Golden Retriever

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Cathy Passion of Gold

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Cathy Passion of Gold
Clyde Passion of Gold
Chess Passion of Gold
Casey Passion of Gold
Charming Bridget Passion of Gold
Chelsey Passion of Gold
Tofts Touch Me Cartouche
Tofts Rider On The Storm
FTW Tofts Love Her Madly at Thornmill
FTAW Clockburn Clyde
Clockburn Boris
Clockburn Bliss
Brightfoot Kit
Kingsteary Pierce
Darnaway Ranulf
Fleet Raedmund
Ghillie Dollarbank
Glenmazeron Jock
Kylachie Frewin
Blackcraig Arran of Clockburn
Blackcraig Greenfinch
Blackcraig Eagle
Blackcraig Muldoon
Blackcraig Raven
FTW. Thornmill Fennel
FTW Thornmill Forest
Thornmill Flint
Thornmill Fern
Novice FTW Thornmill Flashlight
Thornmill Falcon
FTW Canburne Fennel of Lafayette
Leeglen Tornado of Tauvechan
Leeglen Lightening
FTW Leeglen Milo
Canburne Sorrel
Leeglen Storm
Leeglen Montagu Of Canburne
Leeglen Nora Of Haremire
Leeglen Spark
Leeglen Gyr
Canburne Sage Of Benscliffe
Leeglen Harrier Of Clancallum
Leeglen Kestrel Of Clancallum
Leeglen Peregrine Of Benscliffe
Leeglen Flash
Leeglen Thunder Of Clancallum
FTW Thornmill Challenge
Thornmill Conan
Thornmill Clannad
Azia Passion of Gold
Amber Passion of Gold
Alisia Passion of Gold
Axel Passion of Gold
Amy Passion Of Gold
Arco Passion of Gold
Angel Passion of Gold
Amigo Passion of Gold
Ashley Passion of Gold
Falconet van de Zarina Zarola
Fantasy van de Zarina Zarola
Fonzie van de Zarina Zarola
Figo van de Zarina Zarola
Friet van de Zarina Zarola
Floyd van de Zarina Zarola
Flynn van de Zarina Zarola
INT FT CH Clancallum Barclay Vierri
Clancallum Glen Allachie
Clancallum Fergus Mhor
Clancallum Fletcher
Clancallum Murray
Clancallum Glen Morangie
Clancallum Fiddich
Clancallum Tamdhu
Clancallum Tomatin
Zoe (NHSB 2450121)
Scott van Zoe
Voulez Vous v.d. Loenense Hoeve
Dancing Queen v.d. Loenense Hoeve
Name of the Game v.d. Loenense Hoeve
Super Trouper van de Loenense Hoeve
One of Us v.d. loenense hoeve
Head over Heels v.d. loenense hoeve
Summer Night City v.d Loenense Hoeve
Abnalls Roland
Abnalls Rodney af Go Wild
Abnalls Rory
Abnalls Rachelle of Deadcraft
Abnalls Beau Brummel of Tauvechan
Abnalls Benjamin of Marshflight
Abnalls Barley of Deadcraft
One and Only Indy v.d. Loenense Hoeve

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