Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Am. CH. Alex Of Taramar (7/5/1943-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Swatch Of Taramar:

Mota Of Taramar (11/9/1950-)
Sandy Of Taramar (11/9/1950-)
Zero Of Taramar (11/9/1950-)

Out of Tut's Miss Of Taramar:

Alexandra Of Taramar (3/21/1949-)

Out of Flurry Of Taramar:

Pooh's Flurry (6/1/1948-)
Princeton Playboy (6/1/1948-)
Good Lady Of Taramar (6/1/1948-)
Ambersand Of Taramar (6/1/1948-)

Out of Chit Chat Of Taramar:

Taramar's Tiarade (2/2/1948-)
Taramar's Chatter Box (2/2/1948-)

Out of Delight Of Taramar:

Shasta Of Sharamar (4/14/1950-)
Sharamar's Golden Sunset (4/14/1950-)
Sharamar's Banjo (4/14/1950-)
Shadrack Of Sharamar (4/14/1950-)
Golden Saber Of Sharamar (4/14/1950-)
Chloe Of Sharamar (4/14/1950-)
Chamois Of Sharamar (4/14/1950-)
Golden Dignity Of Sharaman (4/14/1950-)

Out of Gay Girl Of Taramar:

Sunclad Of Taramar (5/6/1951-)
Silence Of Taramar (5/6/1951-)
Jester Of Taramar (5/6/1951-)
Huntress Of Taramar (5/6/1951-)
Giltedge Of Taramar (5/6/1951-)
Crackers Of Taramar (S468815) (5/6/1951-)
Class Of Taramar (5/6/1951-)
Punch Of Taramar (5/6/1951-)
Sherry Of Taramar (5/6/1951-)

Out of Nip Of If and When:

Golden Huntress (5/1/1950-)
Stogie Of Rio Grande (5/1/1950-)
Heather Of Stonehedge (5/1/1950-)
If And When Lady (5/22/1949-)
If And When Coquette Suemeko (5/22/1949-)
If And When Kattie (5/22/1949-)
If And When Coquette (5/22/1949-)
Swatch Of Taramar (5/22/1949-)
Dingo Of Taramar (5/1/1950-)
If And When Cricket (5/22/1949-)
If And When Goldee (5/22/1949-)
If And When Dandy (5/22/1949-)
If And When Gentleman (5/22/1949-)

Out of Gold Leaf of Taramar:

Sinner Of Taramar (7/12/1951-)
Satan Of Taramar (7/12/1951-)
Gleam Of Taramar (7/12/1951-)
Champagne Of Taramar (7/12/1951-)
Blaze of Taramar (7/12/1951-)

Out of Ilena Of Taramar:

Gold Leaf of Taramar
Am. CH. Gimp Of Taramar (7/8/1947-)

Out of Alice Ben Bolt:

Noel (S297948) (2/4/1949-)
Nancy (S297950) (2/4/1949-)
Nabby (S297949) (2/4/1949-)

Out of Am. CH. Taramar Golden Reward:

Mister Ex Of Taramar (5/12/1948-)
High Light Of Taramar (5/12/1948-)
Golden Comet Of Taramar (5/12/1948-)
Check Of Taramar (5/12/1948-)
Charm Of Taramar (5/12/1948-)
Aleta Of Taramar (5/12/1948-)
Golden Belle Of Taramar (5/12/1948-)
Delight Of Taramar (5/12/1948-)

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