Golden Retriever

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Offspring of CH RO, JCH RO Fairy Jack Is Friendly QC-08 (2/24/2005-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of tuna of wolf point:

Lancelot Metamorphosis Hidalgo



Out of Karvin Coop copy:

Karvin Cool Corinna (4/7/2012-)

Out of Burning Love de la Tribu Dorée:

INT CH Evening Sun de la Tribu Doree (2/23/2009-) [BVA B/B]

Out of Deep Velvet of Wolf Point:

Laudine's Tragedy Chocolate Hidalgo's Spirit
thef of hearts hidalgo's spirit
Ro JCh Take Me To The Moon Hidalgo's Spirit (12/26/2008-)

Out of Ashbury Bubble Gum:

Seven's Dream Deadly Poison (10/9/2008-)
Seven's Dream Design to be Perfect
Seven's Dream Diamond Dust (10/9/2008-) [A/A]

Out of Mäkiharjun True Star:

Mäkiharjun Top Secret Mind (7/17/2011-)
Mäkiharjun Top Secret Meeting (7/17/2011-)
Mäkiharjun Top Secret Feeling (7/17/2011-)
Mäkiharjun Top Secret Deal (7/17/2011-)
Mäkiharjun Top Secret Case (7/17/2011-)
Mäkiharjun Top Secret Agent (7/17/2011-)

Out of DKCH(U) Gembaek's Pure Music:

Kildespring River Deep (5/1/2009-) [AA (2010)]
Kildespring Twilight Zone (5/1/2009-)

Out of ChMol, ChRom, ChBul, ChUkr, ChBel Tramin Time To Dance:

Tramin Diamond Rhine
СH RUS,ChClub,ChRKF Tramin Diamont Rain [A]
Tramin Do Re Mi (7/19/2009-) [AA]
Tramin Don't Worry Be Happy (7/19/2009-) [OFA GR-107208F39F-VPI]
Tramin Diamond Rain (7/19/2009-)

Out of Int Ch. - VDH Ch - Germ.JCh Ashbury Be My Baby:

JCH, CH., Sh.CH., C.I.E. Ashbury Eternal Dream (1/21/2009-) [FCI A1]
Ashbury Eternal Passion (1/21/2009-) [FCI A1/A2]
Ashbury Eternal Flame (1/21/2009-) [FCI A/A]
Ashbury Eternal Love (1/21/2009-) [A1/A1]

Out of Ashbury Vienna Waltz:

ashbury don giovanni (11/6/2008-) [BVA 6:7]
Ashbury Don Quichote
Ashbury Diamond Dust (11/5/2008-)

Out of Swiss CH, Swiss VetCH, VDH+DRC VetCH Windwhirl Emotion In Love Ebony:

Windwhirl Happy In Love (11/25/2008-) [B/B]
Windwhirl Handsome Harry (11/25/2008-) [E/C]
Windwhirl Heartbreaker Harley (11/25/2008-)
Windwhirl Harlequin Hannes (11/25/2008-)

Out of ICH, MCH, CH CZ&SK&PL Deborah the Dream Team:

Dream of Spead Famous Gold (8/31/2007-) [0/0]
Dream of Sexy Denis Famous Gold (8/31/2007-)
Dream of Sparkle Famous Gold (8/31/2007-)
Dream of Sunshine Famous Gold (8/31/2007-) [0/0]
Dream of Sound Famous Gold (8/31/2007-) [0/0 (2008)]
Dream of Skyline Famous Gold (8/31/2007-) [0/0 (2008)]
Dream of Storm Famous Gold (8/31/2007-) [1/0 (2008)]

Out of SWISS CH Ashbury Art Of Love TAN and Selectif A and B:

Ashbury Devoted Duke (6/5/2008-)
Ashbury Don Delou (6/5/2008-)
Ashbury Dolce Vita
Ashbury Divine Idylle (2009-) [0/0]
Ashbury Dolce Gusto

Out of JCH RO Amelie of Anavy:

Ind.Ch Dakota of Wolf Point

Out of Era od Hradu Veveri:

Famous Jean Santana Golden (1/13/2007-)
Famous Jill Santana Golden (1/13/2007-)
Famous Jamira Santana Golden (1/13/2007-) [1/1]
Famous Joana Santana Golden (1/13/2007-) [1/1]
Famous Jackie Santana Golden (1/13/2007-)
Famous Jawina Santana Golden (1/13/2007-)
Famous Jimmy Santana Golden (1/13/2007-)
Famous Jerry Santana Golden (1/13/2007-)

Out of Biggy Gerix Qualification for Crufts 2007:

So Nice of Wolf Point (9/11/2010-) [A]

Out of CZ&SK CH Channy Bohemian Gold ''U'':

Colombo Famous Gold (8/30/2007-) [1/0 (2008)]
Cedrik Famous Gold (8/30/2007-) [0/1 (2008)]
Caroline Famous Gold (8/30/2007-) [0/1 (2008)]
Caramela Famous Gold (8/30/2007-) [0/1 (2008)]
CH PL Craze Girl Famous Gold (8/30/2007-) [0/1 (2008)]
Cintia Famous Gold (8/30/2007-) [0/0 (2008)]

Out of Secret Style de Champreval:

Daisy Of Wolf Point

Out of Ch.Pl, Ch.Rus, Ch.RKF, Ch.Blr, Ch.Ltu, PL.Vet.Ch Goldwina Litus PL.Win'08:

PL-RUS.J.CH, CH.PL-RUS Neverland BLUEBIRD SINGING IN MY HEART PL.J.Win'08 (7/19/2007-1/13/2016) [FCI A]
Neverland BATTLE IN THE SKY (7/19/2007-)

Out of U've Promised Me of Far and Away DRC Clubjugendsiegerin 2004:

Djalisco Keep On Going (3/18/2009-) [C1/C1]
Djalisco Keeps Gettin' Better (3/18/2009-5/3/2015) [FCI B1-B1]

Out of Clara Christmas the Best Baron Junior Club Winner:

Easy to Risk Santana Golden (1/7/2007-)
Easy to Fun Santana Golden (1/7/2007-) [0/0]
Easy to Happy Santana Golden (1/7/2007-) [1/1]
Easy to Smile Santana Golden (1/7/2007-) [3/4]
Easy to Ring Santana Golden (1/7/2007-)
Easy to Love Santana Golden (1/7/2007-) [0/0]
CH CZ Easy to Be Santana Golden (1/7/2007-) [0/0]
Easy to Show Santana Golden (1/7/2007-)

Out of CH IB, Lux, Suisse Ashbury Real Pleasure:

Ashbury Divine Promise
Ashbury Dreams & Wishes (10/9/2008-) [A/B =B 2009]
Ashbury Deep Temptation (10/9/2008-) [OK]

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