Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Am CH. Faera's Future Classic OS (1/31/1990-8/7/2000)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Kor CH Glaciers Heroine In The Titanic:

CoolStar's April Queen (4/29/2019-)
CoolStar's Love Never Felt So Good (4/29/2019-)
CoolStar's Thunder Bolt (4/29/2019-)

Out of Ch. Gangway's You Take the High Road BISS:

CH Gangway Faera's Future Looks Rosy (12/1/2013-) [OFA GR-118548G39F-VPI]

Out of BISS Am GCH CH JCh Arg Kayla Leon Del Cielo CCA:

Arg. CH AMANCAY LEON DEL CIELO (10/12/2014-) [OFA GR-117825G24F-VPI]
Arg. Champ GUGA LEON DEL CIELO (10/12/2014-) [OFA GR-117882G24M-PI]
KOR Ch Francisco Leon Del Cielo (10/12/2014-)
NOAH LEON DEL CIELO (10/12/2014-)

Out of Goodtime's While You Were Sleeping At Lakesyde:

Lakesyde's Always Be Humble And Kind (6/10/2017-) [OFA GR-128786G32F-VPI]
Lakesyde's Be Kind, Rewind

Out of CH Hytree Working 9-5:

Hytree Tequila Sunrise (7/10/2017-) [OFA GR-127077G26F-VPI]

Out of Ch. Heritage Late Night Adventure RN, CA, DN, TKN:

Heritage In It to Win It JH, DN, NTD, (8/11/2015-)
Heritage Count Me In JH, DN, NTD, RATI (8/11/2015-)

Out of CH Hytree's For A Good Time Call:

CH Hytree's Beach Bumm (4/20/2014-)

Out of GCH Wingate's Turnin' Trix BISS:

GCH Wingate's We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat BISS (7/2/2013-) [OFA GR-114166G24M-VPI]
Wingate's There's No Crying In Baseball (7/2/2013-)
Wingate's I'll Have What She's Having (7/2/2013-) [OFA GR-114299G25F-VPI]
CH Wingate Faera's You Had Me At Hello BISS (7/2/2013-) [OFA GR-114346G25F-VPI]
Wingate's I Love You...Ditto (7/2/2013-) [OFA GR-114225F25F-VPI]
Am-CH, U-GRCH, SHR, UR01 Wingate's An Offer You Can't Refuse RN, CGC, CGCU, BCAT, FDC, RATO, CCA, SPOT-ON (7/2/2013-) [OFA GR-11419F24M-VPI]
BISS GCH Wingate's Tomorrow Is Another Day (7/2/2013-) [OFA GR-114599F26M-VPI]

Out of GCH CH Summits In To The Mystic RN OD:

Emery's Curtain Call (5/13/2014-)
Int'l CH. Emery's Last Call JH (5/13/2014-) [OFA GR-116540G24M-VPI]
Emery's Call Down The Thunder (5/13/2014-)
Emery's Booty Call (5/13/2014-)
CH Emery Faera's Call Me Crazy (5/13/2014-) [OFA GR-118514G33F-VPI]

Out of CH Hytree's Faera From This Moment:

CH Faera's Pivotal Moment (12/26/2010-)

Out of Multi BPIS BPISS Th. Ch. GFA's Miracle of Love OD:

Multi BIS. BISS. BPIS. BPISS.Sg. Int.Can. Th. Ch. Golden Army Hannah From Thunder (1/30/2005-)
Th. Ch. Golden Army's Faera I Believe in Roxie (1/30/2005-)

Out of Ch. Confetti Flying Solo:

Confetti Cherries Jubilee CCA (11/22/2007-) [OFA GR-101686G33F-VPI]
Confetti's Dream Cake (11/22/2007-)

Out of Vincents Hakuna Matata:

Vincents Back To The Future (11/2006-)

Out of Hytree's Devil In A Blue Dress:

Ch. Hytree's Thunder Rolls At Oakshore (8/8/2007-)
Ph Ch Hytree Lightning Strikes (8/8/2007-) [OFA GR-99676G27F-VPI]

Out of Almeara's Scintilation CD TD:

Shenandoah's Schardonnay TD (8/19/1996-) [OFA GR-63352F28F-T]
Shenandoah's Vintage Wine TD (8/19/1996-) [OFA GR-63353G28F-T]
Shenandoah's Moonshine Stil CD TD CGC TT
Shenandoah's Joshua Bear CD (8/19/1996-)

Out of BISS Am. Ch. Hytree's Blue Bonnet On It SDHF:

Hytree On Golden Pond (12/5/2007-)

Out of Calusa's Macarena:

TH.CH Calusa's It's Sunny After (8/21/1998-)
Calusa's Timeless Ember-Glo (8/21/1998-) [OFA GR-70618F27F-PI]

Out of Am CH Faera's Tanish Speed Deamon OD:

Hytree's Rev'dUp N RarinToGo (10/29/2001-)
BISS Am. CH Hytree's Ryd-N- Out The Storm SDHF OS (10/29/2001-12/14/2011) [OFA GR-81043G25M-PI]
Hytree's May Bee A Classic (5/1/2002-)
Hytree's Quick As A Wink (10/29/2001-) [OFA GR-81014E24F-PI]
Hytree's Just Maybe (5/1/2002-)
Hytree N April's Pedal To The Medal (10/29/2001-) [OFA GR-81152G24F-PI]
AM CH Hytree N' Honor's Mayday Malone (5/1/2002-) [OFA GR-83223G24M-PI]
CH. Hytree's I Wish I May CDX TDX WC VCX (5/1/2002-)

Out of BIS BISS Ch. GI-KI's Moonstruck SDHF:

Brookshire's Hot N' Spicee (4/3/2008-)
U-GCH Brookshire Camoflage Spice It Up OD (4/3/2008-) [OFA GR-100596G24F-PI]

Out of CH Faera's TLC:

CH Faera's 3.14159... (6/11/2007-) [OFA GR-98509G24F-VPI]
Ch. Faera's 007 CCA (6/11/2007-) [OFA GR-98995G27m-VPI]
Faera's 2wenty-4our-7even (6/11/2007-8/13/2018)

Out of Sho-Me Farm Sandy Dream Girl:

Sho-Me Farm's Thunder Bird (11/28/1995-) [OFA GR-67038G49F ]
Sho-Me Farm Thunder's Litning (11/28/1995-)

Out of Magic's Abracadabra:

U-AGII Magik's Wet Willie Wanker JH MX AXJ NAP OJP WC PDI CGC TDI (11/23/1992-10/1/2005)
Magik November Rain Storm (11/23/1992-) [OFA GR-50113F33F-T]

