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Honey Creek's Barcelona

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Honey Creek's Barcelona
Honey Creek's Valencia
SE VCH Honey Creek's Real Madrid
Honey Creek's Real Zaragoza
Honey Creek's Sevilla
LPI Wildbird Red-River
Wildbird Silver-Star
Wildbird Winter-Wilow
Wildbird Whisperin-Wind
Wildbird Midnight-Moon
Decoymans Piper Drogsta
Decoymans Piper Firecrest
Decoymans Piper Girl
Decoymans Piper Lady
Decoymans Piper Laura of Blackcraig
Decoymans Piper Boy
Decoymans Piper Pippi
Decoymans Piper Sandy
Decoymans Piper v.d. Echtinger Grift
Ranja Winch v.d. Echtinger Grift
Ronja Winch v.d. Echtinger Grift
Ayla Winch v.d. Echtinger Grift
Sandy Winch v.d. Echtinger Grift
Flyer Winch v.d. Echtinger Grift
Oldholbans Mary Mac of Decoymans
Oldholbans Donald Mac
Oldholbans Frances Mac of Lyonhouse
LPI LPII Tomboy-Tixi
Swinging Tails Lansen
Swinging Tails Tunnan
Swinging Tails Viggen
Swinging Tails Draken
Swinging Tails Fairchild
Swinging Tails Jas
Swinging Tails Safir
Maruttas Red Mirette
Maruttas Red Benjie
Maruttas Red Cindy
Maruttas Red Dodger
Maruttas Red Duchess
Maruttas Red Gangster
Maruttas Red Hunter
Maruttas Red Lorette
Maruttas Red Noisette
Maruttas Red Oliver
Maruttas Red Rainbow
Maruttas Red Rocky
LP S LCH Maruttas Red Ronja
Maruttas Red Toulouse
Honey Creek's Fiorentina
Honey Creek's Lazio
Honey Creek's Sampdoria
LPI LPII SE VCH Honey Creek's Let's Go Pepsi
FD1 Vildandens Store Baelt af Maxjaz
Vildandens Felix af Maxjaz
LPI LPII SE U(U)CH Vildandens Hamlet af Maxjaz
Vildandens Lilla Baelt af Maxjaz
DKLPCH Vildandens Ofelia af Maxjaz
Vildandens Scania af Maxjaz
BEJSG'96 CLPJSG'96 DKCH BESG'98 DCH-VDH LP1 Hyflyer's Invincible Max
Hyflyer's Almonte
Hyflyer's Eybik Kaija
Hyflyer's Gunner Man
Hyflyer's Hennessey Tollie
Hyflyer's Majestic Megan
VDH DRC CH Hyflyer's Mississauga Jason
Hyflyer's Wild Card Maverick
LPI SE U(U)CH Kanadickens Cecilia Lind
Kanadickens Polaren Per
Kanadickens Ann Katrin Rosenblad
CH Ch INTUCH Trialer Kanadickens Felicia
Kanadickens Fredrik Akare
LPI LPII SE AGCH Flottatjarn's Moa Lingur of Mr Q
Flottatjarn's Maja Lingur of Mr Q
Flottatjarn's Moldi Lingur of Mr Q
Flottatjarn's Myrja Lingur of Mr Q
SE U(U)CH Foxy Farm's Butch Borup
Foxy Farm's Miranda Of Butch
LPI Foxy Farm's Petrolina Of Butch
LPI Foxy Farm's Tatur Of Butch
LPI TJH Foxy Farm's Barretos Of Butch
Foxy Farm's Butch Bani
Foxy Farm's Butch Domingo
Foxy Farm's Butch Engano
Foxy Farm's Butch Kolding
LPI Foxy Farm's Butch Saona
Foxy Farm's Campos Of Butch
Flottatjarn's Buck's Birdie
Flottatjarn's Buck's Baines
LPI Flottatjarn's Buck's Bella Bimba
Flottatjarn's Buck's Benji
Flottatjarn's Buck's Bessie
TJH Flottatjarn's Buck's Billan
Flottatjarn's Buck's Bilton
Flottatjarn's Buck's Browning
Flottatjärn's Buck's Bella Bimba

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