Golden Retriever

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Offspring of MultCh, ChFin, ChSw, FTCH, Tracking CH Trewater Macoy (4/1/1993-3/17/2007)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Amanda (SF32227/93):

pilliklubin Es-Aa Emerson (11/14/1995-10/4/2006) [Unknown A/A 1997]
Pilliklubin Es-Aa Elysee (11/14/1995-)

Out of Haamorin Kastehelmi:

FIN VPVA EE VET CH FIN& EE & LT & LV& RU & BY CH Häämörin Auringosäte (2/19/1999-) [C/C (cert 2001)]

Out of Häämörin Niittykukka:

Clearing Pond's Attractive Lady (8/5/1999-) [B/B (2001)]

Out of Fin Ch & Fin Jva Sarnell Astra Amoroso:

Sarnell Daydream (6/14/1996-) [C/C (1997)]

Out of Goldpaw Alicia:

Fin Ch Goldpaw Emilia (8/31/1995-) [C/B (1997)]

Out of Heathermead Melissa:

Häämörin Yhteisyritys (4/12/2010-) [BB]
FI WCH Häämörin Yökiitäjä (2/28/2010-) [B/B]

Out of FIN & EST & INT CH Haamorin Mimosa:

Fin Ch & Fin Tracking CH Häämörin Uraliitti (4/13/1997-9/28/2006) [D/D (1998)]
Fin Kva Häämörin Ukkopekka (4/13/1997-) [A/A (1998)]
Häämörin Usvatuuli (4/13/1997-) [C/C (1999)]

Out of FIN CH Sarnell Bolero:

C.I.B FI CH EE CH Häämörin Tuuliviiri (3/3/1996-2/26/2009) [B/C ( 1997 )]

Out of Misstep's Flopperoo:

Misstep's Goldilocks (9/4/2005-) [B/B (2007)]
Misstep`s Giddy Joy (9/4/2005-) [D/D(2007)]
Misstep's Gizmo (9/4/2005-) [C/C(2008)]
Misstep`s Gee Whizz (9/4/2005-) [A/A(2007)]



Out of Mistdawn Cassandra:

Mistdawn Buccaneer (4/14/1996-) [B0/D0]

Out of Ushi Jeanton:

Perfect Beast Oozes Delight (11/2/2005-) [C/C 2006]



Out of Häämörin Kastehelmi:

Häämörin Vesiheinä (4/21/1997-) [C/C (1998)]
FIN CH Häämörin Aamukaste (2/19/1999-) [C/C (2000)]
FIN CH Häämörin Aikapommi (2/19/1999-2/12/2009) [B/B (2000)]
Häämörin Pohjantähti (2/28/1995-) [A/A (1996)]

Out of Females Even More:

Kapplandets Much More (5/14/1998-)

Out of NUCH SUCH Solstrimmans Ogonfrojd:

SU(U)CH Solstrimmans Private Delight (4/1/1998-)
NUCH SU(u)CH Solstrimmans Private Eye (4/1/1998-) [A1]

Out of Made My Way Keep in Touch:

Made My Way Open For Fun (2/3/1997-) [A/A]
Made My Way Once and Forever (2/3/1997-) [A/A]
Made My Way Once Again (2/3/1997-) [A/A]
Made My Way Oddles of Joy (2/3/1997-) [A/A]
Made My Way Occasion to Smile (2/3/1998-) [Sweden grade 1 (minor)]
Made My Way Okey Dokey (2/3/1997-) [Sweden grade 2 (medium)]
Made My Way Off the Cuff
LPI LPII Made My Way Oriental Touch (2/3/1997-) [A/A]

Out of Gildas Made for You:

SUCH Made My Way Night And Day (2/8/1996-)

Out of Fin Ch Luckyflame's Hot Chocolate:

Hopewell´s Taste of Honey (4/29/2002-)

Out of Yellow Waterlily Orange Flower:

Misty Lake's Dreaming Duchess

Out of FIN JVA Mellan Debbie:

Castleheath's Aleksandra (7/14/1995-) [B/B (1996)]

Out of Hoyden Voffel:

Fi Ch Fin Ob Ch S Ob Ch Lilldale's Golden Fashion (10/31/1999-10/13/2011) [C1]
FIN CH Lilldale's Marshmallow (11/17/1996-) [B1]

Out of Int Ch, Italian Ch. Royal Crest Gold-N Ballistic Gza-Gza:

Royal Crest Gold-n Unito Sky
Int. Ch., It. Ch. Royal Crest Gold-N Vanilla Sky (12/31/2001-) [6:3 BVA]
Int Ch. It Ch. Royal Crest Gold-N Kingdom Sky (12/30/2001-) [7:7]
It.Ch.Jr.It.Ch. Royal Crest Gold-N Horizon Sky (12/30/2001-12/14/2014)

Out of Mäntypirtin Wiennetta:

Mysis Pyry (1/31/1998-) [D/D (cert 1999)]
Mysis Polarina (1/31/1998-) [B/B (cert 1999)]
Mysis Pendolino (1/31/1998-) [C/B (cert 1999)]
Mysis Perdita (1/31/1998-) [Unknown A/B0]

Out of Combine Velvet:

Combine Apple of My Eye
Combine As Time Goes By (6/3/1997-)

Out of SUCH Stanroph Sincerely Yours:

S U Ch Combine Best Wishes (7/18/1997-) [BVA 8:9]

Out of Fin. CH. Kultatuulen Marie Brizard:

Fin Tva & Fin Vpva Häämörin Sirkustrapetsi (12/21/1995-) [B/B (1998)]
Häämörin Sirkuballerina (12/21/1995-) [B/C (6/3/1997)]
FIN CH Häämörin Sirkustyttö (1995-) [B/A (1997)]

Out of Haamorin Mesimarja:

Strathraer Arctic Rose
Strathraer Arctic Charm (IID)
Strathraer Arctic Skye (IID) (4/3/1996-) [3:3]
Strathraer Arctic Legend (IID) (4/3/1996-1/1/2004) [Hip Score 5:5]
Aust. Ch. Strathraer Nordic Star (IID) (4/3/1996-4/4/2010) [1:3]

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