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Tantramar's Miracle Summer

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Tantramar's Miracle Summer
Tantramar's Gragg Summer
Tantramar's Kyran Summer
Tantramar's Sun Summer
Tantramar's Cloud Summer
Tantramar's Energy Summer
Tantramar's Fire Summer
Tantramar's Red Summer
Glendermacki Red Cragg
Glendermacki Hareop Cragg
Glendermacki Sticklecragg
Glendermacki Styhead Cragg
Glendermacki Fox Cragg at Brizewood
Glendermacki Howes Cragg
Sh.Ch. Trevargh The Entertainer at Brizewood
Can/Ir Sh Ch Littleriver's Colonial Boy With Tollyhimmel
CH Littleriver's Canadian Diva
Littleriver's Red Royal Flush
Littleriver's Canes Venatici
Littleriver's Scooter 2nd
Littleriver's Scosha
Camusmor Caol Ila Of Trevargh
Camusmor Bruichladdich at Tilita
Camusmor Glen Scotia at Dallyvista
Camusmor Glenmorangie At Ladakhnova
Camusmor Knockando at Ruddyduck Beg Ex. RL6-Ex
Camusmor Tomintoul
Camusmor Whatadream ShCM
Camusmor Whattabargin for Ruddyduck P-Beg Ex.
Camusmor Any Dream Uldo For Erikachen
Camusmor Forever Dreaming
Camusmor Majikal Dream
Camusmor Dream Awhile
Camusmor Murty Majik
Camusmor Dream Cum True
Camusmor Madjestic Vision
Rubyron Mekwe'k E'pit at Dinaskarrek
Rubyron Mekwe'k Tepkunset at Ambertollers
Reedrunner Firewater
Reedrunner Fire Fairy
Reedrunner Firecrest
Reedrunner Trojan Fire
Reedrunner Firelily At Lipyeate
Reedrunner Firefly At Honeyfire
Rubyron Naughty But Nice
Red Fairy Tales Itana's Dance
Red Fairy Tales English Waltz
Red Fairy Tales Foxy Foxtrot
Red Fairy Tales Lady Quick Step
Red Fairy Tales Tango Kiss of Fire
Can Ch Tollwest Mystical Wave
Tollwest Amber Wave In Motion
CH OTCH Tollwest Ride The Wave WCX JH RAE
Tollwest Wave Chaser
Tollwest Hell On Waves
Tollwest Waves Of Chephren
Am/Can Ch Ruaview's Cape Breton Schooner
Ch Ruaview Jewel of Beinnbhreagh
Ruaview Margaree's Mate
Ruaview's Cello Solo
Ruaview's Kindly Cape Islander
SHR Can Ch Ruaview's Tollbreton Bay Bye CD, WCX, JH, RN, Onyx, Vaadc Vmjdc
Can Ch Tosser's Makin Waves CD AGX SMADC CGC CGN TT
Tosser's Artic Qilak
CH Tosser's Lizzy Bennet
Tosser's Shotover Gunner
Red Fairy Tales Christal Ball
Red Fairy Tales Bright Sun
CIE, NL, VDH, DRC, DK, Lux Ch. NJK, JW08 Red Fairy Tales Go's Girl at the Well
Red Fairy Tales Young Giant
Red Fairy Tales Cinderella
Red Fairy Tales Golden Bird
Red Fairy Tales Golden Key
Red Fairy Tales Sleeping Beauty
Red Fairy Tales Snow White
Red Fairy Tales Spirit in the Bottle
CH Firefly's Are Your Duxinarow
CH Firefly's All My Duxinarow
Firefly's Digby Of Windemere
Firefly's Miss Spice Of Leven
Saffier Under the Red Sky
NL Ch. VDH Ch. DRC Ch. Chuck Yeager Under the Red Sky
Jagger Under The Red Sky
Lady Kaya Under The Red Sky
Noa Cheyenne Under The Red Sky

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