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Offspring of Am./Can. CH. Des Lacs Laddie of Rip's Pride CDX OS (5/19/1946-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Stardust (S139575):

Des Lacs Victory (12/15/1950-)
Des Lacs Sandy (12/15/1950-)
Des Lacs Star Mite (12/15/1950-)
Des Lacs Duke (12/15/1950-)
Des Lacs Colonel (12/15/1950-)

Out of Gunnerman's Pride:

Pony Express (1/1/1951-)
Goodspeed's Copper Penny (1/1/1951-)
Nugget Express (1/1/1951-)

Out of Tamara Tim:

Altaman Tim (11/17/1951-)
Altaclatch Tim (11/17/1951-)
Alrospec Tim (11/17/1951-)
Almat Tim (11/17/1951-)
Almaratina Tim (11/17/1951-)
Alioblay Tim (11/17/1951-)
Alaswirl Tim (11/17/1951-)
Alaquilla Tim (11/17/1951-)
Alacosmo Tim (11/17/1951-)

Out of Royal Amber Of Erlestoke:

Guymore Sir Jiggs (4/18/1951-)
Guymore Penelope Goldilocks (4/15/1951-)
Guymore Ginger ** (4/15/1951-)

Out of H.R.H. Garden Queeny:

Lakeland Topper (12/7/1948-)
Lakeland Pete (12/7/1948-)
Lakeland Nugget (12/7/1948-)
Lakeland Mike (12/7/1948-)
Lakeland Flash (12/7/1948-)
Lakeland Sister (12/7/1948-)
Lakeland Scrapper (12/7/1948-)

Out of Zande's Sparkle:

Mate (S321386) (4/30/1949-)
Laddie's Rip (4/30/1949-)
Laddie's Pride (4/30/1949-)
Laddie's King (4/30/1949-)
Golden Lady XIII (4/30/1949-)
Fleet Lad (4/30/1949-)
Laddie's Cindy (4/30/1949-)
Queen III (4/30/1949-)
Laddie's Lassie (4/30/1949-)

Out of Highland Bonnie:

Lady Be Good Of Namekagon (2/9/1949-)
Lady Golden Rod (2/9/1949-)
Tonna II (2/9/1949-)
Highlite Of Gameland (2/9/1949-)
Deyo's Princess Anne (2/9/1949-)
Duke O'York (2/9/1949-)

Out of Des Lacs Cleo:

Des Lacs Zipper (1/25/1948-)
Des Lacs Nugget Of Donner Lake (1/25/1948-)
Des Lacs Golden January (1/25/1948-)

Out of We-No-Nah's Tonkawa:

Golden Jill (S396435) (6/16/1949-)
Laddie Of Tonkawa (6/16/1949-)
Des Lacs Golden Belle (6/16/1949-)

Out of Des Lacs Jezebel:

Queen Of Laddie's Pride (10/21/1954-)
Des Lacs Chasseur D'Or *** (10/21/1954-)

Out of Des Lacs Golden Dancer:

Des Lacs Firey Robin (3/22/1952-)

Out of Shur Gold:

Des Lacs Nakomis (6/8/1952-)
Amber Kate (10/28/1953-)
Gold Holly (10/28/1953-)

Out of Strike's Golden Peggy:

York's Minnea (2/27/1950-)
White Cap's Sandra (2/27/1950-)

Out of Holly:

Angie Mac (4/15/1953-)
Copper Belle of Holly (4/15/1953-)
Holst's Amber (4/15/1953-)

Out of Shelter Cove Tango:

Laddie Of Peeples (3/18/1951-)
Azalea Of Rips Tango (3/18/1951-)
Tango's Bango (9/2/1950-)
Des Lacs Morris Minor (3/18/1951-)
Des Lacs Nugget (3/18/1951-)
Des Lacs Freddie Of Fair Haven (9/2/1950-)
Des Lacs Lady of Parchment (10/3/1951-)
Des Lacs Golden Talisman CD (7/19/1948-)

Out of Honey Highlight:

Bingo of Idlewild (12/9/1952-)

