Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Styal Samarkand (5/20/1982-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Catchword Chateline:

Catchword Chocolate Mint (8/4/1987-)

Out of Topic Trace-Of-Topaz:

Tarantella (S55038/85) (8/4/1985-)

Out of Of Woodhill Davern Una:

Of Woodhill Natalie (5/20/1984-)

Out of Djurtorps Light My Fire:

Dewmist Legendarian (8/11/1986-) [A2]

Out of Graceline's Salome:

Whoopi's Alison Moyet (4/20/1990-2000) [FCI A]

Out of Inassicas Elektra:

Inassicas Marie Rouge (2/23/1990-)

Out of Klitteliten's Brandy:

Klitteliten's Denise (10/15/1985-)

Out of Guldklimpens Youthfull Grace:

Silveric Gloria (4/22/1986-)

Out of Dunwing Chansonette:

Silveric Hollyhock (1/30/1987-) [1988-02-18 HD ua]

Out of NUCH Markhyttens Meggie Mae:

Markhyttens Ophelia (1987-)

Out of Tiriltoppen's Raindancer:

Fantango Rain Alpine
Fantango Rainaway (1987-)
Fantango Rain Atlantic (1987-) [HD-A1]

Out of Galefair a Future Promise:

Malagold Bloody Mary (7/7/1987-) [Sweden HD U (9/15/1988)]

Out of Micella Taste of Honey:

FIN Ob Ch FIN Ch Micella Ulex (6/10/1984-)

Out of Lucretias Islandinthesun:

Dewmist Philadelphie (1/21/1984-)
Dewmist Prairie Moon (7/18/1988-)
Dewmist Pirate's Treasure (7/18/1988-)
Dewmist Philanthropist (1/21/1984-)

Out of Birdcherrys Goldie:

Birdcherrys Kiss-Me-Quick (9/28/1983-) [UA (198?)]

Out of NUCH Zenanas Gay Delight and Friendship:

Friendship Dash of Delight (7/26/1989-)

Out of Petrina's Magic Moment:

Twinkle Divine Event (7/15/1983-)
Twinkle Dashing Emerald (7/15/1983-)

Out of Dewmist Sparkling Lace:

Jonquil Scardale Secomber (2/8/1992-) [OFA A1]

Out of Dewmist Sonatina:

SPA CH Dewmist Smile'n Laughter (8/17/1988-)

Out of Knegarens Kathy in Knickers:

SUCH Knegarens Northern Nave (7/26/1983-)

Out of Dew On A Daisy:

NUCH Dewmist Dragonfly (8/14/1984-) [HD fri Norden (1???)]
Dewmist Donshella (8/14/1984-) [Sweden HD U(8/28/1986)]
Dewmist Demerara (8/14/1984-) [UA (198?)]

Out of Dewmist Shadow Of Your Smile:

Dewmist Scaramouche (3/14/1987-)

Out of NUCH Dewmist Solitaire:

Dewmist Seventh Heaven (1/17/1990-)
Dewmist Sunset Boulevard (1/17/1990-)

Out of Nor. CH. Nortonwood Clarisa:

Jako's Irresistable Charlott
Jako's Icecream (1986-) [HD Frei Norden (19??)]

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