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Birkettdown Jenna by Sija

Five generation pedigree:

Birkettdown Jenna by Sija
Deerbridge Charlie Brown
Treherne Fairly Game Of Leospring
Manymills Drake CDEx
Manymills Wigeon
FTCh Holdgate Willie
UDEX CDEX Manymills Flute
Manymills Elsa UDEX, CDEX
Manymills Edwin of Creasser
W.T.CH. Manymills Tanne T.D.Ex. W.D.Ex. U.D.Ex. C.D.Ex.
Buttash Pollyflinders of Leospring
GB Ch Squire of Ballyduff
GB.Ch. Ballyduff Marketeer
Sparkle of Tuddenham
Treherne Nedarberry
FTCh Spudtamsons Berry of Mirstan
Treherne Fantasy
Deerbridge Topaz
Sandmartin of Rookeryhill
Rookery Hill Snipe
Manymills Chiefly
Glebescot Rebel
Lubberhedges Plover
Pepper of Pages
Luberhedges Puffin
Rookeryhill Emerald
GB Ch Elowood Soul Singer
Secret Song of Lawnwood
Elowood Fern
Miss Sapphire
F.T.W. Angeltowns Black Magic of Rookery Hill
Rabbs Topaz
Flashmount Kelly
FTCh Flashmount Danny
FTCh Dargdaffin Archie
Lopi Dargdaffin
FTCh Sandringham Sydney
Bracken Dargdaffin
Malwell June of Dargdaffin
FTCh Kelvinhead Magnum
Drakeshead Ivy of Malwell
FTCh Flashmount Larch
FTCh Millbuies Dust Lad
FTCh Kelvinhead Magnum
Earlsmill Diana
FTW Flashmount Gypsy
FTCh Drakeshead Tinker
Black Mountain Cherry
Zephyr Wisker of Flashmount
Marshbrook Masterpeice of Clancallum
FTCh Palgrave Quin
FTCh Shot of Palgrave
FTCh Palgrave Holly
Ernevale Bessy
FTCh Swinbrook Twig
Irish Ft.Ch. Turramurra Lady of Ernevale
Heartwood Hill Ebony
FTCh Haretor Mark of Drakeshead
FTCh Brenjon Dirk of Drakeshead
Haretor Emma
Dykraw Heather
FTW Garleton Beech
Dykraw Tara

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