Golden Retriever

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Michael x Rubi

Five generation pedigree:

Michael x Rubi
Am. CH Jazzin Baltimore Bullet at Kelore RN,CGC,TD [OFA GR-125045G24M-VPI]
Multi BISS GCHS Passion N Powderhorn Only Game In Town BVSS JH RN DJ CGC TKA CA SDHF [OFA GR-115780F26M-VPI]
Multi BIS BISS Am GCHS CH Summits The Titanic OS SDHF [OFA GR-100368G24M-VPI]
BIS BISS Am CH Summits MR. Bojangles OS SDHF [OFA GR-69996F24M-T]
Am Can CH Golden Pine Dustrax Maverick CDX TDX RE OS CGC Can CD [OFA GR-54869G24M-T]
BIS BISS Am CH Summits Shadow Dancer OD SDHF [OFA GR-42006F31F]
BIS Int Ar Br CH Golden Trip's Victoria Thanks A Million [OFA GR-90569E45F-PI]
MBIS Ar Br Pan CH Nautilus Fox Mulder
BISS Can Int Arg Br Pan CH Golden Trip's First Victoria
GCH CH Passion's Natural Woman UD JH WC VCX [OFA GR-103421G26F-VPI]
BISS Am GCH CH Can CH Gangway's SUV OS SDHF [OFA GR-95406F24M-VPI]
Am CH Gangway's Sweeter Than Whine OS WC CGC TDI [OFA GR-64143F24M-T]
Gangway Faeras Lightning Bug [OFA GR-74001G24F-PI]
Passion's All I Wanna Do OD [OFA GR-96458G24F-PI]
CH Westin Having A Party UD SH OA OAJ WCX VCX BOSS OS [OFA GR-87125G25M-PI]
Laurell's Geisha [OFA GR-81485F24F-PI]
Toasty Jazzin In The Sand For Olympic Gold JH WC RN CGC CCA DJ [OFA GR-11652G27F-VPI]
Ch Toasty's Treasure Cove [OFA GR-108368G24M-VPI]
GCH CH Stonecrest's Super Cruiser RN JH OS [OFA GR-95049G27M-NOPI]
Am. CH. Ospreystonecrestpremiumblend RN JH OA NAJ WC VC [OFA GR-84760G26M-NOPI]
Stonecrest's Water Sprite OD [OFA GR-84778G37F-NOPI]
BIS BISS CH Toasty's Treasure Island SDHF [OFA GR-90269F24F-PI]
BIS Am GCH CH Happy Hour Highmark Toasty OS SDHF [OFA GR-85420G25M-PI]
CH Toasty's Josie [OFA GR-77635G25F-PI]
GCH CH Toasty's Rag Doll SDHF [OFA GR-96577G24F-VPI]
BIS BISS Am GrCh/Can/UKC CH. PACH Dauninge's Maximus Auerus PAX MXP4 MXPB MJP4 MJPB PAX OFP [OFA GR-89298G24M-PI]
BISS Am. CH. Smithaven's Amber Brew RE AX OAJ NF OS NAC NGC TN-N CGC [OFA GR-73344E24M-PI]
Kyrie Daunige Lady Tess OD [OFA GR-77823G25F-PI]
Am. CH. Toasty's Hello Dolly SDHF [OFA GR-75202F25F-PI]
Am. CH Toasty's Dust In The Wind II SDHF OS [OFA GR-49730G30M]
Toasty's Love Song OD [OFA GR-57479G24F-T]
Can CH Starhill Who Could Hang A Name On You [OFA GR-121943F24F-VPI]
BISS GCHB CH Tamarack Billions Of Stars Over Poeticgold CD RN TDI CGCA CGCU OS [OFA GR-113397G27M-VPI]
Am-Can CH Venture Redog's Magic Hat Trick OS [OFA GR-99640G25M-VPI]
BISS AM CH Sunbeam's Private Party OS [OFA GR-78621G40M-PI]
BISS Ch. Sunbeams Command Performance SDHF OS [OFA GR-70036G25M-T]
Can. Ch. Goldenbear Gowing Wild At Sunbeam [OFA GR-68194G35F-T]
Am-Can CH. Karagold's Whistlin N'the Wind CD RN OD [OFA GR-81089G24F-PI]
BIS BISS Am Arg CH Gorca's Merlin OS SDHF [OFA GR-70987G24M-PI]
CH KaraGold's Best Kept Secret OD [OFA GR-69832F24F-T]
BISS GCHG Scion Hott Pants RE OD SDHF BISS [OFA GR-102467G26F-VPI]
BIS BISS Am GCH Rush Hill Run'n Amuck at Abelard OA OAJ AXP AJP NFP WC VCX SDHF OS [OFA GR-86327G24M-PI]
Am CH Boitanos Band on the Run to Abelard OS [OFA GR-63880F24M-T]
BIS BISS Am Can CH Goodtime's Run For The Roses SDHF OD [OFA GR-67744G26F-T]
Am CH Scion Fringe Benefit CD RE OA OAJ OD [OFA GR-94485G24F-PI]
Ch SunChase Ultra-Brite Not [OFA GR-86188G24M-NOPI]
Am CH Scion Moovin' With Style OA NAJ NAP NJP JH WC VC OD [OFA GR-86614G24F-PI]
Can CH Starhill Emily's Song [OFA GR-112131G24F-VPI]
Am. Can. CH Spicewood's Wind Symphony OS [OFA GR-90761G24M-PI]
Am/Can Ch. Hearthside's Season Ticket OS [OFA GR-78092G24M-PI]
BISS Am./BIS Can./BIS Bda. CH Cherrybrook Touchstone JH WC SDHF OS [OFA GR-33867G24M-T]
Am./Can. CH. Eirene's Love Or Magic Am./Can. OD [OFA GR-52651G26F]
CH Spicewood's Lyric Opera JH WC OD [OFA GR-69765G28F-T]
CH Lycinan's Sweet William CDX TD WC VCX OS [OFA GR-60052F31M-PI]
Spicewood's I've Got Rhythm WC OD [OFA GR-55889G24F-T]
Starhill's RedHot Chili Pepper [OFA GR-98667G24F-VPI]
Am. Ch. Daybreak Varsity Jump OS [OFA GR-70669G26M-PI]
BISS Am./BIS Can./BIS Bda. CH Cherrybrook Touchstone JH WC SDHF OS [OFA GR-33867G24M-T]
Can. Ch. Claircrest Daybreak Archetype [OFA GR-61505G26F-T]
Can. Ch. Hearthside Day Break Of Starhill [OFA GR-77767G24F-PI]
BISS Am./BIS Can./BIS Bda. CH Cherrybrook Touchstone JH WC SDHF OS [OFA GR-33867G24M-T]
Am./Can. CH. Eirene's Love Or Magic Am./Can. OD [OFA GR-52651G26F]

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