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SE UCH Novacroft Mixedspice  (3/27/1992-)

Five generation pedigree:

SE UCH Novacroft Mixedspice
Novacroft Magnum
Eng Sh CH Sandylands My Guy [ 7/7]
GB Ch Kupros Master Mariner [BVA 1/0]
Gb Sh Am Can CH Lindall Mastercraft JH [ 0]
Gb CH Charway Ballywillwill [BVA 0/1]
Morningtown Stormette JW [ 0/3]
Kupros Bridget [BVA 0:0]
GB.Ch. Ballyduff Marketeer
UK Ch Kupros Lady's Pride
Sandylands Bramble [ 3/4]
GB Ch Squire of Ballyduff
GB.Ch. Ballyduff Marketeer
Sparkle of Tuddenham
Gb Sh CH Sandylands Longley Come Rain
Sandylands Charlston
Longley In Tune
Novacroft Footlights [BVA 5/2]
Sandylands April Fool [ 2-2]
GB Sh.Ch. Ardmargha Mad Hatter
GB Ch Sandylands Mark
Hope of Ardmargha
Gb Sh CH Sandylands Longley Come Rain
Sandylands Charlston
Longley In Tune
Novacroft Star Trend [BVA 6/7]
C.C.W. Sandylands Croftspa Stardandy
GB.Sh.Ch. Sandylands Storm Along
GB.Ch. Sandylands Geannie
GB.Sh.Ch. Novacroft Chorus Girl
Sandylands Charlston
Novacroft Gay Rhapsody
Novacroft Hinny Cake [BVA 3:3]
GB Ch Abbeystead Herons Court [BVA 7/8]
Manymills Drake CDEx
Manymills Wigeon
FTCh Holdgate Willie
UDEX CDEX Manymills Flute
Manymills Elsa UDEX, CDEX
Manymills Edwin of Creasser
W.T.CH. Manymills Tanne T.D.Ex. W.D.Ex. U.D.Ex. C.D.Ex.
Charway Seashell
GB Ch Fabracken Comedy Star [ 6/13]
ShCh Martin of Mardas
GB Ch Poolstead Pin-up of Fabracken [ 3/4]
Charway Simona [ 0]
GB Ch Sandylands Mark
GB.Ch. Charway Little Sian [ 1]
Novacroft Patrilia [BVA 5/5]
Poolstead Pearl Barley
GB CH Lawnwood Midnight Folly
Lawnwoods Fandango
Lawnwood Starglow
GB.Sh.Ch. Poolstead Pegg
Eng Sh Ch Poolstead Preferential
GB.Sh.Ch. Poolstead Postal Vote
Novacroft Nortonwood Amber
GB ShCh Novacroft Charles
Sandylands Charlston
Novacroft Gay Rhapsody
Poolstead Postal Service
GB Ch Sandylands Mark
GB.Sh.Ch. Poolstead Pictorial

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