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Offspring of Eng Sh Ch Elswood The Highlander (5/14/1993-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Lawpark Summer Trix:

Glengilde Zenith [14:10]

Out of Greenwards Ursuline:

Ringbarns Barclays Bimbo [6:4]

Out of Castlerock Gift Of Love:

Castlerock Precious Pearl Of Rossander [7:8]
Castlerock Perhaps Love [6:7]

Out of Saffronelle Swift Lassie:

Casas Emerald Witch [7:6]

Out of Gartraith Alexina:

Gartraith Dream Maker of Beamsley [8:4]
Gartraith Dream Keeper At Gentiana (8/25/2001-)

Out of Jaskar Kristina:

Jaskar Megan To Rockwin (8/30/1999-)
Jaskar Max (8/30/1999-) [4:9]

Out of Westley Jacinda of Jaskar:

Jaskar Christmas Joy (12/26/2000-) [5:6]

Out of Channri Cantaysia of Mitcharron:

Mitcharron's Mirranda [4:5]
Mitcharron's Manfrid Man [7:9]
Mitcharron Memphis Belle (2/23/1998-) [14:9]

Out of briarhaze bright echo:

Briarhaze Bright Endeaver [5:4]

Out of Tamsbrook Taras Theme:

Tamsbrook Treson [16:20]
Tamsbrook Tuscany [5:4]

Out of Gillbryan Spindleweb:

Albryton Winters Tale [16:12]

Out of Eastonwood Molly Malone:

Eastonwood High Hopes [4:4]
Eastonwood High Falutin of Ramchaine (9/24/1998-) [BVA Hip Score 6:4]

Out of Summeramba Fettucini:

Summeramba Double Trouble At Gemjessa [6:3]
Summeramba Double Bubble (4/13/2002-) [6:4]

Out of Eastonwood Fantasia:

Eastonwood Highland Laddie [23:21]
Eastonwood Skye At Goldenauriol
Eastonwood Highland Fling (5/15/1999-11/2/2010) [BVA 6:7]

Out of Gartraith Lavender'n Lace:

Gartraith Royal Crystal [5:15]
gartraith royal messenger (11/22/2002-)

Out of Sansue Lolita:

Sansue Praline
Sansue Pippa De Evendim [23:35]

Out of Marjamez Milli Vanilli:

Marjamez Matchmaker at Learmount (1999-9/20/2009) [BVA 6:6]

Out of Golmas Gilbridie of Goldenquest JW:

Goldenquest Commander (12/5/2000-)
Goldenquest Mastermind (12/5/2000-)
Goldenquest Tobias (12/5/2000-)
Goldenquest Fantasia (12/5/2000-)
Goldenquest Bianca (12/5/2000-)
Goldenquest Anastasia (12/5/2000-) [12:13]
Eng Sh Ch Goldenquest Ambassador JW (5/12/2000-) [BVA 3+2]

Out of Ritzilyn Pin Up At Choriand:

Choriand Cats Whiskers at Ritzilyn [6:5]

Out of Leithfield Harmony of Lyebreach:

Lyebreach Loch Maddy [28:33]
lyebreach loch tulla [13:13]

Out of Tilldawn Mystery Entertainer at Deerfold KCJW:

Tilldawn Highland Symphony [4:5]
Tilldawn Highland Mystery [22:19]

Out of Irish SH. CH. Woodmore Louisea:

Woodmore Westside Story
IRL Sh Ch Woodmore Westbrook (1/7/2002-)

Out of Fairfield Firecascade JW:

Fairfield Follow The Dream To Artemisia (5/15/2001-) [ 20-11=31]

Out of Lovehayne Marcasite:

Lovehayne Uptown Girl (3/11/2002-)
Lovehayne Unique (3/11/2002-) [BVA Hip Score 3:6]
Lovehayne Uncle Tom (3/11/2002-)
Lovehayne Uncle Silas (3/11/2002-)
Lovehayne Uncle Sam (3/11/2002-)
Lovehayne Uncle Harry (3/11/2002-)
Lovehayne Uncle Charles (3/11/2002-)
Lovehayne Uncle Albert (3/11/2002-)
Lovehayne Sir Percy (1/3/2001-)
Lovehayne Sir Galahad (1/3/2001-)
Lovehayne Shasta Daisy (1/3/2001-)
Lovehayne Saxifraga at Dasmaks (1/3/2001-) [BVA Hip Score 5:3]
Lovehayne Scarlet Sage For Shardanell (1/3/2001-5/2006) [BVA Hip Score 5:6]

