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Offspring of Eng.Sh.Ch Ritzilyn Male Order JW (4/9/2005-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Primrose Trintill:

Adlingtons Angel (7/24/2012-) [6:6]

Out of Geddinghall Finesse:

Geddinghall Rixi Farrbeyond [5:3]

Out of Broels Mystical Gypsy:

Broels Golly Miss Molly [5:4]

Out of Delcott Trolley Dolly:

Delrazzle Bonny Traveler [5:6]

Out of Bright Blossom at Lamaisonde:

Lamaisonde Lets Be A'vin You [5:6]

Out of Aymsbury Aurora:

Aymsbury Albertino [6:6]
Aymsbury Ashisha [6:7]

Out of Xanthos Verona At Qumaara:

Qumaara Khaleesi [5:5]

Out of Odarla Isabella:


Out of Kizzy Babe:

Golden Blondie Von Kezdek (9/16/2011-) [BVA 6:4]

Out of Sweet Constance:

Comat Castellane [6:3]
Comat Cristal [7:15]
Comat Lanson [9:4]

Out of Hopecove Cream Rose:

Hopecove Coral Rose at Pelhamdream (4/16/2011-)

Out of Aquataine Santorini At Pondcroft:

Pondcroft Marksman


Summeramba Like A Virgin [7:5]
Summeramba Who's That Girl With Limaluka [3:7]

Out of Abinvale Eau Rouge JW:

Gunhills Midsummer Magic [4:4]
Gunhills Midsummer Mystery By Abinvale [3:4]

Out of Ritzilyn Charleston At Folderslane:

Folderslane Mid Knight Sky [11:6]

Out of Ritzilyn Sugar Bush for Pearlbarn:

Pearlbarn Platinum [7:4]

Out of Ritzilyn Pizzazz For Eastbury:

Eastbury With Attitude (10/7/2007-) [3:2]
Eastbury Cha Cha Baby (10/7/2007-) [BVA 4:4]
CH Eastbury Melody Maker (10/1/2011-)
Eastbury Moonwalker To Lestronde JW (1/10/2011-)

Out of Eng. Ch. Xanthos Debbie Does Dallas:

Xanthos Amara (11/11/2011-)
Xanthos Bolimov (11/11/2011-)
CHAMPION Xanthos Givenchy JW (11/11/2011-) [4:4]
Xanthos Haelen (11/11/2011-) [4:6]
Icelandic Ch. Xanthos Megiddo JW (11/11/2011-) [3:6]
Xanthos Verdun (11/11/2011-)
Xanthos Vittorio Veneto (11/11/2011-)
Xanthos Ypres (11/11/2011-)

Out of Sh Ch Siatham Calamity Jane Sh CM:

siatham mayblossom of riverscharm (5/20/2011-) [BVA 8/7]
Siatham Maytime Magic At Glansevern [7:7]
Siatham May Dancer of Hameldowntor

Out of Camrose Time to Dream:

Afterglow Desdemona at Marchmanor [3:6]

Out of Camrose Katerina:

CanCH, Int'l/Nat'l JCH Camrose Quiet Time CCA (4/27/2010-) [BVA 8:8]
Camrose Quotation at Lawpark (4/27/2010-7/7/2019) [BVA 4/7]
Camrose Thorn Quick at Chrisheaven (4/27/2010-) [7:6]

Out of Lawpark Maid o The Mist:

Tullygally Topgun (3/26/2009-)
Tullygally Texan Ranger (3/26/2009-)
Tullygally Tinder Box (3/26/2009-)
Tullygally Thunder (3/26/2009-) [B.V.A 27]
Tullygally Tartan Ranger (2009-)

Out of Musdream Most Charming:

Riosali Alecia Of Athena Ana Wylloh [5:4]

Out of leithfield madeleine:

Pinceybrook Snowdrop for Leithfield (11/16/2009-)

Out of Charmagen Florentine:

Charmagen Cockney Rebel [9:13]
Charmagen Little Town Flirt For Harteliana [6:3]
Harteliana Summer Belle [10:7]

Out of Dainty's Forest Fairy:

SE u (u)ch Dainty's Back To The Basic (4/10/2010-) [B/B]
Dainty's Beach Bunny

Out of Eng Sh Ch Very Tweeny Girl du Bois de la RayŤre:

Primrose's Dream Easy Living
Primrose's Dream Endless Love (6/12/2009-)

Out of Mitcharron Memphis Jade with Cesarka:

Cesarka Dirty Dancing
Cesarka Dreams Come True
Cesarka Drummer Boy (8/14/2007-)

Out of Glenmoray Roxanne at Lestorm:

Lestorm Shropshire Lad (10/26/2006-) [Hip Score 6:5]
lestorm Ma Cheri (10/26/2006-) [6:7]
Lestorm Creme de la Creme (10/26/2006-)

Out of Majik Vissi D'Arte:

Can.CH Majik High And Mighty (1/30/2007-) [OVC 0039840]
Majik Her Grace (1/30/2007-)
Majik Her Nibs (1/31/2007-) [B/B (29-Feb-2008)]

Out of Bernewode Goodnight Girl JW:

Bernewode Edwardian Lady [5:7]

Out of Messano Phonafriend:

H.JCh,Hr.JCh Messano Goes To Sunnyfields (11/15/2008-) [FCI B]
Eng.Sh.Ch Messano Urban Myth JW, ShCM (11/15/2008-) [BVA 7-7]
Messano Expialidocious JW (8/8/2010-) [6:4]
Messano Explanation [13:11]

Out of Eng CH Ritzilyn Polly Esther:

Ritzilyn Hoi Polloi (7/2/2008-) [BVA 5:6]
Ritzilyn Just Dandy (7/2/2008-)

Out of Delcott Governess:

Delcott Fancy Pants (11/15/2006-12/10/2019) [BVA 8-7 Total 15]

Out of BISS Aust Ch Ambermist Grace in Motion:

Aust. Ch. Ambermist Optimum Design (AI) (4/30/2008-) [1/2]
Ambermist Ole Ole (AI) (4/30/2008-) [3:3]

Out of Camrose Xellent Tearose:

Camrose Nightmail Kanati (8/9/2008-)
Camrose Night at the Opera

Out of Glenmoray Midnight Susie at Galenco:

Galenco Etoile (8/16/2007-) [7:8]

Out of Messano Mustang Sally:

Messano Rise and Shine [4:6]
Messano Ramsey Lewis (11/27/2006-)

Out of Ritzilyn Kitty Hawk for Redtowers:

Redtowers Voyager (8/28/2006-)
Redtowers Buccaneer (8/28/2006-)

Out of Lawpark Ruby Wax:

Lawpark Uptown Girl (10/28/2009-) [BVA 5+5]
Lawpark Urban Cowboy (10/28/2009-) [BVA 10]
Lawpark Upsy Daisy (10/28/2009-) [5:7]

Out of Eng Sh Ch Pearlbarn Periwinkle for Ritzilyn:

Germ. CH, Germ. JCH Ritzilyn Rhythm 'N Blues (6/23/2007-2011) [A2/B1 ( Germany )]
Sh. Ch. Ritzilyn Rinky Dink JW (6/23/2007-) [BVA 6:6]

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