Golden Retriever

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Am./Can. CH. Vanreels Essence Of Goldrush OD

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Am./Can. CH. Vanreels Essence Of Goldrush OD (AKC SE024865)
Am./Can. CH. Gold-Rush Colchis Super Chief Am./Can. CDX (AKC SC599326)
Am./Can./Bda. CH. Cummings' Gold-Rush Charlie OS, Am./Can. SDHF (AKC SA871725 (11/1972))
Am.CH. Cummings Dame Pepperhill OD (AKC SB143731 (11/1974))
Am. CH. Russo's Cummings Elsa (AKC SA860009 (4/73))
Cummings' Amber Autumn (AKC SA864146)
Cummings Goldenrod (AKC SA560299 (1/71))
Am. CH. Cummings Golden Sunset (AKC SA550054 (6/70))
Am. CH. Cummings Golden Sunshine (AKC SA560300 (4/1972))
Cummings Jimmy's Playmate (AKC SA859491)
Cummings Golden Darby (AKC SA547006 (5/73))
Cummings Katy-Kay (AKC SB187998 (4/1976))
Tulachard Julianna (AKC SB151791 (3/1974))
Cummings Robin Hood (AKC SA547005 (4/1970))
Am CH. Sunset's Happy Duke II (AKC SB174323 (12/74))
Cummings (SA889722) (AKC SA889722 (3/1973))
Am. CH. Sunset's Happy Duke OS (AKC SA241789 (12/1966))
Am. CH. Brittby's Golden Sunset OD (AKC SA246042 (5/66))
Am. CH. Chips Of Darbrian (AKC SA245222 (11/1965))
Sunset's Dream Girl (AKC SA350775 (3/1968))
Am. CH. Shawnee Of Sunset (AKC SA240514 (4-69))
Sunset's Happy King Bolatobig CD TD Can CD (AKC SA240513 (10/1967))
Sunset's Golden Holly (AKC SA329196 (11/68))
Sunset's Golden Saint (AKC SA464425 (3/68))
Am./Can. CH. Cummings Golden Princess OD (AKC SA292329 (3/1967))
Copper Kettle Sea Sprite OD (AKC SB619986)
CH Copper Kettle's Bulletin WC (AKC SA739253 (1/72))
Am. CH. Copper Kettle's Headliner WC (AKC SA739882 (11-72))
Copper Kettle's Candy Heart (AKC SB270412)
Am Ch Copper Kettle's Clark Kent * (AKC SA761064 (8/1972))
Am. CH. Copper Kettle's Copy Girl (AKC SA-736663)
AmCH Copper Kettle's Society Page WC (AKC SA739883)
CH Copper Kettles Apple Of My Eye SDHF (AKC SB258062)
Copper Kettle's Honeymoon (AKC SB388608 (3/1975))
Am. CH. Misty Morn's Sunset CD TD WC OS SDHF (AKC SA464440 (3/1969))
Golden Sunset XIII (AKC SB286488 (1/1974))
Sweetwood's Champagne Mist CD (AKC SA647863 (11/1972))
Sunrise of Hollabird (AKC SA537675)
Watchung's Golden Mist (AKC SA433546 (10/70))
Sunbeam of Hollabird (AKC SA649746 (2-71))
Sunset of Hollabird (AKC SA649745 (2-71))
Am. CH. Copper Kettle Cinnamon Glory CD * OD (AKC SA420324 (3/1969))
Autumn Hunter (AKC SA419820 (3/1968))
Sportsmans Biscuit (AKC SA505285 (3/69))
Gold-Rush Quincy Polar Bear (AKC SD318272)
Am. CH. Westben's Dancing Bear CDX OS (AKC SC638024 (8-80))
Gold-Rush's Honey Bear (AKC SC628852 (1-81))
Am. CH Westbens Toasty Ruff'n Reggie (AKC SC629754)
Am. CH Gold-Rush's Bearly An Angel (AKC SC692311 (2-81))
BISS Am./Can. CH Gold-Rush's Great Teddy Bear OS SDHF (AKC SB555537 (5-76))
Can CH Gold-Rush Meryl-T-Valentine CanCD OS SDHF (AKC SC404250)
Am CH Russo's Gold-Rush Willow (AKC SC086757)
Am./Can. CH. Southern's Gold-Rush Traveler OS SDHF (AKC SC074688 (12-78))
Am. Mex. Ch. Combo Gold Rush Of-Golden Pine CDX WCX (AKC SB523102 (2-76))
Gold Rush Palomino Pony UD WC (AKC SC375036)
Gold-Rush Sunset Shadow (AKC SB785655)
Binger's Gold-Rush Rock (AKC SC392185)
Gold-Rush Charlie's Chance (AKC SC042971)
Am CH Gold-Rush's Gold Dust Barney (AKC SB779511)
Am CH Gold-Rush Chance For Mirkwood (AKC SC423630)
Am CH Gold-Rush Prospector (AKC SC524492)
Am CH Golden Pine Angel's Seraphim (AKC SB473462)
Gold-Rush Buckskin Joe (AKC SB794002 (5/1977))
Gold-Rush Buccaneer (AKC SB584327 (5/76))
Am CH Goldwing's Tiffany OD (AKC SC090996 (5-79))
Am. CH Goldwing Rhythm-N-Blue OD (AKC SB816229)
Goldwing Just-A-Second (AKC SB805498)
Am CH Goldwing Royal Elegance CDX (AKC SC085578)
Am CH Goldwing Temerity CD (AKC SB748936)
Am CH Goldwing's Cadillac Jack (AKC SC129844)
Am Ch. Goldwing's Pink Panther (AKC SC086956)
Am CH Golden Pine's Just In Time (AKC SB728910)
Wham Bam Bamboo (AKC SD078419)
Am Ch Gold-Rush Lightnin' OS (AKC SC235181 (4/78))
Gold-Rush Sarah Lee OD (AKC SC-284373)
Am./Can. CH Gold-Rush Joshua Of Cameron CD TD SDHF (AKC SC184552 (11/78))
Gold-Rush Russo's Clover (AKC SC028671 (9-79))
Am CH Gold-Rush's Great Masterpiece (AKC SC190073)
Ladypenelope Of Pennington (AKC SC463771 (2/80))

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