Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Am Ch Hunts Finnegan OS SDHF (2/27/1972-1985)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Starfarm's Happy Days:

Starfarm Hollyhill Byron (3/25/1975-)

Out of Quantock's Flashy Flapper:

Quantocks Midday Sun CDX

Out of Eastgate's Golden Lady:

Camelots Dusty Rhode (6/25/1976-) [OFA GR-10548 53M]
Eastgate's Golden Artemis CD (6/25/1976-)

Out of Liberator Beckwiths Autumn:

Beckwiths Distant Drummer (1/4/1976-)
Beckwiths Dutch Treat (1/4/1976-)
Beckwiths Dark Topaz (1/4/1976-)
Beckwith's Drawing Card (1/4/1976-) [OFA GR-7203]
Beckwith's Daily Double (1/4/1976-) [OFA GR-6604]

Out of Willow Lane's Golden Kimbyeya OD:

Am CH Kimbyeya's Paka CD (7/25/1976-)
Knollwoods Kameo of Kimbyeya CD (7/25/1976-) [OFA GR-7792-T]

Out of Am. Ch. Foxy Lady Loch of Wil-Lin:

Wil-Lin-Sunshine-Katie (2/5/1976-)

Out of Honor's High Stakes OD:

Pekay Honor's Barley And Hops (12/15/1974-) [OFA GR-9833]
Am. CH Pekay Honor's Br'er Bear CD (12/15/1974-) [OFA GR4561-T]
Am. CH Pekay Honor's Hilltop Shana CD (12/15/1974-) [OFA GR-4677-T]

Out of Am./Can. CH. Autumn Lea's Superstar:

Autumn Lea's Bold Buccaneer (10/7/1976-)
Autumn Lea's Tekakiwitha (10/7/1976-) [OFA GR-8551]
Am. CH. Autumn Lea's Starbuck (10/7/1976-) [OFA GR-8880-T]

Out of Am. CH Golden Mark's Angie OD:

Am./Can. CH. Golden Marks Murphey (9/8/1979-1994) [OFA GR-12108-T]

Out of Am. CH. Hunts Rosalynde OD:

Glenallen's Cricket (8/14/1979-) [OFA GR-11905]

Out of Xanadu's Solo Of Hunt:

Hunts Hilary (7/14/1975-9/29/1990) [OFA GR-6237]

Out of Am. CH. Malagold Svea OD:

Am CH Malagold Summer Promise (7/17/1976-) [OFA GR-7528]
Am CH Malagold's Baron Of Mischief (1/31/1978-) [OFA GR-9529]
Malagold Adora Daisie (7/17/1976-)
Malagold Brooke of Quoteal CD (1/31/1978-)
Am CH Malagold Blue Skye's Hi-Fi (1/31/1978-) [OFA GR-9350]
Am Ch Malagold Nikki OD (7/17/1976-) [OFA GR-7670]
CH. Malagold Summer Encore OS SDHF (1/31/1978-) [OFA GR-10402 32M]
Am. CH. Malagold Summer Chant OS SDHF (7/17/1976-) [OFA GR-7642 27M]

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