Golden Retriever

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Offspring of BIS BISS Am. Can. CH Asterling's Jamaica Verdict OS SDHF (4/27/1981-5/3/1994)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Ivyglen Concerto Finale:

Sueda's Holly Berry (10/27/2003-) [OFA GR-88074G24F-PI]
CH Sueda's Holiday Traveler (10/27/2003-) [OFA GR-87871G24M-PI]
CH Sueda Holiday Final Verdict (10/27/2003-) [OFA GR-87872G24M-NOPI]
Sueda Ivyglenn Bling-Bling (10/27/2003-) [OFA GR-89884G31F-PI]

Out of Megans A Joy:

Jade Einstein Freeman (3/6/1988-) [OFA GR-33402F29F]

Out of Kelly's Tippy:

Elderkins Cezar (11/6/1983-)

Out of Westminster's Farrah Fawcett:

Chason's Goldrush Nugget (8/1/1988-)
Islandia's Lacie (8/7/1987-) [OFA GR-45989F83F]
Scipio's Amberac Montserrat (8/7/1987-1/1997)

Out of Golden Web Eldorado's Duchess:

Eldorado's Contessa Del Oro CD (6/10/1986-) [OFA GR-27224F24F]
Eldorado's Caribbean Sunset CD (6/10/1986-)

Out of Moribrook's Li'l Gold Coin OD:

Moribrook's Quirk of Fate UD (11/22/1990-10/2003) [OFA GR-40819F26M-T ]
Moribrook's Quest for Glory (11/22/1990-) [OFA GR-40419G25F ]
Moribrook Quik Change Artist UD (11/22/1990-4/2006) [OFA GR-50938G60F]
Moribrook's Quite An Honor UDX TD (11/22/1990-11/11/2003)

Out of Am. CH Cash's Copper Penny CDX:

Royaloaks Amanda CD (1/24/1985-) [OFA GR-26282F36F]
Windrush Courier CD (1/14/1985-) [OFA GR-25553F33F]
Delly's Karmel Kandy UD (1/24/1985-) [OFA GR-24980G30F]
Royaloaks Robin Hood CD (1/24/1985-) [OFA GR-24816G29M]

Out of Cloverdale's Aspartame CD:

Pinehurst Niacinamide (3/12/1987-) [OFA GR-35479G49F]

Out of Mardovar's Prime Time Player:

CanCH Brookshire's My Fair Lady CanCD

Out of Mekahn Xia Xiang:

Mekahn's Seneca Sunshine CGC (3/26/1993-10/12/2007)

Out of Topbrass Goldberrys Nova:

Silvertrees Golden Omega (5/28/1983-) [OFA GR-20557-T]
Silvertrees Pagos' Piper UDT (7/21/1982-) [OFA GR-19213]

Out of Topbrass Karma Of Amberdale CD:

Amberdale's Cool Hand Luke (6/16/1982-) [OFA GR-18513]

Out of Goldhaven Ginger Snap CanCD AmCDX:

Goldhaven Caribbean Spice CD (8/14/1984-)

Out of Totoket's Making Waves:

Tangleloft Zero Gravity (4/21/1992-1/2006)
Tangleloft Zephur (4/21/1992-) [OFA GR-44085G24F-T]

Out of Illini's Impressive CD:

Signature's The Heat Is On (8/24/1985-) [OFA GR-25651G27F]
Signature's Apri Cox Brandy CD (8/24/1985-) [OFA GR-25503G26F]

Out of CH Wayward's KC At The Bat:

Am. CH. Wayward's Dream Walker (4/21/1992-) [OFA GR-45980G27F ]
Am. CH. Wayward's Walk This Way (4/21/1992-) [OFA GR 47531G33F]

Out of Pinehurst's Shiloh Express:

Pinehurst Chip Shot (4/30/1983-)
Pinehurst Fairway Express (4/30/1983-)
Pinehurst Caddy Shack CD (4/30/1983-) [OFA GR-20387]

Out of Tangleburr's Apple Of My Eye CD:

Shastar's Hunt Russet CDX, JH, WCX, CGC (11/23/1991-1/19/1997) [OFA GR-43593G25M]
Shastar's Criterion CD WC (11/23/1991-) [OFA GR-43592G25M]
Am CH Shastar's Roxbury Russet CD,WC, BISS, VC (11/23/1991-4/3/2005) [OFA GR-44168F25F]

Out of Am./Can. CH. Alderbrooke's Tierra Gold CD OD:

Can Mex Dom Int So Am CH U-UD Kierra's Cracklin' Rosie AM/Can UD JH NA WCX WCI (11/10/1987-2000) [OFA GR-31218F24F-T ]

