Golden Retriever

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Offspring of BIS Can Ch Skybird's Catcher In The Rye OS SDHF (3/26/1978-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Can CH Sunny Hill's Golden Girl:

Citation Silver Bullet (3/21/1986-)
Citation's Golden Sun's Cashew (3/21/1986-)

Out of CanCH Atai's Rise Again Phoenix OD:

Goldsmith's Ajax (6/7/1987-)
Goldsmith's Phaeton Excalibur (6/7/1985-)
Can CH Goldsmith's Phaeton Can CD (6/7/1985-)
CanCH Goldsmith Calinours Mac Attack (6/7/1985-)
CanCH Goldsmith's Samson (6/7/1985-)
Goldsmith Calinours Born Free
CanCH Atai's Lady Russett
CanCH Atai's Kona Bear (12/15/1983-) [OFA GR-22783-T-G-32M]
Can CH Atai's Eagle Has Landed Can CD SDHF (12/15/1983-) [OFA GR-21061-T-G-25M]

Out of Glynspur Sand Drifter:

Can CH OTCH Glynspur Cover Girl Can WC (1979-)

Out of Can CH Tellise Fanny Hill:

Glynspur Silence Is Golden (2/21/1984-)
Can CH Glynspur Just William OS (7/24/1982-)
Glynspur E.D. Watson CanCD

Out of CanCH Glynspur Altagold Penny Lane:

Altagold Southern Knights (6/25/1985-)

Out of CanCH Golden Chalice of Waynlee:

First Lady of Halston CanCD

Out of CanCH Glynspur Lady Kate:

Glynspur Yukon Kyro CanCD
CanCH Glynspur Jackson County
CanCH Glynspur Earl Bawnmore
Rayshar's Golden Sensation

Out of CanCH Redpepper Golden Tiffany CanCD OD:

CanCH Redpepper Elbeagolden Flander
CanCH Redpepper Elbeagolden Dakota
CanCH Redpepper Elbeagolden Amberglo CanCD
CanCH Elbeagolden Prairie Boo CanCD (10/23/1982-)
Redpepper Elbeagolden Fanny CanCD

Out of Can CH Bonnie Island Gold-Rush Kirsty Can CD TD WC Am CD TD:

CanCH Cambrae's Gold-Rush Amigo (3/11/1980-)

Out of Can. CH Tellise Some Kinda Nice:

Glynspur Angel In The Cloud (9/8/1985-)
Tellise Bella Donna Took (4/26/1984-)
Tellise Kinda Like Rye (4/26/1984-)
Can CH Tellise Dark Eyes of Devon Can CDX (4/26/1984-)
Can CH Tellise Travelling Man Can CD (4/26/1984-)
Can CH Tellise Tobe A Catcher Can CD (4/26/1984-)
Can.Ch. Glynspur Coke Classic OS (9/8/1985-) [OFA GR-25969F27M-T]

Out of Can Ch Stolford Touch Of Midas OD:

Midas Celidh (9/16/1984-)
CanCH Midas' Stolford Annie (9/16/1984-)
CanCH Midas' Catcher's Echo (9/16/1984-) [OFA GR-23230-T]
CanCH Midas Bold Jacque
Midas' Victoria (11/1979-) [OFA GR-12153-T]
CanCH Midas' Putting On The Ritz SDHF
CanCH Midas' Laird's Lady Elect
Can Ch Midas' Spice O'Life

Out of Glynspur Tika Tellise OD:

Tellise Tara Torti (3/2/1983-) [OVC - 010997 Clear]
CanCH Tellise Tru Feature
CanCH Glynspur Honey Bear Nikki
CanCH Glynspur Golden Gem
Can CH Tellise Fanny Hill
Can. CH Tellise Some Kinda Nice
Can Ch Tellise Royale Roxanne Can CD (3/2/1983-6/1/1995)

Out of Can. CH Mandalaro Sunrise Shoneen OD:

Goldsmith's Secrets Of Pandora (3/30/1986-)
Goldsmith's Grand Slam (3/19/1986-)
CanCH Goldsmith's Maximum Gold
CanCH Goldsmith's Coast To Coast
CanCH Goldsmith Mountain Mist Lily
CanCH Goldsmith's Sunrise Over Riley

Out of Golden Autumn:

Can Ch & OTCH Golden Jenny XI TT Am CD OD (2/26/1981-6/21/1995) [OFA GR14568-T (GOOD)]

Out of Can CH Beckwiths Meryl-T Candidate Can CD OD:

Meryl-T Good Time Charlie CanCD

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