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Scarlet of Jeffery-Coldwell

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Scarlet of Jeffery-Coldwell (CKC NN286858)
Blaze of Jeffery-Coldwell (CKC MQ244828)
Solidaire of Jeffery Coldwell CD (CKC JH60654)
Littleriver Rainbow (CKC HX17588)
Littlerivers Arden Mist (CKC NN278522)
Tusket Garrett (CKC NN388245)
Can Ch Crusader of Jeffery Coldwell CD (CKC GC33784)
Can CH Red Russel of Jeffery (CKC 812411)
Firefly Fawna (CKC 815667)
Nick's Foxy Snooper (CKC 866131)
Chin-Peek Golden Lucky Kim (CKC 736025)
Betty of Schubendorf (CKC 697785)
Schubendorf's Sam (CKC 697781)
Sport of Schubendorf (CKC 673154)
Lindy of Schubendorf (CKC 677279)
Cindy of Schubendorf (CKC 685727)
Brownie of Schubendorf (CKC 655631)
Leigh of Schubendorf (CKC 697783)
CAN CH Nichi of Schubendorf (CKC 697782)
Digger of Schubendorf (CKC 642234)
Brandy of Schubendorf (CKC 655629)
Sunny of Schubendorf (CKC 642235)
Skipper of Schubendorf (CKC 647818)
Tinker of Schubendorf (CKC 638578)
Taffee of Schubendorf (CKC 697784)
Little Danof Schubendorf (CKC 655630)
Millie of Schubendorf (CKC 697786)
Val of Schubendorf (CKC 697787)
Rufus of Schubendorf (CKC 638579)
Rusty of Schubendorf (CKC 638580)
Rapunzel of Jeffery Coldwell (CKC FGC889)
Rusty's Arty of Jeffery Coldwell (CKC FGG888)
Jeffery of Port Williams (CKC DUD222)
Red's Boy of Jeffery Coldwell (CKC EUC714)
Schurman's Haidee of Jeffery (CKC DUD259)
Can CH Contessa of Jeffery Coldwell (CKC DUD221)
Tess Coldwell of Jeffery (CKC 916435)
Duke of Jeffery-Coldwell (CKC DUD256)
Jeffery's Kama (CKC DUD216)
Chin-Peek Wee Lady Susan (CKC 843108)
Chin-Peek Golden Laddy (CKC BEW24)
Chin-Peek Kitts' Pat (CKC 926555)
Chin-Peek Majour Tyrol CD (CKC 843109)
Chin-Peek Misy Pipen (CKC 843104)
Chin-Peek Ruby (CKC 843103)
Tahgahjute of Jeffery Coldwell (CKC FNC480)
Nanook of Jeffery Coldwell (CKC FND481)
Tamora of Jeffery Coldwell (CKC FNE482)
Marlynbar Chukie CD (CKC DSB545)
Marlynbar Freckles (CKC DSB547)
Marlynbar Rip (CKC DSB546)
Marlynbar Star of Belleplaine (CKC DSA544)
Chin-Peek Chip Bar-Mar Car CDX (CKC 739740)
Chin-Peek Buddy Boy (CKC 739738)
Chin-Peek Golden Bonnie (CKC 760679)
Chin-Peek Golden Lady Pat (CKC 760677)
Chin-Peek Queenie Marguerite (CKC 739739)
Chin-Peek Red Lady (CKC 760678)
Marlynbar Chick CD (CKC 918505)
Armitages' Ecom-Secom CD (CKC 918507)
Nova-Toll Cinnamon Teal (CKC DLQ982)
Nova-Toll Fancy's Lad (CKC DLQ984)
Nova-Toll Golden Pride (CKC DLQ985)
Nova-Toll Scotty of Ty (CKC DLQ987)
Nova-Toll Tecumsen (CKC DLQ986)
Nova-Toll Tuffy (CKC DLQ983)
Bo Diddley of Jeffery Coldwell (CKC EGF679)
Can Ch Rusty Jeffery of Kemptville (CKC 943282)
Buff Coldwell of Jeffery (CKC 943283)
Can Ch Rusty Jeffery of Kentville (BWJ320)
Buff Coldwell of Jeffery (CKC 943283)
Can Ch Rusty Jeffery of Kentville (BWJ320)
Can Ch Rusty Jeffery of Kemptville (CKC 943282)

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