Out of Chelsea's Ok So Show Me:

Chelsea's Classic Tease (3/10/1992-) [OFA GR-46072G24F]

Out of Quail Trail Upstart Of Skye:

Quail Trail's Rio Grande (8/3/1992-) [OFA GR-46104F24M]

Out of CH Anthem Joy To The World:

Anthem How The West Was Won (5/20/2007-7/10/2019)

Out of T G's Tide Taurus:

T G's Lull B'Fore The Storm (3/26/1992-) [OFA GR-44798G24F]

Out of Meredreme Hillock's Ice Wings:

Shamvali One Liberty For All (1/16/1999-) [OFA GR-71681G26F-PI]
Shamvali Cheez The One (1/16/1999-)

Out of Hyvallee's Fire Dancer:

Wisteria's Thunder Struck (5/11/1998-) [OFA GR-68535G24M-T-GOOD]
Wisteria's Hot Tamale (5/11/1998-) [OFA GR-71951G34F-PI]

Out of Am Ch Goodtime's Gatorade:

Can CH Goodtime's Everybody Has A Dream TT CGN (2/28/2007-) [OFA GR-97778G24M-VPI]
BR BPIS Goodtime's Don't Ask Me Why (2/28/2007-)
Goodtime's New York State Of Mind (2/28/2007-)

Out of Thornfield Coast To Coast II:

Englewood's Bright Beginning

Out of Chuckanut Sierra In A Sunset:

Shannon's Tiffany Of Sunset (7/16/1997-)
Stylish Midnight Mirale In July (7/16/1997-)
Stylish Trevor Traxx (7/16/1997-)
Stylish Bucecephalos (7/16/1997-)
Stylish Banning (7/16/1997-)
Stylish Thunder Cloud (7/16/1997-)
Stylish Bouquet Of Jasmine (7/16/1997-)

Out of Duet's Ultimate Dew Justice:

Duet's Makin Social Waves (4/26/1997-) [OFA GR-64747G24M-T]

Out of Twin-Beau-D's We Love Lucy:

Twin-Beau-D Windward Classic (6/17/1996-) [OFA GR-63499G31M-T]
Twin-Beau-D's Curtain Call (6/17/1996-) [OFA GR-61397F24F-T]

Out of Ducat's Golden Myst Roxanne:

Jaysha Ducat Jacobi Foxylady (12/8/1993-) [OFA GR-52715F29F]

Out of Am CH Honor's Straight From Heaven:

Hytree's Big Storm Brewin' NA OAP OJP (2/12/1996-) [OFA GR-61115F27F-T]
Int. and Mex. CH Honor's Hytree Big Tease TDI GCG and BISS (2/12/1996-6/30/2009)

Out of Allegro One Shot:

PeCh. EcuCh. Allegro's Faera D'Euramerika (5/28/1997-)
Tainsh-Faera Three's A Charm (5/28/1997-) [OFA GR-68462G35M-T]

Out of Ch. Faera-Tainsh PDQ SDHF OD:

CH Faera's UV (10/31/2001-3/20/2012) [OFA GR-80913G24F-PI]
CH Faera's ASAP (10/31/2001-) [OFA GR-80879G24F-PI]
Faera's TGIF (10/31/2001-) [OFA GR-83003G24F-PI]
Faera's USA (10/31/2001-) [OFA GR-80914G24F-PI]
Faera's Seti CDX RE TD (10/31/2001-)

Out of AmCH Sanmann's Meg O'My Heart CD:

Tobys Snow Queen Of The Nite (1/10/1996-8/2001) [OFA GR-62909E34F]

Out of Ch. Gosling's Chantilly Lace:

Sovereign's Field-N-Motion CDX CanCD TT CGC (4/12/1996-6/20/2008) [OFA GR-60407G24M-T]

Out of Am. Ch. Honor's Highway To Heaven OD:

Meredreme Heaven Only Knows (7/18/1997-) [OFA GR-65639G24F-T]
Meredreme's The Heaven's Storm (7/18/1997-) [OFA GR-65725G25M-T]

Out of Am. CH Oro-K's Luck Of The Irish:

Am. CH Oro-K's Irish Classic WC (4/5/1993-) [OFA GR-48509F24F-T]
Oro-K's Irish Crystal (4/5/1993-) [OFA GR-49606G27F]

Out of Wana-Be My Sugar Baby:

Sugar Bear's New Addition NA NAJ (12/30/1994-) [OFA GR-55689G26F]

Out of Int Ch Beckwiths Angels Delite:

Am. CH Beckwiths Christmas Angel (11/8/1993-) [OFA GR-55928G40F]
Can CH Beckwiths Christmas Classic Can WC (11/8/1993-) [OFA GR-51025F25M]
CanCH Beckwiths Sunkozi Archangel (11/8/1993-8/19/2003)

Out of Baylor Blue Chip Beaumonde:

Holders Storm (5/15/1993-)
Holders Michelle (5/15/1993-) [OFA GR-49307F25F-T]
Holders Cherished Lady (5/15/1993-) [OFA GR-49245G25F-T]

Out of Rimrac's April Joy:

U-CD Santana's Miss Independence UD,CanCDX,JH,WC,CGC (7/4/1992-8/9/2003) [OFA GR-48474G33F]
Santana's Golden Firecracker (7/4/1992-) [OFA GR-46604G27F]
Santana's Hoist The Flag (7/4/1992-) [OFA GR-45749G24F]
Beausoleil Sister Goldenhair (7/4/1992-7/12/2002) [OFA GR-45665F24F]
Rain Of Santanas' Fourth (7/4/1992-) [OFA GR-45633F24F]

Out of Newcoast Ashwel Topgun's Legacy:

CH Debraak's Hi-Tide A Risin' (9/17/1993-)

Out of Am-Can CH. Gold Love Hiccup Ity Hop:

Goldlove Aumyn Wildest Dream (7/28/1995-) [OFA GR-58535G26F ]

Out of BISS Am. CH Evergreens Winter Serenade CGC:

AmCH Evergreens The Way U Love Me OD (9/22/2002-) [OFA GR-84419E25F-NOPI]
BISS Am CH Evergreen The Way You Are RN (9/22/2002-) [OFA GR-84434G24M-PI]
Evergreen's Don't Stop Believin CD RE (9/22/2002-)

Out of UKC CH Hytree Bad As I Wanna Be:

U-CH Gold Star's Kodak Moment RN (4/23/1999-6/20/2005) [OFA GR-72834G26M-PI]
Gold Star's Klassic Daisy Mae TD (4/23/1999-)
Gold Star's Kiss Of Pamaande TD (4/23/1999-6/21/2005) [OFA GR-72327G24F-PI]

