Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Beavertail Bruno (6/26/1937-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Shelter Cove Strike's Flash:

Shelter Cove Tuck (11/30/1945-)
Top Her (S374300) (11/30/1945-)

Out of Duchess of Roc-Roix:

Timo Of Roc-Roix (11/8/1942-)
Little Duchess Of Roc-Roix (11/8/1942-)
Janice Of Roc-Roix (11/8/1942-)
Clipper Of Roc-Roix (11/8/1942-)
Bruin Of Roc-Roix (11/8/1942-)
Sonny Boy Of Roc-Roix (11/8/1942-)
Jerry Of Roc-Roix (11/8/1942-)
Rick Rooney of Roc-Roix (11/8/1942-)

Out of Tonka Queen:

Marshland Master (12/4/1945-)
Timothy Gibson (12/4/1945-)
Beavertail Bang (12/4/1945-)

Out of Goldie of Chateau d'Or:

Rederick Tun Sudan (8/30/1945-)
Happy Boy (8/30/1945-)
Golden Lassie (1945) (8/30/1945-)
Butch of Chateau D'or (8/30/1945-)
Goldy Of Birch Lawn (8/30/1945-)
Tipperary Chipper (4/7/1946-)

Out of Am. CH. Early Autumn Sunshine OD:

Golden Lad (10/24/1943-)
Rock Of Lone Oak (10/24/1943-)
Golden Sandy (A750942) (10/24/1943-)
Am. CH. Etta Zoloto OD (10/24/1943-2/10/1958)
Winsome Winnie Of Wildwood OD (10/24/1943-)

Out of Ginger of Roc-Roix:

Major Of Roc-Roix (2/16/1945-)
Flak Of Roc-Roix (2/16/1945-)
Liz of Roc-Roix (12/10/1940-)
Roc-Ette ** (11/28/1940-)
Demurph Of Reykjavik (2/16/1945-)
Jill Of Roc-Roix (11/5/1942-)
Roc Of Roc-Roix (11/5/1942-)
Gold Star Jade (2/16/1945-)
King Golden Sioux (11/5/1942-)
Bomber Of Roc-Roix (11/5/1942-)
Peter Pan Of Roc-Roix (11/5/1942-)
Maryann of Roc-Roix (11/5/1942-)

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