Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Farmer Hill's Loveday Bongo (7/18/2000-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Aura Artemis Gold:

Da Vinci Artemis Gold (5/1/2005-)
Don Juan Artemis Gold (5/1/2005-) [DKK0/0- A]
Diana Artemis Gold (5/1/2005-)

Out of Zuzana z Vlci stepi:

Cintia Certova stena ''U'' (11/22/2002-) [1/2]

Out of Sally Dyre Bony:

Canny z Kralovskych teras (10/2/2007-) [0/1]
Connie z Kralovskych teras (10/2/2007-)

Out of Nelly Gold Rescator:

Britney od Jakuba Krcina

Out of Tyna z Vlcich luk:

Padua z Vicich luk

Out of Luisa Slapska alej:

Ariana Mahikan (8/24/2002-)

Out of Lambada Misantos:

Bongo Artemis Gold (2/10/2003-) [HD B/B, DKK 1/1]
Bianco Artemis Gold (2/10/2003-) [HD C/C, DKK 2/2]
Benjamin Artemis Gold (2/10/2003-) [HD B/B, DKK 1/1]
Branco Artemis Gold (2/10/2003-)
Britney Artemis Gold (2/10/2003-)
Beauty Artemis Gold (2/10/2003-)

Out of Janet Irslak:

Clinton z Vesničky u hranic (7/6/2004-) [FCI A/A]

Out of Iluse z Vlcich luk:

Ekk z Vlci stepi (11/4/2002-)
Eki z Vlci stepi (11/4/2002-) [2/2]
Elektra z Vlci stepi

Out of Hena z Vlcich luk:

Zoro z Vlcich luk (7/15/2002-)

Out of Helena z Vlcich luk:

Xori z Vlcich luk (7/4/2002-)

Out of Erika z Hradistskych skal:

Sag z Vlci stepi (5/1/2002-)

Out of Elegance Gold Falmarka:

Xitt Goldenpack Marty (11/3/2003-) [0/0]
XIRINE Goldenpack Marty (11/3/2003-) [A]

Out of Dione z Vlcich luk:

Ikera z Vlci stepi (1/15/2004-) [0/0]

Out of Diona z Vlcich luk:

Ary z Vlci stepi (7/19/2002-)
Bykara z Vlci stepi (7/28/2003-) [C/C (200?)]
Byzara Z Vlci Stepi

Out of Cora Korem:

Yustine Goldenpack Marty (4/15/2004-)

Out of Candy Bohemian Gold:

Chatty Boy Bohemian Gold (6/26/2002-) [1/1]
CZ&SK CH Channy Bohemian Gold ''U'' (6/28/2002-) [2/2]

Out of ICh Ch CZ JCh CZ Arinka Haslerka Club winner:

Goldy - Ari Sonak (6/22/2002-)

Out of Ara z Dvoreckeho udoli:

Ally od Stribrnych skal (11/29/2002-) [B/B (2004)]

Out of Agata z Prelickeho mlyna:

Aja z Muncifaje (7/4/2003-) [HDD 3/2]
Amalka z Muncifaje (7/4/2003-) [HDD 2/2]
Agnes z Muncifaje (7/4/2003-)
Artur z Muncifaje (7/4/2003-)
Arinka z Muncifaje (7/4/2003-)
Archibald z Muncifaje (7/4/2003-) [DKK 1/1]
Adelka z Muncifaje (7/4/2003-)

Out of CH CZ + SK, JCH CZ, Veteran CH CZ Karafa z Vlcich luk National winner, BIS veteran:

Bety z Brdských luk (7/17/2002-)
Benny z Brdských luk (7/17/2002-)
Benjamin Gold z Brdských luk (7/17/2002-)
Bart z Brdských luk (7/17/2002-)

Out of Mł.Ch.Pl. Ch.Pl. Mona Lisa v.d.Vijf Lijsterbessen:

Armani Style Gorska Fantazja
ASHANTI Gorska Fantazja

Out of Bahama Dominik:

Dusty Gold Boy z Malebneho povltavi (10/6/2002-)

Out of CH CZ Annabella (CLP/GR/501/96) Club winner:

Jolly Joker Golden Erinor (6/5/2002-)

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