Out of Bulgold's Lady Stetson:

Bulgold Cosmic Hydrus (3/16/1992-) [OFA GR-44492G24M]
Bulgold's Cosmic Ray (3/16/1992-)
Am. CH Bulgold Supernova Of Sungate JH NA (3/16/1992-) [OFA GR-44370G24F]
Bulgold Juliard Vega Mag One (3/16/1992-) [OFA GR-46833G31F]

Out of AmCH Sandpiper's Second Childhood:

Am. CH Stillwater's Girl Talk (6/17/1992-) [OFA GR-45495G24M-F]
CH Stillwater's Boys Will Be Boys (6/17/1992-2/2001) [OFA GR-45496G24M]
Stillwaters Boy Next Door (6/17/1992-) [OFA GR-45491G24M-T]
Stillwater Magik's Class Act JH WC (6/29/1993-)
AmCH Stillwater's Class Reunion (6/29/1993-)

Out of CH Quest's Megawatt:

Quest Lakesyde I Blieve N Yesterday (2/8/2002-10/31/2006) [OFA GR-82965G26F-PI]

Out of Faera's Hope of Senyah CDX:

Gangway's Grand Finale CD (4/3/1993-) [OFA GR-49354G26F]

Out of Almeara's Walkin On Air CD WC:

CH Champagne's Grand Brut (3/24/1995-) [OFA GR-55879G24M]
Champagne's Asti Spumante (3/24/1995-) [OFA GR-55880G24F-T]

Out of Am CH Honor's Call Me A Taxi:

Marchwood's Classic Details (8/2/1994-) [OFA GR-54094F26M]
Marchwood's Pure Glamour (8/2/1994-) [OFA GR-53847F24F ]

Out of CH Wingate's Kiss Me Quick OD:

Ch Wingate's Fresh Start (7/26/1999-) [OFA GR-73112F24M-PI]
Wingate Kidd's Start Talkin (7/26/1999-)

Out of Indian Acre Autumn Gold Abby:

Shamvali Dock Of The Bay UD, WCX, JH (5/3/1997-10/17/2011)

Out of Ch. Granhills Catalyst Rodeo Dr:

Catalyst Never Say Never (3/17/1999-)
Catalyst Colorado Shamrock (3/17/1999-)

Out of Kismets Tessa Lea:

Topline's Here We Go Again CGC (4/27/1999-) [OFA GR-73370F28F-PI]
Toplines Like A Rock CGC (4/27/1999-)
Toplines Touch of Spring (4/27/1999-)
Toplines Guido R Bambino (4/27/1999-)

Out of CanCH Acaciagold Starlite V Wildhorn:

CanCH Wildhorn's Canadian Classic (5/16/1999-) [OVC 009107]

Out of Woodwalk Sunlit Spectacular:

Am. CH Tiptop's California Dreamin (7/6/1992-8/24/2003) [OFA GR-45809G24F]
Tiptop's Indiana Jones (7/6/1992-) [OFA GR-45790G24M]
Am CH Tiptop Double Eagle (8/16/1993-1/20/2003) [OFA GR-50086G24M-T]
Am. CH Tiptop Taylormade Driver (8/16/1993-) [OFA GR-54487F38M]
Tiptop's Scooby Do Be Do (3/24/1997-) [OFA GR-66798G32M-T]

Out of CanCH Saltwater Wind N Waves:

CanCH Saltwater Cover Girl

Out of Can CH. Jackson Driftwind The Only One OD:

CanCH Foxylane's Chance of Thunder
Can CH. Foxylane's Harley At Jackson OD (4/16/1996-3/17/2009)
CanCH Foxylane's Thunderous Ovation SDHF (4/16/1996-)

Out of CanCH Goldentown Step'n Acaciagold:

CanCH Acaciagold Thundering Ovation (12/19/1994-)

Out of Can CH Goldentown Amikal Keena Laela:

Can CH Goldriver's Akie Keena A Moi CDX TT (6/11/1995-2/13/2009) [OFA GR-59578G26F-T]
CanCH Goldriver's Koala Is Akie Yago

Out of Can CH Brookshire's Blonde Ambition OD:

CanCH Tenpenny Kallie's A Keeper
CanCH Tenpenny's Keeper Of The Helm (1997-)
CanCH Tenpenny's Peace Keeper

Out of CanCH Baylor's Risky Business:

Am/Can CH Baylor's Chosen Future (10/13/1993-) [OFA GR-50916G25F-T]

Out of Teacherspet Movin To The Music:

CanCH Teacherspet Hail Of A Storm (3/3/1995-)
Can CH Teacherspet Smiling Blue Skies CGC (3/3/1995-3/27/2001) [OFA GR-59845E36M-T]

Out of Springvale's Kissin' Kidd CGC:

Can CH Springvale's Angel Among Us (12/19/1996-1/12/2008) [OFA GR-63746G26M-T]
Springvale's Loved By N Angel (12/19/1996-2007)
Springvale's Angel By My Side (12/19/1996-)
Springvale's Absolute Angel (12/19/1996-)

Out of Appleby's River Dee Lorrick:

CanCH Maplerich Autumn Magic Faera (7/8/1992-3/2/2007)

Out of Can CH Stoneleath's Magic Moment Can CD:

BISS Can CH Fabulous Tender Boy Can SDHF (9/21/1993-2004) [OFA GR-50201G24M-T]

Out of CanCH Makani's Full of Malar-Key Can OD:

CanCH Makani's What's A Didgeridoo
CAN. CH. Makani's Handel's Water Music (11/11/1993-5/24/2003) [OFA GR-50730E24F-T]

Out of Oak Lane's Run For The Roses:

Oak Lane's Gone With The Wind (9/22/1993-)

Out of Amberac's Show Me The Way:

Cacharel's Thunder-N-Lightnin' (8/29/1992-) [OFA GR-46289G24F]
Cacharel's Heart Of Gold (8/29/1992-9/22/2005)

Out of Can.CH. Brookshire's Aurora Gold Can OD:

CanCH Goldenmoment's All Fired Up

Out of Ambercroft's Holly's Acton Up:

Can Ch Ambercroft's Let's Celebrate (7/1/1992-) [OFA GR-47205G26F-T]

Out of Am./Can. CH. Twin-Beau-D Chardonnay Magic CGC:

Iron Gate Magic Crystal OD (2/8/1994-9/11/2002) [OFA GR-52286F26F]
Am/Can CH Iron Gate Abracadabra SDHF, BISS. BVIS, BVISS (2/8/1994-) [OFA GR-52461G27F]

Out of Vanreel Foolish Featherquest:

