Golden Retriever

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Bison x Astra

Five generation pedigree:

Bison x Astra
Floden's Pride of the Prairie SH TKN CGC [OFA GR-126853G24M-VPI]
Floden's Scout of Honor [OFA GR-119477E24M-VPI]
Rippling Run Floden's Teutorix [OFA GR-101676E31M-VPI]
Trifectas Repeat Performance UD MH WCX *** OS VCX CCA CGC Can CD [OFA GR-64778G25M-T]
GMHR Topbrass Rudy Of Trifecta CDX MH WCX *** OS [OFA GR-34137F27M ]
Trifecta's One Heck Of A Splash MH WCX OD [OFA GR-37399G25F]
Rippling Run Touch of Spice ** MH WCX OD [OFA GR-92808G25F-PI ]
AFC Emberain Rugby WCX OS FDHF [OFA GR-71727G24M-PI]
HRCH Rippling Run GoodGolly Molly MH UD WCX OD [OFA GR-73337G27F-PI]
Firesides Crossfire Shooter [OFA GR-97953G27F-VPI]
Can. Triple CH FTCH AFTCH OTCH Firemark's Push Comes to Shove Can. WCX Am. *** OS [OFA GR-81163G30M-PI]
FC Wraiths HTR MN Bro Macdhuibh OS [OFA GR-58474G24M]
GMHR Phoebe's Prize Piponia CDX MH AX AXJ WCX CCA VCX OD [OFA GR-54823G32F-T]
Fireside At Your Beck N'Call ** [OFA GR-80959G24F-PI]
AFC AFTCH Rosehill's Mr Speaker MH OS CCA FDHF [OFA GR-52113E24M-T]
Fireside Terrible Two's OD [OFA GR-64502E24F-T]
Beck's Princess Belle of Floden [OFA GR-109714G32F-VPI]
FTCH AFTCH Heads Up Tracks in the Taiga MH QA2 WCX *** OS Can WCI JFTR QFTR [OFA GR-97570G24M-VPI]
FC AFC Glenhaven HTRS MN Baronet MH OS FDHF [OFA GR-61044G24M-T]
AFC Glenhaven Devil's Advocate UDT MH WCX OS FDHF [OFA GR 24883G31M-T]
Hunters Moon Tam O Shanter ** OD [OFA GR-43949E26F]
UH HRCH GMH Goldnguns Dynamite Diva Can QFTR *** MH WCX OD [OFA GR-79558G24F-PI]
Redstorm's Autumn Breeze Can *** MH WCX [OFA GR-55368G25F-T]
Topbrass Lightnin Strikes Gold *** OD [OFA GR-97442G27F-Pl]
FC Wraiths HTR MN Bro Macdhuibh OS [OFA GR-58474G24M]
Wraith's Duncan MH *** OS [OFA GR-23010G24M]
Hunter's Moon Madcap *** OD [OFA GR-35738G33F]
AFC Topbrass Pawsability OD FDHF [OFA GR-69676E24F-T]
FC Windbreakers Premium Vintage OS FDHF [OFA GR-50230E27M]
Topbrass New Lisa On Life *** OD [OFA GR-47089G24F-T]
Brigadoons Old Glory's Shooting Star DS CGC [OFA GR-119037G35F-VPI]
SH Sunshine MVP Playing the Field CDX MH WCX RN CCA TDI VC CGC PCDX [OFA GR-100877G24M-VPI]
HRCH UH 500 pt club Morninglo Daybreak Oer Dixie CDX MH ** WCX OS [OFA GR-71167E27M-PI]
CH OTCH Honeybee's Goldseeker VCD2 UDX2 RN SH MX AXP MXJ AJP WCX VCX OS [OFA GR-48860G24M]
Am./Can. CH. Colabaugh's Daredevil UD JH WC OS Can. WC [OFA GR-40509G26M]
Am/Can Ch Honeybee's Four Leaf Clover CDX SH OA WCX VCX OD [OFA GR-33794F37F]
Morninglo Rise And Shine UD MH WCX CGC OD [OFA GR-46481G28F]
Am. CH Elysian Sky Hi Dubl Exposure UDT MH ** WCX VCX DDHF OS [OFA GR-32513E24M]
OTCh Colabaugh's Morninglo Breeze UDX MH NA WCX CGC OD PAC [OFA GR-34773E26F-T]
Sunshine Vanna Gogh [OFA GR-896766E28F-PI ]
AmCH Goldenmeadows Right On Time JH [OFA GR79729F29M-PI]
Am. CH Evergreen's Blue Angel NA WC VC OS SDHF [OFA GR-60231F25M]
Golden Meadows Creamofthecrop [OFA GR-65649G24F]
Sunshine Fast and Loose [OFA GR-73750G24F-PI]
Lucky Tiger's Chief MH WCX ** [OFA GR-56121F30M]
High Times Sunshine Fancy [OFA GR-57900G62F-T]
Mvp Lady Libertys Aurora Borealis JH, CGC [OFA GR-101659G26F-VPI]
HR Sunspirits Windswept Trace CD SH WCX CCA VC CGC [OFA GR-75530G51M-PI]
High Times Run'n The Roost UD MH50 WCX *** OS [OFA GR-54531G26M-T]
OTCH Tanbark's Solar Eclipse UDX8 JH WC OBHF OS Can. CD [OFA GR-42826G39M-T]
High Times Rollin Thunder UD MH WCX OD [OFA GR34518G27F]
Sunspirits Nobody's Fool WC OD [OFA GR-55684G25F-T]
U-CDX HR OTCh High Times Can't Touch This UDX10 WCX MH OS [OFA GR-39845E24M]
Sunspirits Aureo Serenade CDX JH WCX VC CGC [OFA GR-32133G30F-T]
Tanbark's MVP Rockin Robin CDX RN SH WC [OFA GR-90649G24F-PI]
OTCH Tanbark's True Grit UDX2 OS OBHF [OFA GR-76935G28M-NOPI]
FTCH AFTCH Cedarpond's R.V. Am *** OS Can. FDHF [OFA GR-44027G35M-T]
Tanbark's Comin Around Again OD [OFA GR-52094G24F]
Tanbark's English Rose OD [OFA GR-66172G28F-T]
OTCH One Ash Stardust Royal Rukus UDX7 OBHF OS [OFA GR-46850G32M-T]
Tanbark's Time Will Tell OD [OFA GR-46606G25F]

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