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Vildandens Guldstjarna af Gremir

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Vildandens Guldstjarna af Gremir
Vildandens Guldamulett af Gremir
Vildandens Guldfynd af Gremir
Vildandens Guldglitter af Gremir
J LD STARTKLASS SE U(U)CH SE VCH Vildandens Guldhjarta af Gremir
Vildandens Guldlock af Gremir
LD STARTKLASS RLD N Vildandens Guldskatt af Gremir
Vildandens Guldapport af Gremir
Vildandens Guldfeber af Gremir
Vildandens Guldkant af Gremir
J Vildandens Guldkorn af Gremir
SE UCH Kanadickens John Dory of Mafli
Kanadickens Anguilla of Mafli
Kanadickens Octopus of Mafli
Kanadickens Tilapia of Mafli
LPI LPII Kanadickens Coquille of Mafli
Kanadickens Beluga of Mafli
TJO(DK) Kanadickens Dolphin of Mafli
NO LCH SE LCH SE U(U)CH Foxy Farm's Leon De Paprika
LPI Foxy Farm's Granada De Paprika
LPI LPII S VCH Foxy Farm's La Boquita De Paprika
Foxy Farm's Muy Muy De Paprika
Foxy Farm's Rama De Paprika
Foxy Farm's Rivas De Paprika
LPI LPII Foxy Farm's Wawa De Paprika
Foxy Farm's Bocay De Paprika
Foxy Farm's Bonanza De Paprika
Foxy Farm's Corinto De Paprika
Tollartrollets Paprika
Tollartrollets Basilika
Tjh Tollartrollets Cayenne
Tollartrollets Chili
LPI Tollartrollets Curry
LPII Tollartrollets Timjan
Sunlit New Candytrail
Sunlit Na'amans Nante
Sunlit New Boris
Sunlit New Nero
Sunlit Nico Newman
Sunlit Nina Ricci
Sunlit Nova Now Or Never
Sunlit Nugget Bonnie
Sunlit Nur Aurora
Kanadickens Snoflinga af Gibcha
Kanadickens Snoyra af Gibcha
Kanadickens Snodriva af Gibcha
LPI Kanadickens Snoboll af Gibcha
Kanadickens Snostorm af Gibcha
Yvonnes Tollare King
Yvonnes Tollare Prince
Yvonnes Tollare Queen
Yvonnes Tollare Duke
Yvonnes Tollare Lady
SE U(U)CH Kanadickens Coco Chanel
Kanadickens Hugo Boss
SE U(U)CH Kanadickens Laura Biagiotti
Kanadickens Nina Ricci
Kanadickens Tommy Hilfiger
Kanadickens Alyssa Ashley
Kanadickens Calvin Klein
Kanadickens Estee Lauder
Kanadickens Giorgio Armani
TJH(PTRL) Gesalatis Vulpes Chama
Gesalatis Vulpes Ferrilata
Gesalatis Vulpes Pallida
Gesalatis Vulpes Zerda
Gesalatis Vulpes Corsac
Gesalatis Vulpes Rueppelli
Gesalatis Vulpes Velox
Gesalatis Vulpes Lagopus
SE VCH SE U(U)CH Riverbreeze Tickling Poh Riverbreeze Tickling Poh
SE J(T)CH RLDA RLDF RLDM RLDN SE VCh Riverbreeze Tickling Pearl
Riverbreeze Tickling Bee
SE VCH Riverbreeze Tickling Dream
Riverbreeze Tickling Heart
RLDN RLDF SE VCH Riverbreeze Tickling Flame
Canagold's Tickles
Canagold's Archie
SE U(U)CH Canagold's Cera
Canagold's Chomper
Canagold's Dinah at Red Hillbilly's
Canagold's Kvackie
N UCH SU(u)CH Canagold's Petrie
Canagold's Rinkus
Canagold's Rooter
SU(u)CH Canagold's Spike
Solvingas Anna I Bullerbyn
Solvingas Bosse I Bullerbyn
Solvingas Britta I Bullerbyn
Solvingas Kerstin I Bullerbyn
Solvingas Lasse I Bullerbyn
Solvingas Lisa I Bullerbyn
Solvingas Olle I Bullerbyn
SE VCH TJH(FM) Vildandens Krusmynta af Tingcha
FIN & EE CH TK1 TK2 Vildandens Kummin af Tingcha
DK VCH NMB-13 NO UCH NORD VCH SE U(U)CH Vildandens Humle af Tingcha
Vildandens Curry af Tingcha
Vildandens Kamomill af Tingcha
SE VCH Vildandens Digby-Cikoria af Tingcha
VDHEUJW-05 CLBJW-04 LPI DE&VDHCH Vildandens Belladonna af Tingcha
Bella Nova's Didis Challe
Bella Nova's Didis Chabo
Bella Nova's Didis Charmor
Bella Nova's Didis Chessie
Bella Nova's Didis Chiela
Bella Nova's Didis Chika
Bella Nova's Didis Chips
Bella Nova's Didis Chitty
Bella Nova's Didis Chivas
SE UCH SE VCH Vildandens Knipa af Nortchi
Vildandens Beckasin af Nortchi
Vildandens Kricka af Nortchi
LPII SE LCH SE VCH Vildandens Morkulla af Nortchi
Vildandens Rapphona af Nortchi
Vildandens Vigg af Nortchi

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