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FTCh Delfleet Neon Of Fendawood  (6/2/2008-)

Five generation pedigree:

FTCh Delfleet Neon Of Fendawood
FTCh Mediterian Blue [BVA 5/4]
FTCh Endacott Shelf [BVA 4/5]
FTCH Glenbriar Solo [BVA 7/6]
FTCh Pocklea Remus [BVA 6/7]
FTCh Haretor Mark of Drakeshead
FTCh Drakeshead Gypsy
IrlFTCh Glenbriar Quest [BVA 3/4]
Knighthawk of Glenbriar
IRL FTCH Glenbriar Skippy [BVA 5/3]
FTW Endacott Spindle [BVA 4/4]
FTW Ewshot Liffey [BVA 5/6]
Palgrave Triton [ 0/0]
Ashe Warren Cassie
FTCh Endacott's Queen [BVA 2/2]
FTCh Swinbrook Twig [ 2/3]
Chippinghurst Ptmarmagin
FTW Drakeshead Evie [BVA 3/4]
FTCh Millbuies Magnum of Drakeshead [BVA 4/3]
FTCh Aughacasla Sam of Drakeshead [BVA 2/3]
IrlFt.Ch. Ballyellery Adder
IrlFTCh Killerisk Hero
FTCh Morayglen Megan of Millbuies [BVA 6/4]
FTCh Tibea Tosh [BVA 4 / 4]
FTCh Munro Tess [ 0/0]
Rigangower Amy of Drakeshead [BVA 2/3]
FTCh Raughlin Pete of Drakeshead [BVA 4/4]
FTCh Glencoin Drummer of Drakeshead
IrlFTCH Raughlin Rose
Garendon Corma [BVA 7/6 ]
FTCh Swinbrook Twig [ 2/3]
FTCh Munro Tess [ 0/0]
Delfleet Dawn Flush [ 0/0]
FTW Fintan Thor of Westernash [ 8/17]
FTCH Birdbrook Greg [BVA 3/6]
FTCh Seasway Faldo of Birdbrook [ 5/6]
FTCh Pocklea Remus [BVA 6/7]
Birdbrook Button [ 2/1]
Blond Surprise of Birdbrook [BVA 3/2]
FTCh Birdbrook Teak [ 4/3]
Haretor Hobby
Kenwu Gregale [ 0/2]
Parphea Tosh of Buttershall
Palgrave Willow of Findpoint
Dee of the Cottage at Parphea [ 2/3]
Parphea Potchard
Sporting Shot at Parphea
Philford Christmas Rose at Parphea
Delfleet Golden Glory [BVA 4/2]
FTCh Dargdaffin Dynamo [BVA 0/0]
FTCh Tasco Broom-Tip of Carnochway [BVA 6/3]
IntFTCh Heatherbank Alex of Tasco [BVA 2/1]
Tasco Yellow Sally [BVA 2/3]
Dargdaffin Candy
FTCh Millbuies Dust Lad
FTW Dargdaffin Anna [BVA 3/3]
Stitchwood Rapier [BVA 4/5]
FTCh Parphea Tide [BVA 7/11]
Palgrave Willow of Findpoint
Dee of the Cottage at Parphea [ 2/3]
Lady Jane of Norfolk [BVA 1/14]
Birdbrook Clint of Birchams [BVA 2/2]
Blazing Pearl

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