Hearthside Conygoldendreams (2/2/1998-)
ChCo Heathside Sara Ferguson (2/2/1998-)

Out of J J's Capitol Hill:

Goody's Fire N Ice (3/6/1992-) [OFA GR-45662G28M]
Goody's Fiery Ember (3/6/1992-) [OFA GR-48110G36F]

Out of Can Ch Happy Acres Prospectors Kate OD:

CanCH Prospector's Classic Hits CanCD/CGC (11/19/1992-2/12/2001)
CanCH Prospectors Winter Classic CanCD WC (11/19/1992-)
Prospectors Gold N Classic (11/19/1992-)
Prospectors Classic Legacy

Out of Thornelea's Elan:

Am Can Ch Thornelea Dennis CGC (11/16/1994-3/27/2008) [OFA GR-55261F72M-T]
Thornelea's Winsome Gretchen TD CD (11/16/1994-4/2006) [OFA GR-54856F25F]

Out of AmCH Delaur's Creme De La Creme:

Delaur's Sugar And Spice (11/12/1992-) [OFA GR-47181G24F]

Out of CH Tuxedo's Savannah Encore:

CH Foxmor's Sweet Georgia Brown (1/11/1993-11/11/2004) [OFA GR-50054F26F]
Foxmor's High Cotton (1/11/1993-8/31/2004) [OFA GR-52507F39M]

Out of Sunshine's Infiniti CD:

Can. Ch. Frontier's LiL Angel (7/26/1997-) [OFA GR-65719G24F-T]

Out of Am. Ch. Laurell's Up To The Top OD:

Brandymist Tazmanien Devil (10/22/1993-) [OFA GR-51995G29M]
Brandymist Yabba Dabba Doo (10/22/1993-) [OFA GR-56209G41F]
Brandymist Agabur Beau-T (10/22/1993-) [OFA GR-52500E30F]

Out of Halltree Hell Hath No Fury:

Am/Can Ch Northbay's Good Vibrations (7/20/1996-) [OFA GR-61710G24M-T]

Out of Murrayfarms Sierra Rose CD SH WCX OD:

Murrayfarms Chynna Rose CDX MH WCX VC (10/9/1992-1997) [OFA GR-47383G26F]
Murrayfarms Silver Storm CDX MH WCX (10/9/1992-11/9/2003) [OFA GR-47384G26M]
Murrayfarms Distant Memory SH (10/9/1992-)

Out of Can. Ch. Windsor Moonlighting Maddie CGC:

Am. Can. Ch. Windsor's Justin It For Fun WC, CGC (12/17/1991-9/18/2006) [OFA GR-43817G24M-T]

Out of Pulali's Brightstar:

Goodtimes Sheza Mega Star (12/1/1992-) [OFA GR-47175F24F]

Out of Karamor's Cover Story CD:

Karamor's Perchance To Dream (4/1/1994-)

Out of Am. CH. Merigold's Grand Cru CD:

Am./Can. CH. Merigold Saric Marakesh Xpres (9/8/1992-) [OFA GR-46311G24M]

Out of Dynasty's The Cats Meow:

Am CH Dynasty's Late Nite Talk Show (2/17/1998-) [OFA GR-67934F24M-T]
Dynasty's Talk Of The Town (2/17/1998-) [OFA GR-68376E26M-T]
Dynasty Talk About Handsome (2/17/1998-)
Dynasty's Someth'n To Talk About (2/17/1998-)

Out of Ashington's Taylor Made:

Ashington's Hannah Pacarama (9/14/1997-) [OFA GR-66265G24F-T]
Ashington's Fable Of Faera-Tainsh (4/20/1998-) [OFA GR-69267G25F-T]

Out of Ambercroft's CarLee Campbell:

Ambercroft's Dynasty Of Talc (10/30/1994-) [OFA GR-55485G27F-T]
Ambercroft's Ace's Future Magic (10/30/1994-) [OFA GR-55978G28M-T]
Ambercroft's Luther Campbell (10/20/1994-)

Out of Auric's Chrysanthemum OD:

CH Auric Faire'st Forget-Me-Not (6/7/1994-)
CH Auric's Wild Mustard (6/7/1994-12/6/2005) [OFA GR-55555F32M]
Am. CH. Auric's Sunshine Boutoniere SDHF (6/7/1994-10/23/2006) [OFA GR52819G24M-T]
Am. CH. Auric's Rudbeckia (6/7/1994-) [OFA GR-54971G29F-T]
CH Auric's Hot August Moon (8/9/1995-6/18/2007)
Auric's Under A Malibu Moon (8/9/1995-6/3/2008)
Auric's GC's Moonstruck (8/9/1995-7/10/2007) [OFA GR-57920G24M-T]

Out of GI-KI's Becky Thatcher CD:

AM/UCI-INT'L. CH MGA's Miss Liberty Belle CD (6/26/1993-6/20/2005) [OFA GR-49355G24F-T]
MGA's Belle Of The Ball (6/26/1993-)
MGA's Nobell Prize Winner (6/26/1993-)
MGA's Tinkerbell (6/26/1993-)
MGA's Mr. Bellvedere's Kirby (6/26/1993-)
MGA's Southern Belle (6/26/1993-)
MGA's Belle Of Autumn Woods (6/26/1993-)
MGA's Unforgetta-Bell (6/26/1993-2000)

Out of Ch. Nautilus Jammin Jasmine:

Perennial Coriopsis Moonbeam (9/30/1997-) [OFA GR-68515F30F-T]

Out of CH Briarwood Final Legacy OD:

Am. CH. Briarwood Lightning Strikes SDHF (10/27/1991-) [OFA GR-43509G25M]
Briarwood Sneak Preview (10/27/1991-) [OFA GR-43681F25F]
Briarwood Mark Of Excellence (10/27/1991-) [OFA GR-46797F35M]
Briarwood's Zachary Blue (10/27/1991-)

Out of Ch Nautilus Emeral For Dallas:

Woodend's Harvest Green (7/22/1996-) [OFA GR61664G24FT]

Out of Can CH Bowbank's Addition To Tasmara:

Can Ch. Tasmara Colour My World (4/18/1997-) [OFA GR-66781F27M-T]
Can CH Tasmara Thunderstruck (4/18/1997-) [OFA GR-65687E24F-T]
CanCH Tasmara Forever Yellow Skies (4/18/1997-1/30/2008) [OFA GR-64692G24M-T]

Out of Oakshadows Kiss N Tell TD:

Oakshadows Alleluia (11/3/1997-6/20/2010) [OFA GR-66826E24M-T]
CH Oakshadows Party Time TD (11/30/1996-2/21/2008) [OFA GR-63073E24F]

