (BVA 2/3)
Aughacasla Meg (8/4 (12/20/1995))
FTW Aughacasla Mint
FTCh Lochmuir Bonnie (BVA 3/4)
Lochmuir Lace (BVA 3/5)
Lochmuir Judy of Jopestel (6/5)
Lochmuir Glen (2/4)
Lochmuir Moonlight Shadow (6/4)
FTW Lochmuir Roamin Gypsy (4/5)
Ropehall Libra of Cynhinfa (2/2)
FTCh Ropehall Star (3/3)
FTW Ropehall Leo (4/3)
Ropehall Pisces
Ropehall Virgo Of Whistleton (4/3)
Ropehall Gemini (2/3)
Ropehall Aquarius
Ropehall Taurus (3/3)
Ropehall Sagittarius
FTCh Birdbrook Arrow of Craigfelin (9/1)
FTCh Birdbrook Aston of Bellever (BVA 2/2)
FTCh Birdbrook Astra
Birdbrook Amelia (1/0)
Birdbrook Amey
Birdbrook Anton
Birdbrook Arnie
Birdbrook Atom Of Brackenbird
Birdbrook Ark
Birdbrook Ace
FTCh Garendon Cassie of Ropehall (BVA 2/3)
Garendon Chubb (BVA 4/2)
FTCh Garendon Captain (BVA 6/5)
Garendon Corma (BVA 7/6)
Garendon Cindy (BVA 5/4)
Garendon Corporal
Garendon Caper

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