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Rivenfield Winter Litter 2019

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Rivenfield Winter Litter 2019
Rivenfield Elle (FCI A/A)
LD STARTKLASS Rivenfield Donna (FCI A/A)
Rivenfield Hamilton (FCI A/A)
Rivenfield Aladdin (FCI A/A)
Rivenfield Angel (FCI A/A)
LD STARTKLASS Rivenfield Lafayette (FCI A/A)
Rivenfield Lamar (FCI A/A)
Rivenfield Fiyero (FCI A/A)
NJCH SEJCH Jacklaine's Cornelius Sky (FCI A/A)
Jacklaine's Cleopatra
FTW Holway Victor (BVA 3/3)
Holway Violet JH WC (OFA GR-80845G25F-P1)
Holway Volley (5/4 (25/04/2006))
Holway Vincent of Chapeldown (BVA 3:3)
Holway Verley (BVA 6:5)
Holway Vicky (BVA 6:4)
Holway Villa (5/5)
Standerwick Remus of Merryway (BVA 7:9)
Eng. FT. CH. Standerwick Rhumba Of Pebbletoft (BVA 7:6)
Standerwick Randolph (13:11)
Standerwick Ricarda of Abnalls (BVA score 9/5=14)
Standerwick Robina (4:6)
Standerwick Robriska of Ceagry (BVA 10:10)
Holway Evita (BVA 4/5 = 9 (22/03/2000))
Holway Dazzle (BVA 5:4)
Holway Dickon (BVA 6:11)
Holway Empress
Holway Ellie at Melgold (BVA 7:8)
Holway Emma
Holway Eric
Holway Emperor
Holway Dawn (BVA 5:6)
Holway Dabble
Holway Daniel
Holway Digger
Holway Doris
NJCH NMJR06 Siyu Rosie (B1)
Siyu Rufus of Dovespring (Unknown BVA 3:5)
Siyu Rula of Queenhill (BVA 4:3)
Siyu Ruth (BVA 3:3)
Siyu Haggis
Siyu Rena
Siyu Rennie
Siyu Right Rhona (BVA 3:3)
Siyu Rowena
Siyu Rupert
Standerwick Luke of Siyu (BVA 8:5)
Standerwick Louisa (BVA 9:5)
Standerwick Libby of Waterhatch (BVA 4:4)
Standerwick Leo
Standerwick Lucy
Standerwick Beth of Siyu (BVA 5:4)
Standerwick Becky
Standerwick Beaujolais (BVA 3:7)
Standerwick Barley (BVA 2:4)
Standerwick Barnaby
Standerwick Benita (BVA 14:10)
Standerwick Boris
Standerwick Brett
Beaworthy Avery (FCI B/B)
Beaworthy Abigale (FCI A/B)
Beaworthy Aowen (A/B)
Beaworthy Alida (B1/B1)
Beaworthy Arik (A/B)
Gleen Mhor's Sidney (FCI A/A)
Gleen Mhor's Brandon
Gleen Mhor's Paul
Gleen Mhor's Zaki (A1)
Gleen Mhor's Islay
Gleen Mhor's Paige
Gleen Mhor's Pipilotta (A1)
FTW Gleen Mhor's Faya (A1)
Gleen Mhor's Jason Joker (A1)
Gleen Mhor's Louis
Gleen Mhor's Michel (A2/B2)
Gleen Mhor's Peder (A1)
Gleen Mhor's Marnus
Gleen Mhor's Loke
DKWTCH Gleen Mhor's Mia (A1)
Gleen Mhor's Jule
Gleen Mhor's Line
Gleen Mhor's Jack The Ripper (FCI B)
DKBRCH. NOjCH Gleen Mhor's Niko (FCI A)
Gleen Mhor's Oskar
Gleen Mhor's Sigurd
Gleen Mhor's Juventus
Gleen Mhor's Mandy (A1)
Gleen Mhor's Nele (A1/A1)
Gleen Mhor's Rocket
Anouk of Enigmatic Patience (A1)
Agent Luna of Enigmatic Patience (B1)
Akira of Enigmatic Patience (A1)
Aenny of Enigmatic Patience (A1)
Apple Jack of Enigmatic Patience (D1)
Ari of Enigmatic Patience (A1)
Amis of Enigmatic Patience (B2)
Gate My Melodie Of Golden Spirit (A1)
Genna my Melodie of Golden Spirit (A1)
Ivar my Melodie of Golden Spirit (B1)
Igor My Melodie of Golden Spirit (B1)
Ivan Nero My Melodie Of Golden Spirit (A1)
Inas My Melodie of Golden Spirit (A2)
Ideal Max My Melodie of Golden Spirit (B1)
Indiana Jones My Melodie of Golden Spirit (FCI A1)
Ima Luna My Melodie of Golden Spirit (A2)
Iines My Melodie of Golden Spirit (A1)
DKWTCH. DKBRCH Ida Red My Melodie of Golden Spirit (A1)
Gerrit My Melodie of Golden Spirit (A1)
Grille My Melodie of Golden Spirit (A1)
Genny My Melodie of Golden Spirit (C1)
Geisha My Melodie of Golden Spirit
Gladys My Melodie Of Golden Spirit
Gipsy My Melodie of Golden Spirit
Gina My Melodie of Golden Spirit (A1)
Gill My Melodie of Golden Spirit (A1)
Wintergold's Coyote Gm (A1/B1)
Wintergolds Marvel Loch GM (B/B)
Brinsworthy Higgins (B1)
Newyear Magic
Holywell Rosie
Wintergold's Ruby Hill (A1)
Wintergold's Buzwagi (B1)
Wintergold's Tautona (B1)
Wintergold's Bingham (2010-11-03 HD grad B)

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