Out of Stonehedge First Impression:

Am/Can CH. Stonehedge Stuck On You (5/20/1992-1/8/2001) [OFA GR-45510G25M]
Stonehedge Dy'Nasty (5/20/1992-) [OFA GR-45509G25F]
BIS Am./Can. CH Stonehedge Hel' Ove' A Storm (5/20/1992-) [OFA GR-46005G26M]

Out of Forever Gold Bullion's Windancer:

CH. Goldbullion Sail On Solar Wind (3/26/1996-2010) [OFA GR-60425G24M-T]
Int'l Erhren CH Gold Bullion's Sintillating Simoon (3/18/1996-1/29/2009) [OFA GR-60315G24F-T]
Int'l JA CH Gold Bullion's Eye of the Storm (3/18/1996-3/12/2008) [OFA GR-60316F24F-T]
Goldbullions Serendipity Zephyr (3/18/1996-)

Out of Can Ch Skyline's Champagne Lace TDI, TDInc:

Am/CanCH Sarabay's Heavens' Legacy (8/17/1994-2008) [OFA GR-53650G24M]
SaraBay's Hailey's Comet (8/17/1994-)

Out of Beckwiths Rosegold Aurora:

Rosegolds Distant Thunder (11/17/1992-)

Out of Royal Gold Donnybrook Spirit:

Donnybrook's Nordic Thunder (5/4/1995-2006) [OFA GR-56573G24M]
Lady Daisy May (5/4/1995-2003) [OFA GR-56590G24F]
Donnybrooks Bell of the Ball (5/4/1995-8/10/1999)

Out of Am./Can. CH. Prairie's Lost Sierra Gold:

Praire's Monlite'nchers Tome (7/26/1991-) [OFA GR-43615G28F-T]

Out of Am/Can/Jpn/Ch. Brookshire's Unforgetable Fire:

Am. CH Brookshire's Ella Fitzgerald (12/13/1991-4/29/2002) [OFA GR-45009G28F-T]
Can CH Brookshire's Judy Garland (12/13/1991-6/16/2003) [OVC AA4243]
Can. Ch. Brookshire's Jessica Tandy CD Am Can OD (12/13/1991-9/25/1998) [OFA GR-43631G24F-T]

Out of Morningsage Genesis CDX:

CanCH Bonafide Snohomish Knight (5/15/1992-)
Bona Fide Hot Topic (5/15/1992-) [OFA GR-46555E28F-T ]

Out of Spicewood's Fascinatin' Rythm:

Spicewood's Iresistible Amber (3/8/1995-) [OFA GR-55965G24F]
Spicewood's I've Got Rhythm WC OD (3/8/1995-2/7/2008) [OFA GR-55889G24F-T]
Spicewood's Inspector Brady UDX, AX, AXJ (3/8/1995-7/27/2007)

Out of CH Arieh N Jenlyn's Time Bomb:

CH Jenlyn's Somebunny To Love! (10/14/1997-) [OFA GR-67476E27F-T]
Can Int CH Jenlyn Safari Spice Muffin (10/14/1997-) [OFA GR-66823F24F]

Out of Broughton's Holiday Surprise CGC:

Am./Can. CH Holiday Skyline Show N Tell (3/22/1992-)

Out of Can.Ch. Turngold Lovely Gipsy Girl CanOD:

CanCH Goldentown Kds Midnite Magic CanCD TD (9/15/1993-) [OFA GR-50129F24F-T]
CanCH Goldentown Magic Bungy
CanCH Goldentown Magic Love Baby

Out of Nobleridge Our Cameo Delight:

Can CH Gazebo's Classy Chassis (8/25/1996-11/13/2009) [OFA GR-62044F24F-T]
Gazebo's Classified Info (8/25/1996-) [OFA GR-62132F24M-T ]

Out of KaraGold' Silver Slippers:

CH Calusa N SHRDST Nthelimelite (11/6/1997-4/4/2008) [OFA GR 66491F24F-T]

Out of Am./Can/Int. Ch Brittania's White Linen Am/Can OD:

Am/Can CH Brittania's Elizabeth Arden (8/27/1998-) [OFA GR-72635F34F-PI]
Am/Can CH Brittania Enjoy's Borghese (8/27/1998-11/2009) [OFA GR/70213G26M-T]
Can CH Brittania's Estee Lauder (8/27/1998-)
Am/Can CH Brittania's Origins (8/27/1998-)

Out of Sunrise's Lady Sings The Blues:

CH Hytreegoldnpttimeforarainbow CD WC (12/7/1995-7/15/2008) [OFA GR-58803G24M-T]
Am. CH. Hytrees' Ragtime Gal (12/7/1995-) [OFA GR-59311F25F-T]

Out of Am. Ch. Gingerbread's Mt Laurel OD:

Am. Ch. Evergreen's Kilohana Midnight Blues CGC (2/21/1996-3/4/2010) [OFA GR-60575F41F-T]
Am. CH Evergreen's Blue Angel NA WC VC OS SDHF (2/21/1996-8/2008) [OFA GR-60231F25M]
Am. CH Evergreen's Blue Dreamcatcher CDX RN TD (2/21/1996-) [OFA GR-61769G29M-T]
Am CH Evergreen's Rhapsody In Blue CDX (2/21/1996-)
Evergreen's My Wish Came Blue MX MXJ AD CD (2/21/1996-) [OFA GR-60311F25F]
Evergreen's Red White And Blue (2/21/1996-) [OFA GR-59748G24F-T]
Evergreen's It's All About Me (9/1/2001-) [OFA GR-81230E26F-NOPI]

Out of Faera's Four Alarm Fire:

Rockcreek's Sweet Baby James (2/15/1995-) [OFA GR-55856G24M]
CH Rockcreek's Fire And Rain CDX (2/15/1995-) [OFA GR-56107G25F]

Out of Faera's Shilo Lueree Fire OD:

