Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Eng. Ch. Pinecrest Salvador (5/11/1974-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Brekswood Angelnah:

Westrose Charismah of Brambledown
Westrose St. Pipiah

Out of Starlance Latin Lady Of Stelamah:

Stelamah Ambre Solaire Of Magicway

Out of Fillereg Of Huez Travendal:

Travendal Harlequin

Out of Jalspear Saffron:

Jalspear Jasmine

Out of Veroy Corinna:

Veroy Wild Bracken

Out of Bridgefarm Harmoney:

Bridgefarm Summer Storm

Out of Sansue Melinda of Westley:

Westley Charisma

Out of Castleway Lady Sophie:

Castleway Marius
Castleway Marissa

Out of Verdayne Camellia:

Critchmere Camilla

Out of Ordart Aurelia:

Bracken's Boy (1981) (1981-)

Out of Oakham Jessica:

Oakham Natasha (6/25/1978-)

Out of Hintock Tess Durberville:

Hintock Elfride Swancourt

Out of Goldavon Genevieve:

Goldavon Carousel



Out of Alphinbrook Abbie:

Alphinbrook Bianca (11/10/1979-)

Out of Davern Daniella:

Davern Pride And Joy (4/1/1981-)

Out of Catcombe Campion:

Catcombe Carissima

Out of Leemark Danielle of Leithfield:

Leithfield Blue Angel (6/23/1984-1990)

Out of Newavon Natasha:

Newavon Babycham

Out of Penita Suzanne:

Penita Nadine

Out of Verdayne Camelia:

Critchmere Camellia

Out of Brambletyne Caroline:

Brambletyne Davinia

Out of Goldshot Anna Of Newlodge:

Cornlyn's Siesta

Out of Starlance Gemini:

Starlance Spruce [0:5]
Starlance Laurel

Out of Hemingold Henrietta Of Wyvan:

Wyvan Jaymas Samba

Out of Cattrysse Lady Alice:

Cattrysse Pollyanna (1/16/1983-)
Cattrysse Peony Of Carstoke

Out of Styal Samphira:

Styal Samador
Styal Samsila JW (5/22/1977-8/1991)

Out of Ashwater Gossamer:

Ashwater Skylark

Out of Glennessa Carrissima Of Sherida:

Sherida Rosalie (9/4/1980-7/14/1993) [total 19 BVA]
Eng. CH. Sherida Sirdar (9/4/1980-6/4/1995) [Unknown BVA Hip Score 6:6]

Out of Arbutus Peppercorn:

Arbutus Limited Edition
Arbutus Kimbalee (12/29/1976-) [Sweden HD U(19??)]
Eng. CH. Arbutus Kinsella (12/29/1976-6/9/1991)

Out of Plymco Melody:

Steval Truman (9/14/1980-)
Steval Sabrena (9/14/1980-)
Steval Harmony Of Lonefir (9/14/1980-)

Out of Westley Nerissa Of Pinecrest:

Pinecrest Tambourine
Pinecrest Sarita of Avoncraig
Pinecrest Trooper (7/12/1982-) [0/6]
Eng. CH. Pinecrest Susannah (7/6/1980-)

Out of Bradwell Coppelia Of Shandeen:

Pondcroft Daniel
Shandeen Solitare
Shandeen Sportsman Of Pinecrest (7/2/1981-) [8:5 (BVA)]

Out of Cragisle Lanya:

Amberland Black Sabre (10/31/1977-) [BVA Hip Score 6:7]

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Goldsheen Jade Of Pondcroft:

Pondcroft Samantha [BVA 14:15]

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Muskan Miss Dior:

Muskan Mink Of Mandingo

Out of Pinecrest Heidi:

Pinecrest Buccaneer
Pinecrest Francine (6/7/1979-) [UA]
Pinecrest Byron (5/13/1976-)
Can. CH. Pinecrest Kendall (6/2/1977-) [OFA GR-9172]

Out of Westrose Pollyanah:

Westrose Jeanettah
Westrose Tamariah

Out of Westley Emma:

Westley Luella
Westley Larissa (10/29/1978-)

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