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Bearabella's Unleash The Power

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Bearabella's Unleash The Power
Bearabella's Power Of One
AM CH Victory's Always Makin' Waves CGC THD (OFA GR-111428G24M-VPI)
AM GCHB Victory's My Wave Or The High Wave CGC (OFA GR-111429G24F-VPI)
AM CH BPIS Victory's Goin' All The Wave (OFA GR-112602G30M-VPI)
Victory's Wave Run'R CGC
Victory's Kruz'n Furr Waves CGC Cert.Therapy Dog
Victory's The Perfect Wave CGC
Am-Can CH KaraGold’s Kruz'N Coast T'Coast OS SDHF BISS (OFA GR-89350G24M-PI)
Am-Can CH KaraGold’s Kruz'N W'The Topdown BISS (OFA GR-89615G24F-PI)
KaraGold's Counter Top Kruz'r
KaraGold's Can U Keep A Secret? (OFA GR-94754E25F-VPI)
KaraGold’s Secret Agent (OFA GR-95345G27F-VPI)
Am. CH Deja Vu's Air Phare Miles OS BIS Sweeps (OFA GR-79266G24M-PI)
Deja Vu's Phly By Night (OFA GR-89495G36F-PI)
CH KaraGold's Best Kept Secret OD (OFA GR-69832F24F-T)
Karagolds Road Best Traveled UDX RAE SH MX MXJ WCX TDIAOV
Karagold's Scout'n For Gold CD OA AXJ
Gangway's Porsche Carrera Victory Lap CGC (OFA GR-105439G24F-VPI)
AM.CH Gangway Kelore 911 Twin Turbo RN CGC (OFA GR-105760G25M-VPI)
AmCH Gangway Porsche's In The Hub At Kelore (OFA GR-105360G24F-VPI)
AmCH Gangway Kelore TVR Vixen (OFA GR-105514G24F-VPI)
Gangway's Little Red Coupe At Goldreams (OFA GR-107293F33F VPI)
Gangway Kelore Hubba's Bubba Bubba
CH Gangway Forever In Bluejeans
BIS Am/Can Ch Klaasem's Hubba Hubba Hubba OS SDHF (OFA GR-85841G24M-PI OVC 0024981)
BIS/BISS Can./Am. Ch. Klaasem's Zoom Zoom Zoom Can. SDHF, Can./Am. OS (OFA GR-86124G25M-PI)
Klaasem's Yadda Yadda Yadda
Klaasem What Legends R Made Of
Klaasems R You Ready To Rumble
Prospector Klaasem U R The One
CH. Confetti Gangway Xspinsive Toy OD (OFA GR95689G24F-VPI)
Ch. Confetti No Spin Zone
BISS AmCH. Confetti Spin Cycle OD (OFA GR-95666G24F-PI)
CH. Confetti X-Spinsive Habit (OFA GR-95510G24F-VPI)
Ch. Confetti Hytree Xspinsivetaste (OFA GR-95563G24F-VPI)
Am CH Confetti's Lucky-N-Love (OFA GR-105358G50F-VPI)
Am/Can Ch. Confetti's Sex 'N The City (OFA GR-99703G24F-VPI)
GCH CH Confetti Gangway's Field N'Track OS (OFA GR-99732E24M-VPI)
Am/Can CH Confetti Hytree Guns N Roses (OFA GR-99801E24M-VPI)
Ch. Confetti Dine N Dash OD (OFA GR-99802E24F-VPI)
Confetti Hytree What The Heck (OFA GR-102025E28F-VPI)
Bearabella's Moonlight Special (OFA GR-117593G24F-VPI)
Bearabella's House Special (OFA GR-117653G24M-VPI)
Bearabella's Special Encore Applaws
Bearabella N Grand Bay's Special Teez (OFA GR-118175G31F-VPI)
Am-Can CH Venture Redog's Magic Hat Trick OS (OFA GR-99640G25M-VPI)
CH Venture What Becomes A Legend (OFA GR-99312E24M-VPI)
BISS AM CH Sunbeam's Private Party OS (OFA GR-78621G40M-PI)
Sunbeam's Private Dancer
Sunbeam Private Eye Elliot Ness RN
Sunbeam Private Reserve
Am-Can CH. Karagold's Whistlin N'the Wind CD RN OD (OFA GR-81089G24F-PI)
Karagold's Spice O Life Triumphant CD CCA (OFA GR-89806G31F-PI)
CH KaraGold’s Phee Phi Pho Phun RN WC VC OD CGC (OFA GR-88375G26F-PI)
Karagold Liebchen Phorever N' Bluejeans
Am Ch Bearabella's She's So Fine (OFA GR-108495G25F-VPI)
Jovi's Bearabella's Nothing But The Finest (OFA GR-108044E24M-VPI)
Am Ch/Can GCH Bearabella's Mighty Fine N Fabulous (OFA GR-108131G24M-VPI)
BISS Am. CH Hytree's Ryd-N- Out The Storm SDHF OS (OFA GR-81043G25M-PI)
Hytree's Rev'dUp N RarinToGo
Hytree's May Bee A Classic
Hytree's Quick As A Wink (OFA GR-81014E24F-PI)
Hytree's Just Maybe
Hytree N April's Pedal To The Medal (OFA GR-81152G24F-PI)
AM CH Hytree N' Honor's Mayday Malone (OFA GR-83223G24M-PI)
CH. Hytree's I Wish I May CDX TDX WC VCX
Bearabella's Untamed Heart (OFA GR-98944G31F-VPI)
Bearabella's Heart Breaker
Bearabella's Eat U'R Heart Out
Bearabella's Heart Throb
Am Ch Bearabella's Gift Fr The Heart (OFA GR-98945E31F-VPI)
Bearbella Jovi's This Lil Heart O Mine RA (OFA GR-98255F28F-VPI)

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