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Gundogs Choice Coke x Esmee

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Gundogs Choice Coke x Esmee
Querfeldein Fudo
Querfeldein Frannie
Querfeldein Fanni
Gundog's Choice Coke (A2/A2)
Gundog's Choice Champ (A1/A1)
Gundog's Choice Cracker (A2/A2)
Gundog's Choice Cosmo (A2/A2)
Gundog's Choice Chelsea (A2/A2)
Gundog's Choice Chaya
Gundog's Choice Callie (A1/A1)
Gundog's Choice Chance Loyal (A)
FTCh Waterford Ganton (3/4)
FTCh Waterford Galahad of Tasco (BVA 3/6)
Waterford Ghillie of Wendearose (3/3)
Waterford Gamble of Dipplelodge (6/7)
Waterford Gairloch
Waterford Gem
Waterford Gusto
FTW Endacott Kite of Chisbrook (3/2)
FTW Wendearose Dime (BVA 4/3)
Wendearose Lira of Decies
Wendearose Franc
Wendearose Copper
Wendearose Penny
Wendearose Ruble (6/6)
Wendearose Nickel of Roundcopse (2/2)
Wendearose Euro
Endacott Kestrel
Endacott Kudu (3/4)
Endacott Kane (4/4)
Endacott Kittiwake (5/5)
Endacott Kiwi (4/8)
Endacott Kess (5/5)
Wendearose Dollar (A1)
FTCh Waterford Easter (BVA 0/0)
Waterford Endeavour (6/34)
FTW Waterford Envoy of Heathergaye (3/3)
Int.FTCh Waterford Edward of Tasco (5/8)
Waterford Elvis
Waterford Ember of Abney
Waterford Elcamino
FTW Lakedown Stoats Tail (FCI B1/B1)
Lakedown Charlie Barley (D/E)
Lakedown Sandy Snatcher
Lakedown Midgie Modger
Lakedown Cinnamon At Treranch (BVA 4/5)
Lakedown Ginger Quill
Lakedown Knotted Midge
Lakedown Grannom of Astraglen (BVA 3/4)
FTCh Delfleet Neon Of Fendawood (BVA 3/6)
Delfleet Nugget Of Ettinsmoor
Delfleet Nickle At Kayteens (BVA 2/2)
Delfleet Morning Star
Delfleet Nightingale
Delfleet Nuthatch
Delfleet Nettle At Naughtland (BVA 0/0)
Delfleet Nymph
Delfleet Pike
Delfleet Night Jar (A)
Delfleet Blue Of Lundhill
Delfleet Paddy
Delfleet Peat
Delfleet Perfection
Delfleet Pilot
Delfleet Poacher
Delfleet Pride
FTW Delfleet Ptarmigan (BVA 4/3)
FTCh Connemara Twinkle of Lakedown (0/4)
Cherrycombe Teal of Lakedown (B)
Penydarren Pip
Querfeldein Esmee (A2)
Querfeldein Esprit (FCI B2)
Querfeldein Elsa (B2)
Querfeldein Emilia (B1)
Querfeldein Eileen (B1)
Querfeldein Enero (A1)
Querfeldein Ennioo (B1)
Querfeldein Elio (A2)
Querfeldein Ewen (A1)
DKBRCH DKJCH Lochiness Green Chive (A/A)
Lochiness Green Rosemary (A/B)
Lochiness Green Thyme (B)
Lochiness Green Ginger
Lochiness Green Parsley (A)
Lochiness Green Camomille
Lochiness Green Menta
Lochiness Green Basil (E)
Lochiness Green Terragon (B)
FTW Garronpoint Ross of Drakeshead (BVA 0/0)
Garronpoint Slaney (3/3)
Garronpoint Windrush (3/5)
Garronpoint Arun (5/6)
Garronpoint Clyde Of Saxaphone
FTCh Garronpoint Rye of Lincswolds (BVA 4/3)
FTCh Garronpoint Liffey (BVA 6/6)
SE J(J)CH Garronpoint Arron (A)
SE J(A)CH Garronpoint Mole (B)
Greenbriar Beret (BVA 4:5)
FTCh Greenbriar Gettysburg (BVA 4/4)
OFTW Greenbriar Falkland (BVA 5/2)
Greenbriar Trilby of Hatchfield (BVA 6/4)
OFTW Greenbriar Alamo of Middlegate (BVA 4/4)
Greenbriar Agincourt (BVA 3/6)
Greenbriar Boyne of Snowdell (BVA 9/8)
FTCh Greenbriar Glencoe of Drakeshead (BVA 3/2)
FTW Greenbriar Hastings MH (BVA 3/5)
Greenbriar Nazeby of Rockybrook (BVA 6/5)
Greenbriar Topper of Altiquin (BVA 4/3)
Greenbriar Fedora of Rockybrook (BVA 0/3)
Greenbriar Bonnet (BVA 4/5)
Greenbriar Bowler of Brindlebay
Greenbriar Cullodan
Greenbriar Trafalgar
Greenbriar Panama Of Middlegate (BVA 3/4)
Querfeldein Babooshka (A2/B1)
Querfeldein Bolle (FCI A1/A1)
Querfeldein Belle (A2/A2)
Querfeldein Chaplin (B1)
Querfeldein Chai (A2)
Querfeldein Cora (B2)
Querfeldein Cara (A2)
Querfeldein Chili (A1)
Querfeldein Clara (A2)
Jazzman vom Keien Fenn (A2)
J.J. vom Keien Fenn (A2)
Jiffy vom Keien Fenn (A2)
Jasper vom Keien Fenn (A2)
Juri vom Keien Fenn (FCI A2/A2)
Junis vom Keien Fenn (A2)
Josephine vom Keien Fenn (A2)
Jillian-Junee vom Keien Fenn (A2/D1)
Felizia vom Hirschthürl (Unknown A2/A2)
Flash vom Hirschthürl (A2)
Flynn vom Hirschthürl (B1)
Fanwick vom Hirschthürl (A2)
Floyd vom Hirschthürl (A2)
Foster vom Hirschthürl (B1)
Franca vom Hirschthürl (A2)
Fina vom Hirschthürl (A2)
Freia vom Hirschthürl (B1)

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