Out of Stardust:

Des Lacs Duchess (12/15/1950-)
Can. CH. Des Lacs Star Of Klondike (12/15/1950-)

Out of Amber Jill CD:

Bronze Lass Of Draherin (12/25/1950-)
Bronze Lady Of Draherin (12/25/1950-)
Bronze Lad Of Draherin (12/25/1950-)
Bronze King Of Draherin (12/25/1950-)
Bronze Girl Of Draherin (12/25/1950-)
Bronze Boy Of Draherin (12/25/1950-)
Bronze Prince Of Draherin (12/25/1950-)
Bronze Lord Of Draherin (12/25/1950-)

Out of Queenie of Minerva:

White Cap's Golden Jeff (2/11/1950-)
White Cap's Golden Jed (2/11/1950-)
White Cap's Golden Fury (2/11/1950-)
White Cap's Golden Flirt (2/11/1950-)
White Cap's Ginger (7/28/1949-)
White Cap's Golden Patricia (S374285) (2/11/1950-)
White Cap's Kopper Klad Laddie (2/11/1950-)
Sheryl Of Red Oak (7/28/1949-)
White Cap's Golden Peggy (2/11/1950-)

Out of Am. CH. Des Lacs Lady:

Des Lacs Sand (5/6/1950-)
Des Lacs Rocky Of Red River (5/6/1950-)
Des Lacs Perfect Lady (5/6/1950-)
Des Lacs Lady Belinder (5/6/1950-)
Des Lacs Sir Dudley Of Brihton (5/6/1950-)

Out of Smoky Valley Honey:

Sir Michael II (8/13/1951-)
Cheyenne Golden Lassie (8/13/1951-)
Gold Dust Gypsy (8/13/1951-)

Out of Am. CH. Patricia Of Rochester:

Des Lacs Town Talk (3/23/1949-)
Des Lacs Golden Typhoon (3/23/1949-)
Des Lacs Golden Lady (3/23/1949-)
Des Lacs Duke Of Melrose (3/23/1949-)
Des Lacs Nugget of Donner Lake II (3/23/1949-)
Des Lacs Pride of Alaska (3/23/1949-)
Des Lacs Golden Rocket (3/23/1949-)
Des Lacs Golden Skyrocket (3/23/1949-)
Des Lacs Golden Rockette (3/23/1949-)
Am. CH. Des Lacs Chenequa CD * (3/23/1949-)
Am. CH. Des Lacs Golden Riot (3/23/1949-)

Out of Maryann of Roc-Roix:

Lucky Of Willow-Aire (10/13/1950-)
Sally Of Willow-Aire (10/13/1950-)
Princess Of Willow-Aire (10/13/1950-)
Prince Of Willow-Aire (10/13/1950-)
Maryann Of Willow-Aire CDX (10/13/1950-)
Des Lacs Pill (10/13/1950-)

Out of Am./Can. CH. Des Lacs Lassie CD WC OD SDHF:

Des Lacs Judge Of Kingswere (9/16/1951-)
Des Lacs Sunny Boy (4/9/1947-)
Des Lacs Rex (4/9/1947-)
Des Lacs Golden Streak (4/9/1947-)
Des Lacs Golden Dawn (4/9/1947-)
Des Lacs Ace Of Mermaid (9/16/1951-)
Des Lacs Lassie's Angel (9/16/1951-)
Des Lacs Golden Sally (9/16/1951-)
Des Lacs Deuce of Mermaid (9/16/1951-)
AmCH Des Lacs Golden Flyer (4/9/1947-)
AmCH Des Lacs Golden Flame (4/9/1947-)
AmCH Des Lacs Golden Fire (4/9/1947-)
AmCH Des Lacs Golden Babe (4/9/1947-)
Des Lacs Fancheon (9/16/1951-)
AmCH Des Lacs Goldie CD ** OD (4/9/1947-)
Des Lac's Carat ** (9/16/1951-)
Des Lacs Lassie's Sugar Plum (9/16/1951-)
AmCH Des Lac Lassie II OD (4/9/1947-)

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