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Hearthside's Ticket To Paradise

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Hearthside's Ticket To Paradise (AKC SN809125/07)
Can. Ch. Hearthside Day Break Of Starhill (AKC SN80912503)
Am/Can Ch. Hearthside's Season Ticket OS (AKC SN80912501 (8/03))
CanCH Hearthside's Hidden Ticket (AKC SN80912502)
Ch. Hearthside Ticket To Heaven (AKC SN80912506 (1-06))
BISS Am./BIS Can./BIS Bda. CH Cherrybrook Touchstone JH WC SDHF OS (AKC SF622537 (8-91))
Am. CH Cherrybrook's Raggedy Ann JH WC OD (AKC SF492671)
Barnaby Of Cherrybrook (AKC SF576240)
Am. CH Tangleloft Odds On Pebwin CD WC VC OS (AKC SD923406 (2/86))
Tangleloft Libra Organdy (AKC SD-924547)
Am. CH Goldwing True Bear OS SDHF (AKC SC407652 (8/79))
Am. CH. Goldwing Blues Boy UD WC VCX OS SDHF (AKC SC995325 (1/82))
Am CH Goldwing Gold-Rush Dream We'vr (AKC SC968428)
Am Can Bah CH Goldwing Le Cordon Bleu CD WCX SDHF (AKC SC845260 (7-82))
Am CH Goldwing True Blue CD TD WC (AKC SC418223)
Am CH Goldwing Blue's Serenade (AKC SC980197)
Goldwing's Copper Lee Anne (AKC SC869961)
Goldwing's Mellow Yellow (AKC SD468560)
AM CH Goldwing Ruf Ryder of Sarrin TD (AKC SC930739)
Am. CH Libra Lady Carioca CD OD (AKC SB890139 (6/78))
Am. CH Sunshine Hill's Wildflower CD JH WCX OD (AKC SE292933)
Sunshine Hill's Bank On It (AKC SE149104)
Mistfield's Natasha (AKC SE242299)
Sunshine Hill's Sweet Clover CD TDX (AKC SE106381)
Sunshine Hill's Ms Violet (AKC SE485395)
Am/Can Ch Sunshine Hill's True Grit OS (AKC SC996753 (1/82))
Can./Am. CH Copper Lee Chase The Clouds OS (AKC SC993609 (1-82))
Am./Can. CH Sunshinehill Lad O'Sunnybrae (AKC SD094743 (12-81))
Sunshinehill Copper Lee Lil (AKC SD131018)
Ch. Sunshinehill Oakhaven Chase (AKC SD366940)
Sunshinehill Wimsical Wisper (AKC SD-133661)
Am. CH Sunshinehill Mistfield Sage TD JH WCX OD (AKC SD224178)
Sunshine Hill's Firebird (AKC SD949456)
CH Sunshinehills The Bear Facts OS (AKC SD409009 (12-83))
Am. CH Sunshinehill Peg O'Sunnybrae (AKC SD-372541)
Am. CH Sunshine Hill Sunjoie Style (AKC SE009735)
Sunshinehill Legacy D' Roshar (AKC SD229900)
Sunshinehill's True Lovejoy (AKC SD-224718)
Am CH Sunshine Hill's Thunderball (AKC SD789652)
Am CH Sunshine Hill Lic Anna Promise (AKC SD791905)
Sunshine Hill's Hot Tomato (AKC SD949455)
Sunshine Hill Ivy Of Oakhaven (AKC SE125112)
CH Sunshinehill Bradlyn Zoe (AKC SD353405)
Am./Can. CH. Eirene's Love Or Magic Am./Can. OD (AKC SN21931901)
Am & BIS Can CH. Eirene's Soul And Inspiration Am Can OD SDHF (CKC CC-150042)
MBIS BISS Am./Can. Ch. Eirene's Soul Provider Can SDHF Am Can OS (CKC GE417079)
Am./Can.CH. Eirene's Sunkist OD (CKC GE417082)
Can CH Eirene's Reason To Believe Can WC CD OD (CKC FE338972)
CanCH Eirene's Wild Irish Rose CD
Eirene's Bailey CanCD (CKC CC150044)
Am CH Laurell's Goin' Great Guns OS SDHF (AKC SG055818)
Am. CH Laurell's Going Hollywood OD (AKC SF-947462)
Can./Am. CH Laurell's Goin' My Way (AKC SG-055819)
Am. CH Laurell's Gunsmoke At Nealcrest (AKC SM905209/07)
Am. CH Laurell Kylie Girl Go CD (AKC SM786097/01)
Am. CH Laurell's Love Connection (AKC SM905209/02)
Laurell's Designing Women (AKC SM905209/04)
Laurell's Go The Distance (AKC SF-960855)
Laurell's Family Ties (AKC SM905209/01)
Laurell's Current Affair (AKC SM905209/05)
Laurell's All In The Family (AKC SM905209/06)
Laurell's Go Dugan (AKC SF-982515)
Laurell's Go For The Gold (AKC SF-961835)
BISS Am CH Asterling Go Getm Gangbuster OS SDHF (AKC SE219851 (5/87))
Am CH Asterling's Buster Keaton OS (AKC SE372337 (11/86))
Am CH Asterlings Stardust Buster OD (AKC SE241705)
Am CH Asterling's Just Buster Loose CD OD (AKC SE237198 (12/87))
Am./Can. CH. Asterlings Ghostbuster (AKC SE227965)
Am. CH Asterling's Trust Buster CD (AKC SE-239985)
Am. CH Asterlings Filly Buster (AKC SE-325955)
Am. CH Laurell's Final Play OD (AKC SE770249)
Laurell's Playing With Fire (AKC SE-759545)
Am. CH Laurell's Playing For Keeps (AKC SE-759692)
Can. Ch. Brookshire's Jessica Tandy CD Am Can OD (CKC YY982165)
Am. CH Brookshire's Ella Fitzgerald (AKC SN010030/01)
Can CH Brookshire's Judy Garland (CKC YY982170)
Am CH. Faera's Future Classic OS (AKC SF877338 (11/91))
Am CH Faera's The Keepsake Kidd OD (AKC SF371586 (12/90))
BIS Am Ch. Faera's Destiny Kodiak Kidd OS SDHF (AKC SF367893 (9/90))
Am. CH Faera's Razzle Dazzle's Kidd (AKC SF-307590)
Am./Can. CH. Faera's Forever A Kidd CD CGC (AKC SF-426073)
Faera's Future Classy Cassy (AKC SF-912979)
Faera's The Kidd's Credentials (AKC SF-371599)
Faera's Future Finesse (AKC SF-874372)
Faera's Future Looks Rosy (AKC SF-877337)
Faera's Future Vsop (AKC SF-888756)
Faera's Future Windsong (AKC SF-877692)
Am/Can/Jpn/Ch. Brookshire's Unforgetable Fire (AKC SF911203)

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