Faera's Sweet Caroline OD (9/25/1994-) [OFA GR-54245G24F-T]
Faera's I'm A Believer (9/25/1994-) [OFA GR-54399G25M]
Ch. Faera's Forever In Blue Jeans (9/25/1994-7/2003) [OFA GR-54201G24M-T]
CH Faera's Hello Again (9/25/1994-) [OFA GR-54556G26M-T ]
Am. CH Faera's Longfellow Serenade (9/25/1994-) [OFA GR-5518627M-T]
Faera's Play Me (5/9/1995-)
Faera's I Am...I Said OD (5/9/1995-11/5/2005) [OFA GR-56773G24F-T]
BIS BISS Am. CH Faera's The Story Of My Life OS SDHF (5/9/1995-) [OFA GR-56777F24M-T]
Faera's Walk On Water At Calusa (5/9/1995-) [OFA GR-56703F24M-T ]
Faera's Headed For The Future (2/7/1997-6/5/2006) [OFA GR-63477G24F-T]
Faera's Cracklin' Rosie OD (2/7/1997-) [OFA GR63411F24F-T]
BISS Am CH/Can CH. Faera's Front Page Story SDHF (2/7/1997-) [OFA GR-64598F26M-T]
Am. CH. Faera's Done Too Soon (2/7/1997-6/2008) [OFA GR-63646F24M-T]
Ch Faera's Courtin' Disaster W'Tainsh (2/7/1997-) [OFA GR-64927G28F-T ]
Faera's Solitary Man

Out of Am./Can. CH. Goldsmith's Delta Blue:

Am. Can. Ch. Goldsmith California Sunshine (7/7/1995-) [OFA GR-57433G24F-T]
Am CH Goldsmiths Ray (7/7/1995-) [OFA GR-59485G31F-T]

Out of Am. Ch. Goodtime's Best Foot Forward OD:

Am. CH Goodtime's Ajan Yelobrick RD CD (6/16/1998-) [OFA GR-68994F24M]
CH Goodtime's Madison Ave (6/16/1998-) [OFA GR-68998G24F-T]
Am. CH. Goodtime's Wall Street CD JH NA NAJ CGC VCX (6/16/1998-5/23/2008) [OFA GR-69076F24M-T]
Goodtime's On Easy Street (12/19/1998-) [OFA GR-70809G26M-NOPI]
CH Goodtime's On Route Sixty Six (12/19/1998-) [OFA GR-73936G34F-PI]

Out of Am.Can. CH Pulali's Delici-Osa:

Forever Golden Jp Moment Bliss

Out of Prairie's Tuff-Nutt Miner OD:

Am./Can. CH St Andrew's Own Gran Prix (11/19/1991-) [OFA GR-43483G24M]
Am.Can. CH St Andrew's Own Grand Blanc (11/19/1991-) [OFA GR-43501G24F]
Am./Can. CH St Andrew Grand Marquise (11/19/1991-) [OFA GR-43832G25F ]
CanCH St Andrew's Princess Ashley (11/19/1991-) [OFA GR-43833G25F]
St Andrew's Grand Marinier (11/19/1991-)
Am./Can. CH St Andrew Mihran Mr Mischief (6/22/1992-3/7/2002) [OFA GR-45511E24M-T]
Can Ch St. Andrew's Rio Grande WC OD (11/19/1991-12/7/2002) [OVC AA4083]
CanCH St Andrew Ain't Msbehavin' (6/22/1992-) [OFA GR-45627E24F]
CanCH St Andrew's Grande Allee (11/19/1991-)

Out of Shamvali Uptown Girl:

Shamvali Gunnin For A Dream (2/5/1995-12/23/2007)

Out of Allenridge A Whistling Dixie:

Skyline Allenridge X's N O's (12/2/1994-12/24/2006) [OFA GR-55126G25F-T]
CanCH Allenridge Th'rd Rate Romance (12/2/1994-) [OFA GR-54794G24F]
Allenridge Haunted Heart (12/2/1994-) [OFA GR-57115G30F]
Allenride Ace In The Hole (12/2/1994-) [OFA GR-56447F28F]

Out of CH Spicewood Empyreal Tiffany UD JH WC VCX OD Can CDX:

Am. CH Empyreal's Perfect Strike CDX (8/24/1991-) [OFA GR-44216E28M]
Empyreal's Perfect Alibi (8/24/1991-) [OFA GR-42775G24M]

Out of Am. CH Auric's Ice Dream Soda:

CH Auric's Hurricane Hugo (8/19/1995-8/20/2006) [OFA GR-58545G24M-T]

Out of Waynewood's Golden Lavaliere:

Am./Can. CH. Waynewood's Classic Gold Am/Can OS GRCC Hall of Fame (3/28/1997-6/20/2008) [OFA GR-64082G24M-T]

Out of Faera Eldorado Sudden Impact:

Nitro's Thunder N Lightning (10/26/1994-10/29/2004) [OFA GR-54717G25F]

Out of Am./Can. CH. Honor's Karagld Wild Tyms T'Nite OD:

Karagold's Lion In Winter (10/5/1995-) [OFA GR-59819G27M-T]
Can.CH. Karagold's Mid Summer Nites Dream (10/5/1995-) [OFA GR-60253G29F-T]
Phil. HOF/Am. CH KaraGold's Canterburry Tails SDHF, Grand ROM (10/5/1995-12/16/2005) [OFA GR-62169F35M-T]
CH Karagold's New York Tyms (10/5/1995-) [OFA GR-59548G28F-T]
Ch Karagold's Show Me the Money (2/2/1998-) [OFA GR-67646E24M-T]
CH KaraGold's All Charged Up (2/2/1998-) [OFA GR-67549G24F-T]
Int CH Karagold Fallchase Cheque Me Out (2/2/1998-4/28/2008) [OFA GR-68521F24F-T]

Out of Am. CH Sunrise's Michelle:

Ever-Ready Aramis (9/12/1993-) [OFA GR-57485G45F]
Ever-Ready's Dartanian (9/12/1993-)

Out of Gldnhearth Wildflor N' Baylor:

Northbay's Cascade MT Scanner (8/31/1997-)

Out of Delaur's Newcoast Razzmatazz:

Newcoast's Greased Lightning (4/29/1998-) [OFA GR-68609G24F-T]

Out of Amberwood's As You Like It (F) CD TD WC:

Persimmon Player Of The Year (1/25/1994-)
Cara's Fun And Games CD TD WC VC (1/25/1994-) [OFA GR-55634G36M]
Mc's Luck Of The Irish CD TD WC (1/25/1994-) [OFA GR-55635E36M ]

Out of Molega's Move Me To Tears OD:

Am CH Molega's Hot Honey Bear (11/19/1993-) [OFA GR-55152G28M]
Am./Can. CH Molega's Hot Toddy SDHF (11/19/1993-) [OFA GR-50675G24M]
Am CH Molega's Some Like It Hot (11/19/1993-) [OFA GR-50690G24F]
CH Molega's Lucky Lindy (6/14/1995-) [OFA GR-57402F24F]
Molega's Lucky To Be Me (6/14/1995-)

Out of Pot A' Gold Autumn Breeze CDX:

Kaylynn First Kittyhawk (6/28/1993-5/12/2001) [OFA GR-50914G28F]
Am. Ch Kaylynn First Solo Flight (6/28/1993-) [OFA GR-49555E24M]
Kaylynn Golden Sunshine (6/28/1993-) [OFA GR-49637G25F]

