Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Can CH Ambertrail's Penny Arcade (11/29/1978-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

By Can CH Glenru's Ambertrail Nantucket:

Ambertrail's Harley D (9/24/1985-)
Ambertrail's Up Chuck (9/24/1985-)
Ambertrail's Mad Max (9/24/1985-)
Ambertrail's Pen-Tuck Sam (9/24/1985-)
Ambertrail's Pen-Tuck Sandy (9/24/1985-)
Ambertrail's Pen-Tuck Sasha (9/24/1985-)
Ambertrail's Pen-Tuck Jessie (9/24/1985-)

By Can CH Topbrass Radar of Ambertrail:

Ambertrail's Pentar Charlie (5/31/1980-)
Ambertrail's Sunshine Babe (5/31/1980-)
Ambertrail's Pentar Jessie (5/31/1980-)
Ambertrail's Tawny Lady (5/31/1980-)
Ambertrail's Prospect Lady (6/27/1981-)
Ambertrail's Pentar Whisky (6/27/1981-)
Ambertrail's Pentar Tattoo (6/27/1981-)
Ambertrail's Golden Sunburst (6/27/1981-)
Ambertrail's Flaming Arrow (6/27/1981-)
Ambertrail's Pentar Kato (6/27/1981-)
Ambertrail's Pentar Sampson (6/27/1981-)
Can CH Ambertrail's Cinnamon Bun (6/27/1981-)
Can CH Ambertrail's Golden Scarab Can CD SDHF (5/31/1980-)
CanOTCH Ambertrail's Golden Bracken WC Am. CDX (6/27/1981-1994) [OFA GR-15671-T ]
Ambertrail's Golden Brandy Can WCX CDX (5/31/1980-) [OFA GR-13380-T]
Ambertrail's Ombre Copain CanCD (6/27/1981-)
Ambertrail's Pentar Casey CanCD (8/2/1982-)
CanCH Ambertrail's Waldenway Cricket Can TD CD Am TD (5/31/1980-)
Ambertrail's Coppertop Rebel (8/2/1982-)
Ambertrail's Par Shooter (8/2/1982-)
Ambertrail's Pentar Gypsy (8/2/1982-)
Ambertrail's Bojangles (8/2/1982-)
Ambertrail's Stoneleath Tara (8/2/1982-)
Ambertrail's Pentar Biscuit (8/2/1982-)
Ambertrail's Chammie (8/2/1982-)

By Am./Can. CH. Golden Marks Murphey:

Ambertrail's Solid Gold (8/15/1983-)
Ambertrail's Major Wolfe (8/15/1983-)
Ambertrail's Chimo (8/15/1983-)
Ambertrail's Troilus Montclair (8/15/1983-)
Ambertrail's Golden Boy (8/15/1983-)
Ambertrail Moe's Little Rosie (8/15/1983-)
Ambertrail's Nan (8/15/1983-)
Ambertrail's Molly-Flickan (8/15/1983-)
Ambertrail's Susie (8/15/1983-)
Ambertrail's Daisy Petal (8/10/1984-10/6/1996)
Ambertrail's Goldie Locks (8/10/1984-)
Ambertrail's Megan (8/10/1984-)
Ambertrail's Pen-Mur Bumper (8/10/1984-)
Ambertrail's Sir Lancelot (8/10/1984-)
Ambertrail's Pen-Mur Topaze (8/10/1984-)
Ambertrail's Max-A-Million (8/10/1984-)
Ambertrail's Palawan Sunset (8/10/1984-)
Ambertrail's Pen-Mur Maxime (8/10/1984-)

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