Out of Gloi Hocus Pocus:

Gloi You're a Lady [5:4]
Gloi You're So Vain [7:8]
Braz.Ch Gloi You Were Made For Me (5/7/1996-)

Out of Gloi Moonspinner:

Rosarnach Angelina [27:27]

Out of Kenave Midnight Romance:

Kenave Magical Moment [26:26]

Out of Kenave Messina:

Kenave Vennachar (5/11/1997-)
Kenave Loch Koalisport (5/11/1997-)
Kenave Loch Koaldair (5/11/1997-)
Kenave Loch Kluanie (5/11/1997-)
Kenave Loch Kinnabus (5/11/1997-)
Kenave Loch Kindar (5/11/1997-)
Kenave Country Melody (5/11/1997-)
Kenave Country Maid (5/11/1997-)
Kenave Country Dreamer (5/11/1997-)
Kenave Ben Brayton (5/11/1997-)
Kenave DeJa Vu at Mauryanne (9/19/1999-)
Kenave Stardante at Mauryanne (9/19/1999-)
Kenave Kasina Royale Of Mauryanne JW (5/11/1997-4/21/1999) [32:25]

Out of Eng Sh Ch Stanroph So Be It:

LUX JCH Stanroph So It's a Miracle (6/25/2000-) [A/A 200?]
Stanroph So Its A Mirage to Hollygold (6/25/2000-) [7/6]
Eng. Sh. Ch. Stanroph So It Had To Be KCJW (6/25/2000-3/18/2011) [BVA/KC Hip Score 7:7]
Can. Ch. Stanroph So Its Wonderful (6/25/2000-2008) [OFA GR 76421F24F NOPI]

Out of Suntide Sunflower:

Suntide Juniper (2/11/2000-) [5/6]
Suntide Good King Henry (2/11/2000-8/2010)
Suntide Bluebell (2/11/2000-) [6:5]

Out of Scarholme Saffron:

Scarholme Evalina (12/15/1998-)
Scarholme Ewan With Ninell (12/15/1998-) [BVA 5:7]

Out of Remington Ritzy:

Remington Robbert The Bruce (6/30/1999-)
Dt Ch/VDH Ch/VetCh Remington Romantic Amy (6/30/1999-) [B1]
Remington Rolph at Golmas (6/30/1999-) [6:3]

Out of Remington Rosette:

Remington Roberta Bolebel (1/3/2000-) [BVA 4:7]
Remington Reflection of Castlerock (1/16/1999-) [BVA 6:4]
Eng.Sh.Ch Remington Remember Me KCJW (1/3/2000-) [BVA 7:7]
CH Remington Rockafeller (1/3/2000-) [A1]
Eng Sh Ch Remington Requisite Of Ramchaine (1/3/2000-) [BVA 5:5]
Remington Regal Scot of Raffleson (1/3/2001-) [BVA 6:6]
Remington Rob Roy Of Ipcress JW (1/16/1999-) [BVA Score 11/9]

Out of Gloi Make Believe:

Gloi Joukery Pawkery [4:4]
Gloi Oronsay [37:42]
Gloi Obe Wan Kenobi Two
Gloi Just One Look [10:12]
Gloi Jumpin Jack Flash [5:8]
Gloi Jewel in the Crown [6:6]
Gloi Xmas Eve [5:4]
Gloi Down Under at Lockdale (10/16/1998-)
Gloi Orinoco Flo of Corlitgold (5/6/2000-) [6:4]
AustCH Gloi Just Henry (10/16/1998-)
Gloi Xmas Card

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Sansue Waterlily:

Sansue Hi'land Dance [5:8]
Sansue Hi'land Prince Of Argosland [6:6]
Sansue Hi'land Spring
Sansue Crown Imperial [17:8]
Sansue Candytuft at Blenstone (9/4/1997-2/2/2009) [6:9]
Sansue Cedar of Braidwynn [3:7]
JCh Sansue Hi'Land Storm (12/28/1995-2/5/2008) [B1B2]
Sansue Columbine Of Elswood [8:18]

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Gaineda Imperial Ice of Marjamez:

Marjamez Mexicali Rose At Forbendale (1/25/1997-) [BVA/KC Hip Score 16:14]
Marjamez Marguerita Time (1/25/1997-) [BVA/KC Hip Score 4:7]
Marjamez My Guy at Rossgilde (1/25/1997-) [BVA Hip Score 6:7]
Swed. SH CH/Norw. CH Marjamez Masterpiece (1/25/1997-2008) [UA (1/21/1998)]

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