Out of Pot A'Gold Snowbound Hen:

Little Hen's Heat Wave (5/10/1993-7/20/2007) [OFA GR-49010F24M]
Little Hen's Life Of Riley (5/10/1993-)
CanCH Little Hen's Nimbus Cumulus (5/10/1993-)

Out of Am. CH Jayba's Jump For Joy:

Jayba N Glacier Perfect Poiz CD (10/21/1992-)

Out of Am. CH Balmoral's Pink Cadillac:

Taylormaid's Wingin Aprayer (8/5/1995-2/15/2005) [OFA GR-59279G29F-T]

Out of Am CH Honor's Wake Up Call OD:

Hytree Newport's High Honors (6/27/1997-2010) [OFA GR67735G31F-T]
Ch. Hytree's April Dream C'm True (6/8/1998-2008) [OFA GR-69403G25F-T]
UCD UCH C-ATCH2 CT-ATCH Hytree's Raven At Faera-Tainsh CD RAE AX MXJ AXP MJP2 OFP ChJU ChWC ChCL ChST (6/8/1998-8/29/2009) [OFA GR-69984G28F-T]
Ch Hytree's All Time Favorite (5/24/1996-) [OFA GR-60812G24F-T]
Hytree's All Fired Up CD,CGC,TDI (5/24/1996-8/6/2010) [OFA GR-61275F24M-T]
Honor's N' Hytree All's I Know (5/24/1996-) [OFA GR-61414G25F-T]
CH. Hytree's Hidden Surprise (2/3/1999-) [OFA GR-71243G24F-PI]
CH Hytree's Twelve O'Clock High (6/27/1997-)

Out of Delaur's Starlight Delight:

Can CH Five Star's Lightning Strikes (9/9/1992-) [OFA GR-46461G24M]
CH Five Star's Some Like It Hot (9/9/1992-) [OFA GR-46462G24F]

Out of Ausoms Top-Drawer OD, CGC, TDI (14 Pts, Major Pointed):

Crossbow's Too Haute T' Handle! (10/26/1998-1/14/2012) [OFA GR-70268E24F]
Crossbow's Hott-Ticket (10/26/1998-) [OFA GR-78046G50F-PI]

Out of Wayward's Shimerin' Breeze:

Sunwind's Sophisticated Lady (5/18/1994-12/5/2003) [OFA GR-52674G24F]

Out of Raykist Banana Muffin OD:

Raykist Nawasa Soul-R Power (7/7/1994-) [OFA GR-53216F24M-T]
Am. CH Nawasa Sunshine's Star Chaser OS (7/7/1994-11/21/2005) [OFA GR-53466G24M-T ]
Nawasa's Starry Starry Night (7/7/1994-) [OFA GR-53413G25F]
Nawasa's Heaven On Earth (7/7/1994-) [OFA GR-58384G39F-T HIPS ]
Am CH Nawasa SunSuite It Takes Two UD JH OA OAJ WC (12/1/1995-5/24/2007) [OFA GR-61127E30M-T]

Out of Faera's Honeybear Keepsake:

Labyrinth JP Faera's Sister (8/10/1993-) [OFA GR-56159F33F]

Out of CH Elan's Boomalong Gracefully:

Duet's Tribute Who's Classic (12/8/1996-)
Duet's Who's That Girl (12/8/1996-) [OFA GR-66796G35F-T ]

Out of BISS Am. Can. CH Arieh Pandamonium In Our Time OD SDHF:

CanCH Snowshoe A Classic By Design (9/22/1996-) [OFA GR-64492F28M]
Snowshoe Timeless Classic (9/22/1996-) [OFA GR-63208G27F-T]
CH Snowshoe's Classic Cowboy (9/22/1996-)

Out of Faera's Keepin' The Promise OD:

Am. CH Faera's Thundering Patriot (10/17/1992-2/10/2005) [OFA GR-48038F28F]
Am. CH Faera's Touch Of Thunder (10/17/1992-7/29/2003) [OFA GR-46853G24M]
AmCH Faera's Thunder Road To Calusa (10/17/1992-) [OFA GR-47222G26F-T]
Faera's Wish Come True (10/16/1994-) [OFA GR-54328G24F]
Faera's True Elegance (10/16/1994-) [OFA GR-54904G26F-T]
Am.Ch. Faera's True Freedom (10/16/1994-9/4/2004) [OFA GR-54978G25F]
Faera's True Thunder Boomer (10/16/1994-) [OFA GR-58913F37M-T]

Out of Am./Can Ch. Deer Path's Best Is Yet To Come CGC:

Deer Path's Once Upon A Time (11/4/1993-)
AmCH Deerpath Footsteps At Calusa (11/4/1993-) [OFA GR-50642G24M-T]

Out of Am. CH Faera Starquest Keep Dreamin:

Starquest's Profile Of Dreams CD (2/8/1993-)
Am./Can. CH. Starquest's N'Y R'Wildest Dream (2/8/1993-10/14/2004) [OFA GR-47777G24M-T]
Starquest's Maker of Dreams (2/8/1993-) [OFA GR-49222G28F-T]
Starquest's Summer Dream (2/8/1993-10/21/2005) [OFA GR-48183G25F]
Starquest's Dare To Dream (2/8/1993-5/10/2004) [OFA GR-48152G25F]
Can. CH. Starquest Blosmwd Dream Girl (2/8/1993-) [OFA GR-48471E25F (Excellent)]
Starquest's Sweet Dream (2/8/1993-) [OFA GR-47648G24M]

Out of Am. CH Whisper's Stowaway Gracie OD:

Evergrace Dazzling Display CD

Out of Am. CH Daystar Pillow Talk:

Can CH Sandpiper's Top-Flite (11/25/1992-) [OFA GR-47100G24M]
Sandpiper Amberwood Titleist (11/25/1992-) [OFA GR-47073E24F]

Out of Laurell's Fallen Angel OD:

Laurell Gldn Star Magic Fool (4/1/1995-5/31/2005) [OFA GR-56138F24F]
Laurell's Foolproof (4/1/1995-) [OFA GR-56216G24F-T]
Am. CH Laurell's Foolish Endeavor (4/1/1995-) [OFA GR-56178G24M-T]
Am. CH Laurell's Foolin' Around (4/1/1995-)

Out of Am Ch Amberac Ramala's Showfurr:

Amberac Ramala Bo Brigand (7/14/1992-) [OFA GR-45747G24M-T]
Amberac Ramala Betcha Win (7/14/1992-) [OFA GR-45748G24F-T]
Amberac Ramala Bimini (7/14/1992-)

