Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Pixie of Rolling Ridge (5/7/1942-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

By Golden Rae Ace:

Fewacre's Teddy Boy (1/4/1948-)
Fewacre's Golden Sue (1/4/1948-)
Fewacre's Golden Mickey (1/4/1948-)
Fewacre's Golden Dawn (1/4/1948-)
Fewacre's Dancing Lady (1/4/1948-)
Buzz Of Fewacres (1/4/1948-)
Fewacre's King Borus (1/4/1948-)

By Rockwood of Cedarhaven II **:

Rockwood Of Fewacres (2/4/1946-)
Fewacre's Golden Joy (2/4/1946-)
Patience Of Fewacres (2/4/1946-)
Fewacre's Star Dust (10/8/1946-)
Fewacre's Rebecca (10/8/1946-)
Fewacre's Golden Jaru (10/8/1946-)
Fewacre's Golden Iver (10/8/1946-)
Fewacre's Golden Countess (10/8/1946-)
Fewacre's Golden Terry (10/8/1946-)
Fewacre's Golden Clipper (10/8/1946-)
Fewacre's Kitty Lou (2/4/1946-)
Fewacre's Lucky Penny (10/8/1946-)
Fewacres Vagabond King (2/4/1946-)
Fewacre's Pluto (7/21/1945-)
Fewacre's Leading Lady (7/21/1945-)
Fewacre's Lady Dianne (7/21/1945-)
Fewacre's Harpo (7/21/1945-)
Fewacre's Golden Glory (7/21/1945-)
Fewacre's Cadet (7/21/1945-)
Fewacre's Beauty (7/21/1945-)
Fewacre's Ace High (7/21/1945-)
Fewacre's Tuck (6/18/1944-)
Fewacre's Tony (6/18/1944-)
Fewacre's Rex (6/18/1944-)
Fewacre's Lassie (6/18/1944-)
Fewacre's Judy (6/18/1944-)
Fewacre's Barney (6/18/1944-)
Emperor Of Fewacres (6/18/1944-)
Fewacre's Rip (11/25/1943-)
Fewacre's Pin Up Girl (11/25/1943-)
Fewacre's Mike (11/25/1943-)
Fewacre's Corney (11/25/1943-)
Fewacre's Captain Al (11/25/1943-)
Fewacres Golden Zep (10/8/1946-)
Fewacre's Golden Kay (7/21/1945-)
Fewacre's Mattie Wood ** (11/25/1943-)

By Rockwood of Cedarhaven:

Fewacre's Golden Chief (2/4/1946-)
Fewacre's Golden Bonnie (2/4/1946-)
Fewacre's Handsome Raleigh (2/4/1946-)

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