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Offspring of Eng. Ch. Westley Topic of Sansue (6/5/1975-1986)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Thirldene Autumn Girl:

Sansue Sheena

Out of Blackden Mary:

Grindslow Rebecca

Out of Bunwell Lady:

Penelope Of Bearwardcote

Out of Fainstorth Teal:

Ella Of Sleetmoor

Out of Lady Calypso:

Lythgrove Kwesi

Out of Princelyn Aurora:

Helste Romark Of Peterfield
Cressida Of Dayfield

Out of Elizabeth Of Mannavon:

Charwest Lass

Out of Gaineda Grand Garland Of Rachenco:

Rachenco Lady Jazzarina

Out of Sansue Soraya:

Sansue Quilla of Minybar

Out of Sharlyn of Ybretta:

Cassica Chien D'or of Ybretta

Out of Lascim Arabella:

Dixie Melody

Out of Tarkus Holly:

Minstrel Boy Of Tarkus

Out of Watersdale Debutante:

Daleswater Alvia

Out of Swaledon Honey Bunch:

Charel Hippolyta

Out of Kresenda Kamlass of Riella:

Riella Crispin Of Moneyford

Out of Valemma Bonnie of Melako:

Melako Amber

Out of Linchael Fuchsia:

Dyon Chicksaw

Out of Samantha of Sansue:

Turambar Tess

Out of Lindys Aurora of Priorswell:

Priorswell Daisy Chain

Out of warana Tessa:

Kenstaff Bridgette

Out of Camrose Huldra of Perrimay:

Perrimay Primrose
Perrimay Pipit
Perrimay Prunella of Purbarn (2/8/1978-)

Out of Tindas Fantasy:

Bracken of Hawksmoor
Ambremon Forever Amber of Friarlea
Ambremon Almost Amber of Dremzar (8/11/1980-)

Out of Balterley Delilah:

Balterley Felicity (3/17/1978-)

Out of Gyrima Kasmin of Tilldawn:

Tilldawn Affinity

Out of Sansue Stargazer of Furleigh:

Furleigh Phryxus

Out of Larksmoor Sophia:

Tarkus Queen

Out of Melfricka Brevity of Rockwin:

Rockwin Gaelic Coffee
Rockwin Ginger Punch

Out of Bryn Bras Jalmun:

Gladwag Cheeky Chops
Gladwag Wiggawag of Dengold

Out of kirkstyle vanessa of ormlea:

Ormlea Morning Alphonsus

Out of Pownall Pipperstrelle:

Chadbian Columbine of Leaford

Out of Milo Nesta of Maundale:

Maundale Ethik Of Valemma
Maundale Ethik

Out of Susannah of Sansue:

Penny of Kenee
Densdale Keri Anna (2/2/1982-) [2:4]
Densdale Jeremy (2/2/1982-1996)

Out of Veroy Leticia Of Hawksmoor:

Hawksmoor Bewitcher of Corridale

Out of Carisbrook Tamsin:

Tamsbrook Tamilla

Out of Claverley Catherine:

Claverley Felicity
Claverley Evita

Out of Shargleam Jasmine Of Janward:

Janward Anastasia

Out of Gaineda Gospel:

Gaineda Bantam of Wolmer
Gaineda Brisk (5/7/1981-)
Gaineda Bucks Fizz
Gaineda Boogie Woogie of Rimmington

Out of Gaygirl Prudence Of Rokie:

Dabess Christabel Of Bramhills

Out of Bianca Nicole Of Glengilde:

Glengilde Harmony Of Sanquhar

Out of Furleigh Dorado:

Jamescroft Moonraker
Jamescroft Tangerine Dream of Furleigh

Out of Lindys Violetta:

Goodnews Of Furleigh

Out of Sansue Camrose Justeresa:

Sansue Estelle

Out of Brekswood Tamarindah:

Brekswood Pipparetta

Out of Eng. SH. Ch. Sansue Phoebe:

Sansue Sunshade
Sansue Scilla

Out of Eng. CH. Telmah Anabel Of Beamsley:

Beamsley Bethsheba [BVA 4:4]
Int, VDH Ch Beamsley Brodie (3/28/1982-) [A1]
Beamsley Bombadil (3/28/1982-)

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Fleur Of Milo:

Milo Stella

Out of Rossbourne Breeze:

Rossbourne Party Piece of Sansue (10/4/1979-) [BVA Hip Score 1:2]

Out of Eng. CH. Sansue Pepper Of Lovehayne SGWC:

Lovehayne Amelia

Out of Nortonwood Fantasy of Milo:

Nortonwood Tribute of Sansue
Nortonwood Treasure of Siatham (2/12/1978-1981) [7:5]
Nortonwood Tradition (12/1/1978-)

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