Out of Can CH OTCH Birnam Wood's On Demand Am UD:

Baylor's Woodwalk Whisper (5/5/1986-) [OFA GR-27159G24F]
Baylor's Jamaican Hustle CDX CGC Can WC (5/5/1986-12/24/1998) [OFA GR-28082G28M-T]

Out of Topbrass Mississippi Wiskrs CD:

Topbrass Tango Of Foxridge (7/6/1984-12/6/1988)
Topbrass Ramrod Of Watermark (7/6/1984-)

Out of Am. CH Thornfield Sachet:

JapCH Thornfield Tacktix (9/22/1992-)
Thornfield Kessler Smooth (9/22/1992-) [OFA GR-46736G24M]

Out of Am. CH Asterling's Masters Degree:

Pinehurst's Air O Dynamic (3/30/1990-) [OFA GR-39361F29M]
Pinehurst Air Dust (3/30/1990-)

Out of Am. CH Birnam Wood Keweenaw Sequoia:

Birnam Wood Louisana Purchas (7/11/1985-)
Birnam Wood's Virginia Real UD SH WCX (7/11/1985-) [OFA GR-27983F38F]
Am. Can. CH Birnam Wood's Texas Two Step (7/11/1985-) [OFA GR-25006E24M]

Out of Thornelea's Lara:

Marigot's Golden Lady Royal (1/6/1987-) [OFA GR-31083F33F ]
Marigot's Jacob Sweet William (1/6/1987-2000) [OFA GR-45603F89M]

Out of Can CH Goldsmith's Justmoor Skye High Can SDHF Am-Can OD:

Can CH Justmoor Qui Est Coco Chanel
Can CH Justmoor Quincyssential

Out of Am. CH. Kindred's Sun River Esprit OD:

Birnam Wood's Face The Nation (6/8/1990-) [OFA GR-39649G27F]
Birnam Wood's Anticipation (6/8/1990-5/6/2004) [OFA GR40220G29F]
Birnam Wood's Xception Rules (6/8/1990-) [OFA GR-39148E24F]
Ch Birnam Wood's Posi-Traction CD, OS (6/8/1990-3/12/2002) [OFA GR-38897G43M]
Am. CH Birnam Wood Such A Sensation (6/8/1990-3/2000) [OFA GR-39636F27F]

Out of Am/Can Ch. Meadowpond Meric of Halltree GRCA OD:

Halltree Roller Coaster (8/9/1992-1/12/2002) [OFA GR-46444G25F]
Ch. Halltree Topside (10/10/1988-)
Am-Jap-FCI Ch. Halltree Viva La Valen (10/10/1988-2000) [OFA GR-34228F25F]
Halltree Coastal Storm (8/9/1992-) [OFA GR-46190F24F-T]
Am Can CH Halltree Lyric Moment CD CGC TDI OD (10/10/1988-5/31/2004) [OFA GR-36998G35F-T]

Out of BIS Am./Can./Bda. CH. Nautilus Edgehill Diamen' Ice CD OD SDHF:

Edgehill Nautilus Maxmilian (10/16/1990-8/2001)
Edgehill Nautilus Fast Track (10/16/1990-)
Edgehill Nautilus Crystal (10/16/1990-)
Am-Bda.CH Edgehill Nautilus Abientot (10/16/1990-1/11/2002) [OFA GR-40053G24F]
CH Edgehill Nautilus Class Act CD (10/16/1990-2001) [OFA GR-39804G24M-T]
Am/Can Ch Edgehill Nautilus Sea Sprite (10/16/1990-) [OFA GR-40132G25F-T]
Am/Can Ch. Nautilus Edgehill Crown Onyx OS (10/16/1990-) [OFA GR-40002G24M]
Edgehill Nautilus Ti-Amo (10/16/1990-) [OFA GR-40370F26F-T]
Am. Ch. Edgehill Nautilus Mz Behavin OD (10/16/1990-) [OFA GR-40269G26F-T]
BIS BISS AM-CAN-JAP CH Edgehill Nautilus Calypso Jo WC OS SDHF (10/16/1990-3/3/2001) [OFA GR39921G24M-T]

Out of Am. CH Sassafras' Jumpin Jilli-Bean:

Sassafras Uptown Girl (3/20/1988-7/1/2000) [OFA GR-32315G24F]
Sassafras Lou Golden Bear (3/20/1988-) [OFA GR-42097G61M]
BIS BISS Am CH Sassafras Batterys Not Incld OS SDHF (3/20/1988-11/5/1998) [OFA GR-32379F24M]

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