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Astraglen Olly of Longcopse

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Astraglen Olly of Longcopse
Astraglen Oakley
FTCh Longcopse Bertie
Longcopse Berry
Longcopse Bramble
Longcopse Brie
Longcopse Bess
Longcopse Baron
Longcopse Badger
FTCh Fernshot Comet
Fernshot Dasher
Fernshot Rudolph Of Pryanduke
Fernshot Cupid
Fernshot Dancer
Fernshot Vixen
Fernshot Blitzen
Fernshot Prancer
FTCh Flashmount Socrates
Flashmount Flute of Grandarr
Flashmount Kelly
Flashmount Maggie
Flashmount Beth
Flashmount Zoe
Flashmount Wisp Of Grandarr
FTCh Millbuies Milly
FTCh Millbuies Magnum of Drakeshead
FTW Millbuies McCoy
Millbuies Maggie
Millbuies Molly
Millbuies Marshal
Millbuies Marayder
Millbuies Mischief
Millbuies Maverick
Millbuies Maverick af Goosemoor
FTAW Leadburn Val of Longcopse
FTCh Leadburn Viceroy
Leadburn Victor
Leadburn Vince
Leadburn Virtue
Leadburn Valley
Leadburn Vertex
Leadburn Vito Of Granitestone
FTCh Willowyck Ruff
Willowyck Royal Reflection
Willowyck Rare Tinker
Willowyck Raven
Willowyck Reeve
Willowyck Raffle At Dragosdawn
Willowyck Poacher
Willowyck Puma
FTCh Rockingstone Hope of Leadburn
Scaur Water Sensation
Highrise Havoc
Macqueston Major
Dabton Duke
Rockingstone Joy
Sweetbit Sue
Belstane Bracken
Otterhole Ebony
Maqueston Molly
Viewpoint Volunteer
Auchenskeoch Piper
Astraglen Clare
Astraglen Spey
Astraglen Star
Astraglen Cladagh
Astraglen Bride
Astraglen Bandon
Astraglen Avoca Of Blyvalley
INT FTCh Tweedshot Trimble of Lettergreen
FTW Tweedshot Teddy
FTCh Tweedshot Thistle of Levenghyl
FTW Tweedshot Titus
Tweedshot Toto
NORD JCH FTW Tasco Brimstone
Tasco Gold Swift
FT Ch Tasco Saxon
OPEN FTW Tweedshot Mango
FTCh Tweedshot Maximus of Blackharn
Tweedshot Masai
Tweedshot Melody
Tweedshot Mercury
Tweedshot Milo
Tweedshot Misteque
Tweedshot Mosquito
Tweedshot Musto
FTW Dunamoira Fay
FTW Dunamoira Gene
Dunamoira Gwen of Copperbirch
Dunamore Fay
IntFTCh Rosenallis Bramble of Dunamoira
Dunamoira Cisie

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