Out of Am. CH Laurell's Going Hollywood OD:

CH Tuxedo's Champagne Punch (3/6/1994-8/6/2006) [OFA GR-52201F24F-T]
CanCH Tuxedo's Jamaica Me Crazy (3/6/1994-2008)
CH Tuxedo's Mimosa (3/6/1994-1/13/1999) [OFA GR-51952F24F]
Tuxedo's Champagne Julep (3/6/1994-2/2006) [OFA GR-51786G24F]
Am. CH. Tuxedo's Tequila Sunrise OS (3/6/1994-6/12/2006) [OFA GR-52068G24M]
Tuxedo's Ferdinand Magellan (3/6/1994-)
Tuxedo's Eclipse At Calusa (3/6/1994-)

Out of Am./Can. CH. Colabaugh's Tazmanian Devil:

Colabaugh Twin Oak On My Way (10/15/1994-) [OFA GR-54377F24F]
Colabaugh's On Second Thought (10/15/1994-2001) [OFA GR-54330F24F]
Colabaugh's Keep On Dancin (10/15/1994-) [OFA GR-54149G24F]
Colabaugh's Springvale On Ice (10/15/1994-2001) [OFA GR-54410G24M]
Colabaugh's On To Cherry Acre (10/15/1994-) [OFA GR-55044F27F]
Colabaugh's Razzle On Dazzle (10/15/1994-) [OFA GR-55829F29F]

Out of Am Ch. Legacy's One Sweet Day:

Faera's Edison (1/11/2000-)
CH Legacy's Parade of Lights (1/11/2000-) [OFA GR-76897G28F-PI]
Legacy's Speed of Light (1/11/2000-)
Legacy's SweetGold Delight (1/11/2000-) [OFA GR-74407G24F-PI]
Am CH Legacy's Light the Way (1/11/2000-4/22/2011) [OFA GR-74759F25F-PI]

Out of CH Holiday Skyline Natural High:

CH Skyline Super Compact (12/17/1996-) [OFA GR-66244G33F-T]
Skyline Super Sundae (12/17/1996-8/5/2005) [OFA GR-64121G27F-T]

Out of Moonglow Zolotia Bebe:

Moonglow's Cypress Saphire (9/13/1997-)

Out of CH Kindred's Fast and Jazzie OD:

Am./Can. CH. Windance Legacy's Pipe Dream OD (6/8/1993-1998) [OFA GR 49967F26F-T]
CanCH Windance Rosegold Dreamaker (6/8/1993-)

Out of Am. CH. Unicois Honeymoon Sweet CD, CGC, TDI:

Wylwind Tilting At Windmills (2/11/1993-)

Out of Am. CH Nautilus Treasure Trove OD:

Am. CH Nautilus Fabulous Thunderbird OD (9/27/1993-12/30/2003) [OFA GR-51668F28F-T]
Nautilus Stole My Thunder UD (9/27/1993-)
Nautilus Golden Warrior (9/27/1993-)
Ch. Nautilus Breeze Caymen Acres (9/27/1993-6/27/2006) [OFA GR-50235G24M]
Am. CH. Nautilus Golden Grahams (5/23/1994-10/2/2000) [OFA GR-52702F24M-T]
Nautilus Romancing The Stone (5/23/1994-) [OFA GR-53784G26M]
Nautilus Runnymede Thunderful (9/27/1993-) [OFA GR-50196F24F-T]
Nautilus Tug Thunderbolt (9/27/1993-)
Nautilus Thunderins Renagade (9/27/1993-)
Nautilus Distant Thunder (9/27/1993-)
Nautilus Cameron Apple Jacks (5/23/1994-)
Nautilus Newport Just Right (5/23/1994-)
Nautilus Toryglen Cheerios (5/22/1994-) [OFA GR-52739G24F-T]
Nautilus Nut -N- Honey (5/23/1994-) [OFA GR-52734F24F]
U-CH AM CH Nautilus Cap'n Crunch CDX AX OAJ OS U-CD AGI (5/23/1994-1/2003) [OFA GR-52745F24M-T]

Out of Can. CH. Carlin's Holiday Tinsel OD:

First String's Gulf Breeze (4/13/1995-) [OFA GR-56381F24F]
Am./Can./Int. CH. First String Best of Bismark (4/13/1995-) [OFA GR-56501F24M]
First String Sports Afield CD CGC TDI (11/15/1993-9/15/2005)
First String Field N Stream (11/15/1993-)
Can Ch. First String's Sanibel CGC TDI (4/13/1995-11/12/2005)

Out of Am. CH Nautilus Diamonds N Rust:

Nautilus Crystal Rainbow (5/25/1994-)
Nautilus Runnymede Rainbow (5/25/1994-)

Out of Ch. Birnam Wood's Financial Times:

Am/Can. Ch. Birnam Wood's Ultimate Rush CD, WC, CGC, TDI (5/24/1991-7/19/2000) [OFA GR-43411G30M]

Out of Dapplegray's Vaquera De Oro OD:

Granhill's FX Honey (9/27/1992-)
Ch. Granhill's Special Effects (9/27/1992-10/27/2001) [OFA GR46483G24F]
Granhill's Instant Replay (9/27/1992-)

Out of Am Can CH Sunshine's Justmoor Brightly OD:

CH Karagold's Just One Look Thor (9/24/1997-)

Out of CH Honor's Bunny Hop CD OA NAJ WC VCX OD BOSS:

Manor's Double O Seven (Am. ptd) (10/24/1998-) [OFA GR-70516G25M-PI]
Manor's Diamonds Are Forever OD (10/24/1998-) [OFA GR-72478F31-PI]
Manor's Her Majesty's Secret Agent (Am. ptd) (10/24/1998-) [OFA GR-70390G24M-PI]

Out of Am. CH Hunts Jodie OD:

Am Ch Hunts Banner (9/19/1995-8/4/1999) [OFA GR-59198G27F]
Hunts Buckingham (9/19/1995-1/19/2006) [OFA GR-58381G24M-T]

Out of Twin-Beau-D's Con Brio CD:

Tynehead's Hannah for Sheridan (10/13/1996-7/23/2011) [OFA GR-66451G35F-T]

Out of Signature's Sound Of Music CD OD:

Keane's Magnificent Doll (1/20/1995-) [OFA GR-56136F26F]
Keane's Stand Up And Cheer (1/20/1995-) [OFA GR-55374G24F]
Keane's Wild And Wonderful (1/20/1995-) [OFA GR-55375G24M]
Keane's A Star Is Born (1/20/1995-) [OFA GR-55376F24F]

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